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Guidance     We are speaking both of giving up the unrealistic expectation that others are going to take loving care of us, and asserting ourselves in dealing with others in such a way they are obligated, by the rules of a fair exchange, to take care of us.   In other words, there’s no free lunch anymore if you’re a grownup; ya hafta earn it somehow.   And so does that loverboy or lovergirl of ours.


Instructions: Are YOU here for the first time?  Come in!  People love this place!  Our site is divided into four sections: Guidance, Tarot Readings, Learn Tarot by Observation, and Learn Tarot by Pictures.
If you just want your daily look ahead, Guidance and Tarot Readings are all you need.  ‘Guidance’ is a summary of what the cards are generally advising visitors to be aware of that day.  ‘Tarot Readings’ is the actual word for word messages the cards are conveying.  Tarot can come up with a wide variety of sentences (sometimes even completely contradictory sentences!) in a group reading as there is no specific question being asked.  So, go ahead and pick the sentences you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them for yourself.

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Ace of Wands

Six of Cups – Six of Swords – Six of Pentacles




Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings:  Romance and Falling in Love (Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  Money and Finances (Six of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings:  Not a Kid Anymore (Six of Cups + Six of Swords)

Tarot Readings:  Children (Six of Cups)


Tarot Readings:  Romance and Falling in Love (Six of Cups)

I have to leave the beautiful memories behind and deal with what I can get.

He gives her romantic gifts but leaves when a bill has to be paid.

I finally got over being entitled to romance, because I had to.

Make your lover -boy or -girl leave or treat you right.

When you get over this romance, you will assert yourself to be treated right.

This is headed into an exchange of romance for sex.

Have to go on with life, and get the love life you deserve.

I’ve got to avoid spending my money on my romantic fantasies.

Falling in love with whoever you’re getting sex from is to be avoided.

It’s when giving affection is expected that he has to leave you.


Tarot Readings:  Money and Finances (Six of Pentacles)

When your love life is the most important thing to you, you are headed away from getting paid what you are worth.

It was lovely while it lasted, and now the bills are due.

Ditch the romantic stuff; money is what’s important.

Have to leave the old neighborhood now that I can afford to.

Had to quit making payments on the house.

I’ve got to head away from nostalgic notions, and toward making money.

Leaving the hometown because you have to, to make money.


Tarot Readings:  Not a Kid Anymore (Six of Cups + Six of Swords)

Got to get over the idea of being entitled to a lovely life.

Avoid being so darned trusting, and they will have to give you your due.

You are not a kid anymore, you are required to honor exchanges.

The child will get over it, with treatment, for sure.


Tarot Readings:  Children (Six of Cups)

Sad to leave his kid behind, that he’s got to pay for.

The kids have gone off to their new life, and now we have money for what’s important.

Not a juvenile anymore, to law enforcement.




Ace of Wands

Six of Cups – Six of Swords – Six of Pentacles





Stories galore.  Romance (Six of Cups), putting it behind you (Six of Swords), being treated right (Six of Pentacles) and a mandate (got to) or ‘Assert yourself’ (Ace of Wands).


Got to pay your dues (Six of Pentacles + Ace of Wands) is featured.  Six of Pentacles is paying fairly (and being paid fairly) and Ace of Wands is a mandate, ‘got to.’


You’re not a kid anymore, put the nostalgic fantasy life behind is featured in Six of Cups + Six of Swords.  Six of Cups is the kid and romantic memories or notions; Six of Swords is putting something behind and heading off in another direction from there.


With Ace of Wands being ‘the most important,’  we say both that romance (Six of Cups) comes first, and that money (Six of Pentacles) comes first; and with Six of Swords meaning leave one for the other, we are also saying leave romance (Six of Cups) out of the number one category, and leave money (Six of Pentacles) out of the number one category.  So we are counterbalancing love and money … again. Tarot seems designed to point this life choice out frequently.  (It thinks we aren’t listening.)


So we are speaking both of giving up the unrealistic expectation that others are going to take loving care of you, and asserting yourself in dealing with others in such a way they are obligated, by the rules of a fair exchange, to take care of you.   In other words, there’s no free lunch anymore if you’re a grownup; ya hafta earn it somehow.    And so does that loverboy or lovergirl of yours.




Six of Cups    Little Boy gives Little Girl Flowers.  The lovely life of yore, our nostalgic good-old-days, the perfect childhood romance we cherish.  The quaint old house that revives those feelings.  And the life a grownup spoiled child expects to be gifted with by … someone, anyone.  It’s expecting something because we have been so good … and grownups exist who still think that way, most of them female.


Six of Swords    They are in a shallow open boat on a rainy day, headed on out without any cargo, paddled away by a friend.  Life is going to be better because it could not get any worse, this illustration says.  Six of Swords means things like putting it behind you, got to pay your dues, not anymore, headed in the other direction, get on with life, it’s time to leave, and leaving.


Six of Pentacles   is about an exchange, about fair exchanges like paying your bills, getting paid or treated fairly, giving others their due, receiving medicine.  The illustration shows laborers getting paid fairly … the employer is weighing the coins.  It refers to legal processes because of the scales.  It means ‘receive’ or ‘give’ too.


Ace of Wands     A hand with a club in it clearly means force and dominance.  The club is phallic, so the card refers sometimes to the male gender.  Ace of Wands very frequently means ‘number one,’ and ‘the most important’ or ‘comes first.’  It means to win or overcome fairly often, too.




Each and every ‘Tarot Reading’ sentence you see is a literal interpretation of the four Rider Waite Tarot cards drawn and pictured for today. (The literal interpretation is from the illustration on each card.) These sentences are put together by only combining the phrases of what each cards says. In other words, there are NO “filler” phrases added just to make full sentences, and no psychic ability or spirit guide is ever involved.


*Without a question* in a group reading to focus the answer, the four Tarot cards can mean quite contradictory things, especially when the Spread has a card that means ‘no,’ ‘never’ or ‘not.’ These negative modifiers can apply to any one of the other cards.
*Without a question* in a group reading, the pronouns (you, him, her, me, us, them, they, etc.) are more flexible. Whenever you see a pronoun in parentheses, please *feel very free* to substitute another pronoun than the one used. I try to drop pronouns when possible, which, if you’ve noticed, can make for awkward phrasing.


Now in an ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question and thereby supplies at least half the information! In an individual situation, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too. Here, in a group reading we cannot do that and so we get a variety of sentences.

Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers know this!)

Tarot, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of flexibly addressing any group, including all of the visitors that come to this site. It can also address people you might not even know personally, such as all the people at your job who have a say in whether or not you get a raise.

We have been wondering here lately whether the Tarot Verbatim(TM) sentences are more accurate for regular visitors than they are for people who visit this site only once in awhile or for a short time. Would you help us with a comment please, if you have not been a regular visitor? Just let us know if the sentences are relevant to you. So far, people say they do apply.

Return to this site often and you can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim(TM) works.


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  1. Candy

    ur right time to ditch any thoughts of romance cuz its just not the time… I have important things I have been avoiding that demand my attention and then some..PS. on what I had committed your way I promise I have not forgotten.. Im not in a position to help i need to fix my situation quickly… id call u for advise but I dont think I can do that at the moment… Great site Emily… its come a long way… and so have I from it.. long ways to go.. 🙂

    • Thank you for all of that. Lately that ‘dry spell for love partners’ theme has applied to several callers. Often, it’s when you’re busy with your own doings that dudes appear, anyway.

      Call whenever you feel it’s right to. I appreciate the intention to help, here.

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