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Guidance    Don’t be a loner, we are saying today.  Go with the majority, fit in, get a consensus, we are all one big happy family here, don’t you be the one to end that!  Even on the dating scene, that theme applies today: There are no girls in the guy’s clubhouse.



Are YOU here for the first time?  People love this place! 

Here’s what’s going on. See the pictures?  Those are the four Rider Waite Tarot cards that make today’s messages (group messages) for you (and the people around you).

The site is divided into four sections.  The first is a summary, an overview.  That’s Guidance (above).

The second is the actual one-sentence group readings, Group Analytical Tarot Readings. If you have come just for your day’s trends, you can go now.  You pick out the ones you intuitively relate to, and decide whether to seek or avoid that.  People relate to these!  See their comments, at the very bottom.  We would *love* to hear from you.  Don’t be shy!

These answers don’t have a question (or a questioner) to frame them, so, yes, they can be contradictory – especially when one of the cards means ‘not’ or other negative word.  The negative can apply to any of the other cards. And many of the pronouns are flexible.  Feel free to substitute.

The third section, Learn Tarot by Observation, is  the reasoning that makes those four cards say the things you just read in the sentences.  It’s what an expert would be thinking.

The last section, Learn Tarot by Pictures, is the individual meanings of each card, based mostly on its picture, which you are  looking at.  Read this frequently, and you remember what some of the cards mean.



Three of Cups

Magician – Ten of Cups – Death



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings:  The Dating Scene (Magician and Three of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  Family (Ten of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  Unison at the Company (Three of Cups + Ten of Cups)

Tarot Readings:  The Dating Scene (Magician and Three of Cups)

He isn’t married, so he can drink with all the ladies.

It’s girls’ night out, no guys.

The girls are unhappy with him for doing that.

He doesn’t hang out with a bunch of women.

Celebrating the end of his marriage.

He got himself married and has no more girl friends.

Your girlfriends are thrilled that you aren’t marrying this guy.

There are no girls in the guy’s clubhouse.

He’s one of those guys who doesn’t do women.

He is the fellow in the circle of friends who isn’t married.

He’s the kind of guy who isn’t into making the women happy or marrying them.


Tarot Readings:  Family (Ten of Cups)

She does things with girlfriends, not family.

Here’s to being happy and not doing the family reunion.

The women of the family don’t get together like the men do.

We don’t do anything on our own in this family; we do things together.


Tarot Readings:  Unison at the Company (Three of Cups + Ten of Cups)

Everybody is heartily in agreement that we are not doing that.

In this Company, we all do things together; we are not unilateral.

Be one of the happy group at this Company, don’t initiate anything.

Don’t be a loner; get a consensus with all of us.




Three of Cups

Magician – Ten of Cups – Death




Three of Cups and Ten of Cups pretty much have the same meanings.  The distinction is that Three of Cups is girls or women getting together, being happy, celebrating a prosperous life, and Ten of Cups is a group of people or a couple or family who is happy, together, and prosperous.  Three of Cups is a celebration, getting together and sharing proceeds, girlfriends, a night out on the town, dating, and partying.  In both of these, everybody is a happy camper, everybody is a member of the group.


The other two cards are about doing or not doing, and a person of the male gender.  Magician is a man or male, taking the initiative, the doing of anything, the act or action.  It emphasizes acting on one’s own, as in ‘do it yourself.’  Therefore, it contrasts with the two cards that speak of unison of people, Ten of Cups and Three of Cups.


Death is invariably a negative modifier in Tarot Verbatim(TM).  It provides a negative term – no, never, not, won’t, stop, can’t, etc. – for the card you are applying it to.  It also means ‘end’ and to put a stop to, or stop.  This is not the usual meaning of it in other systems.


Don’t be a loner, we are saying today.  Go with the majority, fit in, get a consensus, we are all one big happy family here, don’t you be the one to end that! Even on the dating scene, that theme applies today:  There are no girls in the guy’s clubhouse.




Magician    Here stands the magic man, his wand raised, the math sign for eternity over his head, the suits of Tarot on his table as the tools of his trade.  So Magician is a man or male, taking the initiative, the doing of anything, the act or action.  It emphasizes acting on one’s own, as in ‘do it yourself.’


Ten of Cups   People who are happy together and doing well – whether a couple or family, neighborhood or just people who work for the same place or are affiliated with some party or church – are Ten of Cups.  It’s ‘the American dream’ of happily ever after:  corner lot in suburbia, a boy and a girl, a rainbow over the house … no dog, though.  Ten of Cups is about one big happy family, the group, the unanimous consensus.


Death    The king lies dead, the bishop has the crown for the next head. One would think this card would mean ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’  Well, in Tarot Verbatim, it just doesn’t.  No explanation.  In Tarot Verbatim, it is applying a negative to the card it modifies: no, never, not, won’t doesn’t, don’t, end ….  And that’s pretty much it.  Oh yes, it is a support card if other cards bring up the idea of a literal death.


Three of Cups    Girlfriends are out partying.  Women have pooled their money and their labor, and are sharing the profit.  All for one, and one for all, Three Musketeers.  Three of Cups is getting together to celebrate, being happy with a loved one, the good life, a night out on the town, partying.  It is also networking, especially for women who are friends.



EXPLANATIONS: (Skip this and the gray tags to get to Comments.)


Each and every ‘Tarot Reading’ sentence you see is a literal interpretation of the four Rider Waite Tarot cards drawn and pictured for today. (The literal interpretation is from the illustration on each card.) These sentences are put together by only combining the phrases of what each cards says. In other words, there are NO “filler” phrases added just to make full sentences, and no psychic ability or spirit guide is ever involved.

Now in an ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question and thereby supplies at least half the information! In a personal reading, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too.  Here, in a group reading we cannot do that and so we get a variety of sentences.

Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers want you to know this!)

Tarot, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of flexibly addressing any group, including all of the visitors that come to this site. It can also address people you might not even know personally, such as all the people at your job who have a say in whether or not you get a raise.


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  1. Jaclyn

    Just got in from my Saturday afternoon errands, sitting on my couch thinking about how I can do something this evening other than sit at home watching television with my daughter and her boyfriend .. . did you do this reading just for me . . .????

  2. Anna

    Yep girls night out tonight

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