Tarot Reading for You for December 22, 2012

Dec 21, 2012 by

Hello, Everyone


I will post blogs whenever I can.  My house has burned totally, all is lost.  I am living in temporary places, mostly without access to a computer.  My phones are all dead for now.  Just keep trying.  You can leave emails too.

Love you all.  Will  be getting to you.  The 800 number on the blog here will work as soon as I can get it done.




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  1. Candy

    Now I understand why I couldnt reach you… I am so sorry Emily…

  2. This is something you can send friends who you think would benefit from my analysis of their situation(s). I will get to the place to post this as a day’s entry, but right now just park it here for you to copy and paste if you want to help. – Emily

    Seeing the funny side makes you bigger than your problem. Habitually seeing the funny side of life makes you bigger than life.


    Since 1993, I have been giving

    people accurate analytical

    psychic Tarot readings as the

    owner of the business.

    In 1980 I began inventing and

    discovering a way Tarot speaks

    word for word, gives incredibly

    detailed answers to specific

    questions based on language,

    based on phrases the Rider Waite

    illustrations create, that blend

    with one another to make

    sentences. No one else does this;

    I discovered and invented it.

    This method actually indicates

    how accurate the answer is.

    Won’t bore you with the details,

    it started out as a science

    lecture, and it was a hobby for

    more than 10 years while I owned

    my court reporting office, doing

    technical reporting, in south

    Florida for 25 years.

    This background means I am

    familiar with business deals,

    business thinking, and political

    thinking through those years of

    exposure court reporting them.

    Not to mention being familiar

    with things legal.

    Then my husband retired to the

    wilderness to be an elk rancher.

    No court reporting jobs there …

    or any jobs.

    So I turned my hobby into a

    business and it all turned out

    very well.


    Well, my forte is getting …

    quickly, dead-accurately, and in

    detail …inside the heart and

    head of anyone you are dealing

    with – be it lover, family,

    friend, pet, *superiors or

    coworkers or clients at your

    employment*, neighbors, people you

    are suing or being sued by …

    anyone past, present or future.

    That includes how people

    COLLECTIVELY (as a group) view

    you as well … say ‘all the

    people that were at the party

    when such-and-such happened.’

    This ability applies to unknown

    people as well … to whodunits.

    What was the motive of the person

    who stole my (whatever)?

    Do you wonder what he was

    thinking when he disappeared …

    even years ago? … or what is

    going through his gut when he

    drives past your house? Or why

    he acts the way he does now? Or

    how his ex-wife feels about you

    … or his mother?

    Want to know why? Why anything:

    Yes, I do this! Motives!

    Attitudes! Feelings!

    Subconscious drives! In glorious

    detail, right down to the nitty-


    Do you want to know what you will

    see him do? – Why he acts the

    way he does and how that makes

    sense to him? And what the best

    way to handle that is, for you –

    what to say if anything? – how to

    behave for the next week or

    month? What will happen if you

    text him one more time?

    Would you like to know what would

    happen if you did … three

    different things … which would

    work best?

    Do you want to know how pleased

    you will be six months down the

    road if you move to, say, two

    different cities with two

    different jobs? I can get into

    YOUR head six months from now and

    tell you that.

    Are you ‘the other woman’ or have

    one in your relationship? I am

    totally accurate on “His View of

    You and His View of Her,” what

    you will see him do, and what

    best to do to make it happen your



    Show you how you are bigger than

    your world. Are. Not ‘will be.’

    Give you the sense of humor to

    have about even lousy

    circumstances … Oh, yeah.

    What would make life easier right


    *Where are you now and where

    do you want to be?

    *What is it you want to

    prevent? To accomplish?

    *Who are you now, and is that

    who you want to be?

    *What are your dreams telling


    (and P. S.: I don’t use books or

    computer helps, or anything to

    analyze your dreams but your own

    dream logic. I use insight.)

    You can train people to treat you

    the way you want to be treated, a

    step at a time. Yes, you can.

    In short,

    I analyze your situation and show

    you where the fix is.

    When you identify patterns in

    your life, you discover what your

    next step in personal and

    spiritual growth is. By solving

    the situations you find yourself

    in, you find yourself. You find

    your steering wheel, and drive on

    down your road.

    Right now there is something

    that, if you knew it, you would

    be at ease… something that

    persists in the back of your mind

    like an itch – an itch for an


    Together we find and scratch, we

    get to that answer. We get to it

    through what is bugging you right


    Together we dissect that

    uneasiness in such a way that

    it’s your hands on its controls,

    and you have attitude that works.

    Call Now!

  3. michelle copeland

    What happened? will call 12/31 for a reading. love, michelle

    • emily

      Great. We will get down to business. The cell phone has a good sound.

      Call me. Maybe we will be using Paypal.

      Here’s to 2013.


  4. emily

    This is Christmas day. I. Send you good feeling and peace today and for New Year’s and for the challenges of 2013.

  5. Here is a cell phone with a speakerphone setting I can do readings on: 208 993 1657. PayPal I can collect with and you just use emilysinsight@gmail.com to pay me.
    Donations in any amount I appreciate.
    I am writing the blog in pen so I will have some ahead.
    Asking Billijo to post from Sent Mail or Drafts the description of what I can do for you. Gotta get some money for everythi little thing including renting a house.

  6. Debi K

    I am so sorry for your loss! I will keep you in my thoughtd and prayers!

  7. Mary


    Shocked & saddened to hear this. Thinking of you. Sending you lots of care & thoughts at this hard time.


  8. I spoke with Emily today and it was an electrical fire that demolished her entire house. She does not have any insurance so everything is a complete loss. Right now she has nothing not even a spoon to call her own. She had to evacuate quickly and basically left with just the clothes on her back. The Red Cross is giving some assistance; they have given their some clothes and a motel room for a few days. After that she has to find a place to live. She is still able to do psychic readings if you need it. The best way to contact her is by e-mail at: emilysinsight@gmail.com

    If you can find it in your heart and wallet to give her a donation it would be greatly appreciated as she has literally nothing and is going to have to rebuild her entire life at the age of 69. You can send a donation to her through PayPal using her e-mail address emilysinsight@gmail.com.
    Thank you for your concern and generosity,
    Cherokee Billie

  9. Jaclyn

    Oh Emily, I’m so very sorry. Will be praying for you and the animals. Thank you Billijo for keeping us updated. Will watch for any news.
    Much love,

  10. Me

    What the hell happened?
    Is everyone OK?

  11. Dear Emily: I am so sorry to hear this. What a nightmare for you. The blessing is that you got out okay. I will keep praying that you can get situated quickly and that you will receive all the help that you need at this time. I love you very much. Sending you love and light, Cherokee Billie

  12. Laura

    So very sorry for your loss!! It’s very sad.

  13. Jules

    Shocked and sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself. J.

  14. Billijo

    Hi everyone! This is Emily’s Secretary Billijo. Terry is of course still feeding and caring for the animals. I checked Emily into a motel, We do have the Red Cross involved. And tomorrow I’m going to get her at least a Cell phone. Hopefully by next week we will have Emily into a little house, with phones so she can transfer her other lines too.
    Will try to keep you all updated as much as we can. She lost Everything, so it’s going to take a few to get a new computer in so that she can start doing the Spreads again.

    • Dear BilliJo: Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on with Emily. This is such a sad story and I can only imagine how horrible it is for Emily. Thank you for letting all of us know what is going on. God bless you for taking care of her and helping. With love, Cherokee Billie

    • Mary

      Please keep us updated & let Emily know she’s very loved & we’re all sad for her.

  15. Aquillah

    Oh, Emily, may God bless and protect you and show you all of the love you have shown us!!! Don’t be shy about letting us know exactly how we can help you now. : ). Much, much love and God bless!

    • emily

      Aquillah, money to replace phones and all the things that make a computer are immediate needs.
      So if a New Year’s reading would be a propos to you, this is a good time for me.

      Here’s to 2013.

  16. Anna

    Oh my god! So sorry to hear! What happened? Can you rebuild?

  17. mary

    Emily, what happened? Is everyone okay? Take care. How are the animals?

  18. Lori

    Oh my God Emily! I am so sorry for your losses!! Sending love your way, please let us know what we can do to help. Love to you.

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