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Guidance When you realize ‘who you are’ and step into that image, people see you differently; you have a new authority to yourself. Men are especially conscious of their own and other men’s images as to manliness. (Manliness comes in degrees, womanliness is more one-size-fits-all.) Today is about that moment of change when a fellow steps into a new level of manly authority, and appreciates his own image as such. It is the dawning of a new age, a new self, to him.



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Hanged Man

King of Swords – Judgment – Page of Wands




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Tarot Readings: He’s Got His Mojo Back (Judgment + Page of Wands)


I’m feeling like a man again, I’ve got my mojo back and I know it.


I heard an inspiring word that changed me into the best man I can be.


All of a sudden I realize I am a grown man.


Suddenly, he gets a bright idea, a brainstorm, and he speaks with authority about it.


This one new perspective has him feeling young and strong again.


Sudden realization that he is in command of himself.


In this moment of enlightenment, I am man enough to talk up.


Suddenly aware he is all man.


A eureka realization, and then he feels so manly and powerful.


Intensely aware of being a changed man, and looking the part.


We recognize him as having a new authority to himself.




Tarot Readings: A Strong Mind (King of Swords + Hanged Man)


He regains physical consciousness because his will is strong. [He, She, It regains ….]


You recover bodily strength when you have the instinctual idea you are going to.


The strong mind gives the body commands.


A strong mind renews the body.




Tarot Readings: Attractive Man (King of Swords + Page of Wands)


He tells her that ‘I have a mind to come back.’


A tall, dark and handsome man has something on his mind to tell you.


You immediately see this new man is so attractive. His voice and his build get your attention instantly.




Tarot Readings: The Voice of Authority (King of Swords + Page of Wands)


A strong voice gives people the impression you’re a grownup.


He speaks with such authority that we get what he says immediately.


We recognize a new level of authority in your voice.


He catches on to a new way of speaking that gives him the image of being in charge.


The perspective is: These are the words of the police spokesperson.


What the judge says in his decree resonates in memory.


We remember the great leaders said that before, too.




Tarot Readings: Being a Military Person (King of Swords + Page of Wands)


He swiftly changes his mind about being a military man.


There’s a a shift in conscousness when you are in military dress.


Commanding officer’s order got his attention.




Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


He talked to the authorities and gave them an entirely new view.


You recognize you have heard this before about a leader.



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Hanged Man

King of Swords – Judgment – Page of Wands





Today is All Man day. King of Swords is the man’s man, the leader of the man-pack, the Dude, the ‘tall dark & handsome man, ‘ the boss, the head of household, the strong man, the disciplined man, and it stands for having a strong will, willpower. King of Swords is the man every man wants to be. He can be a dictator. He is military and police too. [Although it does not stand for a woman (Rarely!), it can mean the qualities of willpower, disciplined character and so on which some woman possesses.]


Page of Wands is image, looks, reputation, speaking up and standing up. It bolsters the King of Swords’ main category of manly-man meanings. This sets the theme of our four Tarot citizens here beyond all doubt.


The other two cards both mean a realization, recognition, a dawning of an idea in consciousness, a discovery. So they do not affect the theme, and they do not set a theme themselves. No competition with our ‘new man, got my mojo back’ litany. The fact they both mean realization makes that their main contribution to the set – makes their other meanings, overall, less important.


Judgment is about a sudden change, a new life, a new phase or level (of anything), especially along the lines of recovery, returning to a former state, and dramatic change. Intrinsically (by itself) it is a positive change, a change for the better; with modifiers, it can be otherwise. Today, you can see the focus of this change is a change in image of a man.


However, since Judgment means ‘a big announcement’ and Page of Wands means ‘speaking up,’ there’s emphasis upon the ‘voice of authority’ and the idea of decrees and commands. Why? – because the meanings your Tarot cards have in common are where their emphasis is.


Hanged Man is ‘getting it,’ the eureka realization. Hanged Man is recognition or a deja vu experience. A sudden idea strikes. A perspective or concept. Upside-down feeling that you get when a new perspective bathes what you know already in a different light. When you ‘realize anew,’ you may go around babbling some common slogan that ‘everyone knows’ but you are into a new application of it. Have you done that? I have!






King of Swords shows a man with military posture who stares directly into the camera’s eyes. He does not rest his weapon on the arm of a throne; he has the strength to hold it up casually. Here is the man’s man, the leader of the man-pack, the Dude, the ‘tall dark & handsome man, ‘ the boss, the head of household, the strong man, the disciplined man, and it stands for having a strong will, willpower. King of Swords is the man every man wants to be. He can be a dictator. He is military and police too. The card refers to these traits as well as to a man who is that type.
Judgment The new order or phase is trumpeted upon us suddenly. It’s up and out of the coffin of the way things were, catapulted into a new life after death. The change is in us, around us, or both.
Page of Wands Image. Who I am is one meaning, and presenting myself as attractively as possible is another meaning. Good looks, presenting oneself as appetizingly as possible like a young person would who is starting out and ambitious to be accepted. Dress the part.
Hanged Man Enlightenment, when you realize something anew, sets your thinking askew and gives you crosseyedness of the mind. This Rider Waite Tarot card in Tarot Verbatim’s ™ system describes that upside-down feeling that you get when a new perspective bathes what you know already in a different light. “I get it!” Eureka – a sudden idea strikes like lightning. “I want to turn you on,” the Sixties movement said.













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