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Guidance        Today is stories about what’s happening physically, and some mention of ‘I’ve got to get over my childhood issues.’  We have a car and a house and children and romance, we have jealousy.  The closest we come to a theme in our ruminations today is to contrast the calmness of old-fashioned affection and respectability with the uncertainty and  apprehension of ‘the other way of life.’



Are YOU here for the first time?  Come in!  People love this place!  Our site is divided into four sections: Guidance, Tarot Readings, Learn Tarot by Observation, and Learn Tarot by Pictures.
If you just want your daily look ahead, Guidance and Tarot Readings are all you need.  ‘Guidance’ is a summary of what the cards are generally advising visitors to be aware of that day.  ‘Tarot Readings’ is the actual word for word messages the cards are conveying.  Tarot can come up with a wide variety of sentences (sometimes even completely contradictory sentences!) in a group reading as there is no specific question being asked.  So, go ahead and pick the sentences you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them for yourself.

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king of swords

Page of Swords

Knight of Swords – Six of Cups – Chariot




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings:  Romance (Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  Nerves (Page of Swords)

Tarot Readings:  Children (Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  Responsibilities and Ambitions  (Chariot)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings:  Romance (Six of Cups)

I aim to get myself into a sweet old-fashioned romance right now, if it is the last thing I do.

Decides to go back to his old girl friend, is nervous.

I’m afraid I’ve got myself in love again.


Tarot Readings:  Nerves (Page of Swords)

After a good scare, he puts his mind to going back to down-home values.

This high-strung guy is at his most mellow on his commute.

The drive back home is nerve-wracking.

Be alert to kids speeding in cars.

Determined to get over my childhood angst.

Upset about leaving the old neighborhood as I drive by it.

Jealous boyfriend speeds past her house.

That car zips back and forth by my house; it’s got me concerned.

Decide to trust (you) again, but have some misgivings about this.

Let’s get out of this scary place to a safe neighborhood.

When you depart from respectability and trust as a way of life, you get into goings-on that are upsetting.

Disturbing memories of old times come back just when I get ambitious.

Her old boyfriend is back as soon as I decide to leave her, and I feel infringed upon.


Tarot Readings:  Children (Six of Cups)

The kids raise hell in the car again.

He is excited about having another child.

Yes, I’m defensive about this, but I have decided my kids are going to be different.

It’s an exciting day – and it’s your success – when the kids leave home,

Whenever the kids get on his nerves, he leaves for a little while.


Tarot Readings:  Responsibilities and Ambitions  (Chariot)

It’s his responsibility to get them over being mad to being peaceable again.

Now that he has a responsible job, his past could come back to haunt him.

Since I was a kid, I aimed to get out of here, and I am hyped up to do just that.


Miscellaneous Tarot Readings

He is skilled at restoring old houses that are a challenge.

Racing old cars is his forte, and his thrill.

Decides to be good again, after being suspected.




Page of Swords

Knight of Swords – Six of Cups – Chariot





Page and Knight of Swords are excited. Page is fearful, even feeling paranoia, about something lurking out there. Knight is running after or away from something, is going back and forth, and/or is changing.


Meanwhile, Chariot is bent on accomplishing his purpose, and will succeed because that’s the kind of person he is – and it could refer to a woman’s determination to accomplish the purpose as well.


Right in the middle is Six of Cups: romance, trust, being good, children, the old house or old neighborhood or old flame.


Today is stories about what’s happening physically, and some mention of ‘I’ve got to get over my childhood issues.’ We have a car and a house and children and romance, we have jealousy. The closest we come to a theme in our ruminations today is to contrast the calmness of old-fashioned affection and respectability with the uncertainty and apprehension of ‘the other way of life.




Knight of Swords is in a big hurry, whether he is chasing or being chased, or zipping back and forth. He is about change, even quick change. You catch some excitement with him, sometimes. He is an intense guy, bent over the horse’s head and extending his upraised sword blade.


Six of Cups Old-fashioned trust and values, old-fashioned love, quaint old house, childhood, children, innocence, your old love, a gift, nostalgia and memories. A little boy gives a little girl flowers in front of an old building. They are wearing Middle Ages clothes.


Chariot Chariot is bent on accomplishing his purpose, and will succeed because that is the kind of person this is (male or female). This is being the driver, the person who is charged with getting a project done at all costs, being in charge and being responsible.


Page of Swords is energized, exercised, apprehensive, high on uppers, fearful, jealous, angry, paranoid … or just excited and thrilled about anything. Consider him adrenalin. You see him in a clearing, nothing in sight anywhere, whirling around with his weapon drawn. Something has gone bump in the night and you are reaching for your pistol.



Each and every ‘Tarot Reading’ sentence you see is a literal interpretation of the four Rider Waite Tarot cards drawn and pictured for today. (The literal interpretation is from the illustration on each card.) These sentences are put together by only combining the phrases of what each cards says. In other words, there are NO “filler” phrases added just to make full sentences, and no psychic ability or spirit guide is ever involved.


*Without a question* in a group reading to focus the answer, the four Tarot cards can mean quite contradictory things, especially when the Spread has a card that means ‘no,’ ‘never’ or ‘not.’ These negative modifiers can apply to any one of the other cards.
*Without a question* in a group reading, the pronouns (you, him, her, me, us, them, they, etc.) are more flexible. Whenever you see a pronoun in parentheses, please *feel very free* to substitute another pronoun than the one used. I try to drop pronouns when possible, which, ifyou’ve noticed, can make for awkward phrasing.

Now in an ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question and thereby supplies at least half the information! In an individual situation, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too. Here, in a group reading we cannot do that and so we get a variety of sentences.

Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers know this!)

Tarot, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of flexibly addressing any group, including all of the visitors that come to this site. It can also address people you might not even know personally, such as all the people at your job who have a say in whether or not you get a raise.

We have been wondering here lately whether the Tarot Verbatim(TM) sentences are more accurate for regular visitors than they are for people who visit this site only once in awhile or for a short time. Would you help us with a comment please, if you have not been a regular visitor? Just let us know if the sentences are relevant to you. So far, people say they do apply.

Return to this site often and you can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim(TM) works. Regular visitors actually learn to read Rider Waite Tarot cards with very little effort.


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