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Guidance    Doing something we love: We can stick to that. We can also stick with someone we love. Today is about some deep conversations about love and about work and about what we are doing.



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Guidance and the Tarot Readings are for you if you just want your daily look ahead. “Guidance” is the summary, followed by your word for word Tarot Readings from the four Rider Waite Tarot cards you see pictured here. Pick the sentences that you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them. Sentences contradict one another because negative cards, in this group reading with no question, can attach to any of the other three cards.

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 Eight of Pentacles

High Priestess  Eight of Wands  Star




Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Knowing and Enjoying (High Priestess + Star)

Tarot Readings: Love, Love & More Love Relationship (Eight of Wands + Star)

Tarot Readings: All about Work, the Job, Workers (Eight of Wands + Eight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Occult, Spiritual, Psychic (High Priestess)


Tarot Readings: Knowing and Enjoying (High Priestess + Star)

She knows all about maintaining the joy of living.

I talk often with this lady about all kinds of things she knows.

She knows the words to my songs, every time.

The girl has a lot to talk about, and she keeps trying to talk.

Loves frequent conversations about deep thoughts.

Let’s get to work talking about all these mysteries.


Tarot Readings: Love, Love & More Love Relationship (Eight of Wands + Star)

He keeps telling all the girls he loves them.

When she is all quiet and mysterious, he keeps telling her he loves her.

The girls all keep calling him.

He keeps telling all the girls they are beautiful.

Girl talk is always about love.

It’s work for him to say ‘I love you’ and she waits for it to be said.

Makes love doing it her way being a lady yet one more time.

When he talks with the lady, he keeps telling her he loves her.

He keeps telling her to stay home and enjoy herself.

He keeps promising to talk about these things with the lady.

She sits through all his shop talk.

Ladies enjoy talking so that is what he does.

Lady tells him her list of things for him to do.

The more he tells her to do, the more she doesn’t do.

She is quiet and lets him talk on and on about his doings.


Tarot Readings: All about Work, the Job, Workers (Eight of Wands + Eight of Pentacles)

She knows her job, and can explain each and every part of it.

He loves his job and knows every part of it.

A fulfilling job is the one, out of all others, that you stay with.

He enjoys working with all these women.

He loves to talk on the job about women.

She speaks from knowing press releases – that’s her job.

It’s peaceful here, and all the employees are happy.

All the women who work here are happy.

She knows, and told about all the jobs.

Her job is to impart knowledge verbally to motivate

Her job is to inspire (us) by telling us things she knows.

What she says is repeated where she works.

She is behind all the workers being happy here.

She writes things we talk about, it’s her job. [court reporter; speech writer]

The talk at work is more and more spiritual.

She doesn’t do all those things but she talks to those whose work it is.

She is paid to talk freely about some things, and keep quiet about others.

His job is knowing where all the water is flowing.

A professional singer knows all the words.

She knows what she is talking about, and her job is about talking.

When I get to do things I know well on the job, I’m a happy camper.

Enthusiastic about a job that is all-female.

The girls at work talk incessantly.

Her job is repeating one sales pitch after another.


Tarot Readings: Occult, Spiritual, Psychic (High Priestess)

Some occult writing tells you how to do things.

Working on being more and more spiritual is making me happy.

I enjoy discussing things I can do that are spiritual.

It’s her job to tell what the spirits speak to her.

Inspired psychic messages, that’s her job.

Her job is to impart esoteric knowledge verbally to motivate (us).

Her job is to inspire (us) by telling us things she knows.

The talk at work is more and more spiritual.




 Eight of Pentacles

High Priestess  Eight of Wands  Star






Half, two, of our cards mean talk. Eight of Wands means communication of all kinds, including written, documents, texting, speaking, smoke signals, Morse code … anything. Star is singing, pouring words out, enthusiastic or inspired expression, saying ‘I love you,’ and a shapely or beautiful woman.

High Priestess, on the other hand is quiet, secretive, and knows – knows as an expert; knows esoteric or psychic or occult topics; knows (anything) deeply. High Priestess is ‘the lady’ as the feminine or female principle, but can be interpreted as knowing and/or as not doing and refer to a male’s role.

High Priestess and Star are both very female cards. Star, of course, shows a naked lady. High Priestess is a seated female figure who represents the feminine principle, being passive and ladylike, being quiet, knowing, and being secretive. It also stands for deep knowledge, expertise, and occult or spiritual knowledge.

Then Eight of Pentacles is doing, work, worker, professional – anything to do with work. It also means repeated action or ‘frequently.’

Today talking is work, talking is getting something done, and serious conversation is featured – about deep knowledge, about spiritual topics, about advice or about explaining a job or explaining how to do something. It is also about being deeply and steadily in love.




High Priestess
Eight of Wands
Eight of Pentacles

High Priestess A seated woman with Kabbalah symbols around her has a book labeled ‘Tora’ in her lap. This card means: quiet, secretive, and knows – knows as an expert; knows esoteric or psychic or occult topics; knows (anything) deeply. High Priestess is the feminine or female principle, but can describe a male’s being passive, not doing, or knowing.


Eight of Wands Those limbs in the air look like lines on paper, but Eight of Wands is communication of all kinds, including written, documents, texting, speaking, smoke signals, Morse code … anything. It means many, quickly, more and more, increasing, one after another, and repeatedly – some of Eight of P




Star A full-figured woman is pouring liquids into an outdoor bath, nude. This Rider Waite card in Tarot Verbatim means singing, pouring words out, enthusiastic or inspired expression, saying ‘I love you,’ and a shapely or beautiful woman.



Eight of Pentacles A carpenter makes one identical object after another at his bench. This refers to doing, work, worker, professional – anything to do with work. It also means repeated action or ‘frequently.’ It means a ‘common man’ as well, or a laborer. The one who actually does it ….









I N S T R U C T I O N S & Explanations (Comments are below this.)

Did you come here just for your predictions? – If so, you are done when you finish reading the sentences of Group Analytical Tarot Cards Reading.

Each Tarot sentence is a literal-interpretation reading of the scenes pictured on the four cards you see. Only what each of the cards says – phrase by phrase – no fillers – no psychic ability used. The readings are about you and the people around you.  They are about today and the days around it. Tarot, all by itself, talks to you. This is a demonstration of that .

Tarot will address any group flexibly, as it does here of ‘all the visitors.’ (It can address ‘all the people at work who have a say in my raise,’ for instance, without you knowing who or where those people are.)

Horoscopes are group readings too.

Astrology has to be based on someone else’s birth data, though, so it does not solidly apply to you just because of where the sun was when you were born. (Astrologers know this.)


Emily wants to know whether these sentences are more accurate for regular visitors than for people who have come only a few times. Would you help with a comment, if that is who you are? Please?

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that means ‘no, never or not.’ That negative modifier can apply to any one of the cards.

Without a question also the pronouns (you, him, her, me, us, them, they, etc.) in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute.  Notice how, as much as possible, we drop pronouns, which makes for some awkward phrasing.

The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information! In a ‘real’ reading, the parties are identified (including the gender of the questioner!), and so is the time frame if there is one. In this group reading, we cannot do that, so we have variety.

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing. This tells the thinking regarding the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread –  the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the message.

*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  This is the meaning of each separate card.  This is how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works. Regular visitors actually learn to read Tarot without trying. The Tarot Talks tab has some examples for students.

P. S. Call Emily for your personal live reading at 800 99 3 6 9 12 (from Eastern 1 p. m. to Eastern 1 a. m. at least, every day). Emily analyzes relationships in business situations and personal situations accurately from *Tarot, *intuitive, and *practical perspectives. She tells you what is happening and what to do about it to make it happen best. (Testimonials about this are on the web site http://EmilysInsight.com and here under its Tab, and in Comments.)

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  1. mary

    I haven’t forgotten you, Emily. I am just really busy. It turns out that I passed the Literary and Jury Charge, so all that’s left is the 2-Voice. I thought I had to wait until March to take the test again, but they’re having a special January test because of the computer glitches at the test. It feels as if the world is making a special path for me.

    I have to practice and focus right now, but I’ll be back afterwards.


    Got some negative thoughts crashing around in your head? If you want to get rid of them, write them down, rip them to shreds and throw them away. In a new study, researchers found that when people wrote down their thoughts on
    a piece of paper and then threw the paper away, they mentally discarded the thoughts as well. On the other hand, they can be more likely to use their thoughts when making judgments by writing them down and tucking the note in a pocket. Just imagining that you throw them away or save them didn’t work in these studies.
    I also relate this process to the fact that, when you keep a diary, what you remember years later of that diary year … is pretty much what you wrote about in the diary.

  3. I discovered people are entertained and amused by what I consider a logical analytical description. Huh? But the perspective is an aha moment for the client to see the funny side of a problem (or problem person). Seeing the funny side makes you bigger than your problem. Habitually seeing the funny side of life makes you bigger than life. I pass that on to people.

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