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Guidance     So we are about the effort that it takes to get things accomplished – the time and the effort it takes – even pursuing your ideal woman or your sexy lady. We claim that a good-looking woman has to try harder to succeed. We also talk about speeding in a vehicle, so be careful driving today.



Are YOU here for the first time? People love this place!

Here’s what’s going on. See the pictures? Those are the four Rider Waite Tarot cards that make today’s messages (group messages) for you (and the people around you).

The site is divided into four sections. The first is a summary, an overview. That’s Guidance (above)

The second is the actual one-sentence group readings, Group Analytical Tarot Readings. If you have come just for your day’s trends, you can go now. You pick out the ones you intuitively relate to, and decide whether to seek or avoid that. People relate to these! See their comments, at the very bottom. We would *love* to hear from you. Don’t be shy!

.Answers don’t have a question (or a questioner) to frame them, so, yes, they can be contradictory – especially when one of the cards means ‘not’ or other negative word. The negative can apply to any of the other cards. And many of the pronouns are flexible. Feel free to substitute

The third section, Learn Tarot by Observation, is the reasoning that makes those four cards say the things you just read in the sentences. It’s what an expert would be thinking.

The last section, Learn Tarot by Pictures, is the individual meanings of each card, based mostly on its picture, which you are looking at. Read this frequently, and you remember what some of the cards mean.





Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Chasing the Pretty Lady (Empress and Knight of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Personal Progress (Empress and Chariot)

Tarot Readings: Progress Toward Success (Knight of Wands and Chariot)

Tarot Readings: The Effort it Takes to Look Good (Empress and Knight of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Vehicle and Driving (Chariot)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings: Chasing the Pretty Lady (Empress and Knight of Wands)

He is the most able and most ambitious chaser of women ever.


It’s not easy being beautiful and being pursued by the most successful men.


She is his idea of a trophy woman so he is committed to pursuing her for as long as it takes to achieve his purpose.


She succeeds when she decides to be the most pursued sexpot ever.


Already a success, he is going on to so many other things, one of which is really beautiful.


His pretty lady is a long high-speed drive away from here.



Tarot Readings: Personal Progress (Empress and Chariot)

She has accomplished so many things over time that she is well on her way to being comfortable in her own skin.


I aim to be in such control that I’m comfortable with that, so I am getting there a step at a time.


I aim to get on with my life but I’m still depressed about the woman I love.


She feels down but aims to get on with her life.



Tarot Readings: Progress Toward Success (Knight of Wands and Chariot)

A woman who’s really great looking will put more effort into success and take longer to get there.


She accomplishes a difficult project in record time.


She will always be the leader, she is getting ahead fast.


Her pregnancy leave slows down the project.


It’s her responsibility to get all this done fast.


She is always the one responsible for the rushed projects.



Tarot Readings: The Effort to Look Good (Empress and Knight of Wands)

Oh, the effort that it takes to look good, when we could be out accomplishing something!


She chooses to look great no matter how difficult or how much effort and energy it takes.



Tarot Readings: Vehicle and Driving (Chariot)

She leaves her engine running too long.


She always drives very fast.


He slows down when he drives past her place.



Miscellaneous Tarot Readings

Spoiled lady is always on his back for him to get ahead.






Well, ‘chasing the pretty lady’ or ‘chasing the sexy lady’ is Empress and Knight of Wands: You can’t miss that. You also cannot miss speeding in a vehicle (Knight of Wands is speeding, and a Chariot is, yes, a vehicle) or ‘fast progress on the project, achievement or ambition,’ the same two Tarot fellows, with Knight of Wands being, of course, the ‘fast progress.’



Empress is the beautiful woman, and she can be ambitious with Chariot. That would refer to ‘her ambition’ as well of course.



Chariot and Ten of Wands are both taking on a difficult task, are both determined, and both are going to accomplish that task – Chariot brilliantly and Ten of Wands maybe barely making it.



Next on our list of things you notice is Knight of Wands means fast and Ten of Wands means slow. Slowing down the fast progress. Ten of Wands also means difficult, a step at a time, a long time, and ‘a lot of ‘ or ‘many’ too. So Ten of Wands and Knight of Wands say it’s difficult to do something fast (Chariot would be the ‘do’), and doing a lot of things fast, or going fast for a long time.



So we are about the effort that it takes to get things accomplished – the time and the effort it takes – even pursuing your ideal woman or your sexy lady. We claim that a good-looking woman has to try harder to succeed. We also talk about speeding in a vehicle, so be careful driving today.






Empress She is outdoors, laying back upon fine cushions wearing a flowing gown of roses and a tiara. She has the symbol for female on a valentine-shaped shield next to her. (The valentine shape in ancient times had a pornographic meaning about female anatomy.) She can be pregnant, and is modeled on fertility goddesses. She can be the slut or the ideal woman or anything good-looking in between.


Knight of Wands He looks fearful as his horse rears at high speed. He carries a club in his right hand, and has the salamanders that mean ‘fiery natured’ on his clothes. He can be the punk with a temper, and he can be the fella getting ahead fast (or both). His main meanings are speed, fast, rapid, rush and so on, and chasing, pursuing, running away from, getting out of town.


Chariot Well, here is the responsible and ambitious successful man in charge of the operation. He is the strategist, the leader, the able and successful head of operations. Charioteers were the special forces of ancient armies, and strategy was the name of their game. He is about using all factors, including the ones that oppose your project, to accomplish it. He is also about magic (re getting things done by any means): Note he has no reins; he controls the sphinx steeds with magic wands; and sphinxes are, of course, magic creatures.


Ten of Wands You take on the whole project in one load, or something else is slowing you down, but, by darn, you are making it, step by step. This person is burdened, may be depressed, but is determined and will make it. Someone could be ‘on his back’ about something.



EXPLANATIONS: SKIP THIS (AND THE TAGS) TO GO TO COMMENTS, BELOW. (Use the arrow on the right lower screen.)


Each and every ‘Tarot Reading’ sentence you see is a literal interpretation of the four Rider Waite Tarot cards drawn and pictured for today. (The literal interpretation is from the illustration on each card.) These sentences are put together by only combining the phrases of what each cards says. In other words, there are NO “filler” phrases added just to make full sentences, and no psychic ability or spirit guide is ever involved.

Now in an ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question and thereby supplies at least half the information! In a personal reading, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too. Here, in a group reading we cannot do that and so we get a variety of sentences.
Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers want you to know this!)
Tarot, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of flexibly addressing any group, including all of the visitors that come to this site. It can also address people you might not even know personally, such as all the people at your job who have a say in whether or not you get a raise.

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  1. Jaclyn

    I would like to think that this means my bad-boy boy-toy is about to give chase . . . I certainly put a lot of time and $$ into my beauty regimen . . .

    • May it happen.
      Living in the wilderness has its benefits. One of them is you don’t have to look good, so sooner or later it’s not an issue for you to look good. Remember, you have a constitutional right to be as ugly as you like.

  2. BD

    In terms of support I would just like to add that I have been coming here on a daily basis for a over a month and have learned a lot and I’d like to thank you and encourage you to continue doing what you do, whatever that is. I live in Northern California and came across your site after searching on google for very specific search criteria that I don’t remember…it seems unlikely I would have arrived otherwise. It was very personal, I remember that, and the reading I was linked to (not the reading for that day, but some reading) smacked me in the face. And I’ve been following since.

    My one criticism is the site itself, from my internet-experience perspective it needs more work before it becomes truly commercially viable in terms of design. The format works great, and your readings are great. The site design and typesetting in particular are awkward, however.

    I also wonder why some days there are pictures of the cards and other days there are not…is this a copyright issue?

    In any case, thank you for doing what you do, and congratulations on finding your this place. I would suspect that there are others out there like me that tripped here and saw something viable and have stuck around and lurked a bit and harvested something valuable. For me the perspective itself of seeing the cards in such a clean-cut manner is a bit of a revelation in terms of card reading in general.

    If I weren’t poor as shit I would have already done a reading with you or sent some money.

    Your hand pulling the cards also that is somehow in line with what’s going on here. I anticipate this site will be a well supported resource once you have more reach and a more clearly intended and functional site in terms of design. Keep it up!

    • It’s good to hear from you, BD. Thank you for that support. What I do is interpret phrases litterally from the illustrations of Rider Waite, and make sentences of what exactly those four cards say, with no filler thoughts added, hardly any filler words even.

      Yes, you can learn a lot from this. Even more to be learned from my full 14-card spreads but making multiple readings from them would be truly onerous.

      Yes, the old spreads are ‘out there,’ not just the day’s. Sometimes it is the title of the cards that bring visitors to the site.

      Oh yeah. The site is crippled. I am a cyber dummy, and the company I paid to put it up apparently left it a demo rather than a blog, so other people I have asked to fix it say it cannot be accessed.

      A friend puts the cards up. I set them for 3 p.m. (Mountain Time) so my clients don’t have to wait up nights to read it (which some were actually doing). When I am not a few days ahead, it takes him a while to get to putting them up. That is why cards are sometimes not there. I don’t know how to do it myself. Just writing this material often takes five hours because I’m a perfectionist. No copyright issue: I have permission to use the pictures from U. S. Games.

      The vertical spacing changes when I ‘publish,’ and has to be redone (part of it). Yeah, it’s a problem. I ask for help. Just this week I bought a program to learn computer navigation and to create an internet business. Part of it is a Rolodex of Fiverr folks the seller himself uses, he says. Am hoping a cyber savvy friend-of-a-friend will choose a worker and tell him or her what needs to be done. Got all my fingers crossed.

      Twitter and Facebook are the main sources of visitors. Have a high percent of people from India at times.

      Yes, Tarot Verbatim is a revelation. It is a bridge to the subconscious, eventually giving free access to subconscious thinking processes, not just subconscious material. I have written in some detail about that, but have not published it. In short, when you’re two years old, the brain is destroying cells (and if it doesn’t clear out enough, your development is retarded); and at the same time, you are learning categories and language (thinking in the box). Upshot is, you lose access to any part of your mental library that doesn’t file by language.

      Therefore, something that connects words to images to meanings is a ladder or bridge to the silent areas of the mind.

      An email reading is $18.75 by PayPal, which allows you to delay paying. That answer will include the cards that produced its phrases, just like you see here.

      Oh yes. This site started three years ago as my experiment to demonstrate whether Tarot was better at group readings than astrology. Any astrologer will tell you solar group horoscopes are useless, so the question is: Is Tarot, my system, up to that challenge?

      The comments tell you it is. When I pull the cards, the only question is ‘Tell the visitors something meaningful to them.’ I don’t limit it to the visitors of that day.

      I have tried so hard to get this site up to snuff. (Sigh.) I know how successful it will be, and how it will create clients who want situations analyzed. See, this is not an internet business; it is a very successful telephone counseling business that was supported by print ads – print ads I could no longer buy when the economy was destroyed AND hay and grain prices for the elk skyrocketed.

      Thank you for your encouragement; I got my big girl pants on. You can join me on Facebook, or join Three Six Nine Twelve Club by clicking on the green ‘f.’

  3. Anna

    Yes, I am being pursued by someone

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