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Guidance     Giving and receiving of money, romantic attention, spiritual knowledge, and gifts are our stories today, and it’s mostly about women today. We speak of child care – children being given attention, support and information, women staying at home with them. We receive spiritual instruction or spiritual secrets we are entitled to today. Then we say the other woman gets the romantic gifts she is entitled to … something for everybody.


Instructions: Are YOU here for the first time? Come in! People love this place! Our site is divided into four sections: Guidance, Tarot Readings, Learn Tarot by Observation, and Learn Tarot by Pictures.

If you just want your daily look ahead, Guidance and Tarot Readings are all you need. ‘Guidance’ is a summary of what the cards are generally advising visitors to be aware of that day. ‘Tarot Readings’ is the actual word for word messages to everyone. So, go ahead and pick the sentences you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them for yourself. THEN, the family of commenters here would love for you to join in.


Eight of Wands

High Priestess – Six of Pentacles – Six of Cups





Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Pays Loving Attention (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)


Tarot Readings: All the Money is Paid (Six of Pentacles and Eight of Wands)


Tarot Readings: Ladylike Manner Pays Off (High Priestess and Six of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Giving People Knowledge (High Priestess and Six of Cups)


Tarot Readings: Getting Attention (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)



Tarot Readings: Pays Loving Attention (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

She is quiet; it is he who does all the romantic discussion, he who pays her the attention.


He gives the other woman money while he tells his old girl friend how much he loves her.


He courted a lot of women, and now it’s her bills he is paying and her he gives birthday presents to.


She tells the children loving one another is rewarding.



Tarot Readings: All the Money is Paid (Six of Pentacles and Eight of Wands)

She receives all the money she is entitled to.


She gives her children everything she can afford.


The bookkeeper has always paid the bills quickly.


Make more money so she can stay home with the kids.


The lady’s old-fashioned house is worth more and more money.


Romance novels about mysterious women make money.


She makes all the payments on the old homestead.


Writing for children is a way a woman can money at home.


He pays his child support regularly and quickly.



Tarot Readings: Ladylike Manner Pays Off (High Priestess and Six of Pentacles)

Everybody is pleasant to her, she gives them their due.


She always has something good to say to the kids.


An old-fashioned girl who does all the right things.


She is such a lady that whatever she has to say is well-received.


She contributes many wise ideas innocently.


It’s fair to say she is a sweet kid.


Being an old-fashioned lady gets you a lot of attention.


She deserves all the sweet things people say about her.



Tarot Readings: Giving People Knowledge (High Priestess and Six of Cups)

Spiritual secrets are given to people who are entitled to receive them.


She is an expert on the history, and she gives talks about it.


She speaks ancient wisdom to people who deserve to receive it.


Juvenile court is something she knows all about.


The expert’s testimony in court is accepted.


She tells the children everything they are ready to accept.


She knows how to explain this to the children properly.



Tarot Readings: Getting Attention (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

Children get a lot of attention from her.


All the ladies get romantic attention from him.


As the Other Woman, she is entitled to romantic gifts.


Eight of Wands

High Priestess – Six of Pentacles – Six of Cups






The first thing I notice is that both Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups are an exchange, and a sweet exchange at that. Both these cards mean to give and to receive – they go either way.



Six of Pentacles, the employer is making sure he is fair with the help he is paying, weighing the coins into their hands. (The gold wore off, and the value of coins was by their weight.)



Six of Cups, a little boy has pots of flowers out by the road in front of an estate or apartment house, and he is giving a little girl one of them. They are both dressed very well for cool weather, and the artwork is kitschy – pastel, curved lines. It’s a safe neighborhood.



Six of Pentacles emphasizes the fair and proper aspect of an exchange; Six of Cups emphasizes giving freely from real affection, and giving as a gift rather than a commercial exchange. It is, of course, a romance card, so the gift is often a love gift. This card shows up for birthday presents, Valentine’s Day gifts.



Six of Cups is also about the past (even past history or a love from the past), about home, about an old or quaint or cozy house, about a safe neighborhood, about nostalgia. Six of Pentacles is also a legal card. It can speak of courtroom procedures, papers being served, lawsuits, police and regulatory matters. But not today.



High Priestess is a woman who stays home, and Six of Cups shows children at home. Six of Cups is also romance (little boy gives little girl flowers), and High Priestess is a single woman. She can also be the other woman. So we have domestic stories, there.



High Priestess is an esoteric card: It has material from the Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish magic book, and she sits with ‘Tora’ in her lap (a word you see in Wheel of Fortune, another esoteric card). She even has the sliver moon at her feet. She represents expertise, expert knowledge, knowing secrets and keeping them, higher planes or realms, mystic experiences, subconscious knowing or intuition.



Eight of Wands is about communication, both written and verbal. That relates to the book and the knowledge High Priestess has – so she imparts wisdom verbally. Eight of Wands also means many, more, increasingly, quickly, one after another – and other similar phrases.





High Priestess is a lady alone, a lady who knows, a lady who is quiet and patient in the background, a lady who has a secret or keeps a secret. Occult knowledge too: The two pillars of the Kabbalah are there, and the pomegranates are arranged in its tree of life pattern. She has a book in her lap, which causes her to represent a bookkeeper. She comes up as The Other Woman too.


Six of Pentacles shows an exchange: The employer is paying every cent that he owes the workers, who really need it. It’s about paying bills, giving due attention or due anything. With its scales, it is one of the justice cards.


Six of Cups is children, sweetness, old-fashioned anything (especially house), ‘home sweet home,’ a gift, giving, receiving … and romance. Little boy gives little girl flowers in front of an old-fashioned house in the illustration.


Eight of Wands has an ambiguous illustration. Quickly, many, writing, spoken words, messages (texting), increasing, one after the other. It shows the sticks flying in the air, one neatly above the other like lines on a page.


EXPLANATIONS: [Use the arrow at lower right to skip this and go to Comments.]


All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim(TM).


In these group readings, there’s no question (and no Questioner) to limit what the four cards can mean, so they can mean opposite things.


When there is a negative-meaning card (a ‘negator,’ I call them), the readings contradict one another because that card can make any of the other cards in the spread negative. Negator cards mean things like: no, never, not, end, can’t, etc. Never be queasy about the number of ‘bad’ card because it takes two bad cards to say ‘not dead’ and only one to say ‘dead.’


Without a question or a Questioner, pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they, etc.) are very flexible. I leave out pronouns in writing this as much as possible – awkward to do that sometimes. When I put them in parentheses, feel very free to change them around to suit yourself.


Now in a ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question which provides at least half the information! In an individual’s reading, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too. Here, in a group reading, we cannot do that and so we get more variety of sentences.

Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers want you to know this!)


Tarot successfully addresses the group of visitors, whoever they are. It provides useful information that applies to their daily lives: They tell you this in the comments, for three years now. Tarot can tell you things about people you don’t know personally – such as whoever on your job has a say in your raise or continued employment there, whether that is one person or many. Visitors report that the information is equally accurate for new visitors as it is for the family of regular visitors.


Do you want to read Rider Waite Tarot, yourself? Start with Learn Tarot by Pictures to get the day’s cards’ individual meanings; then read Learn Tarot by Observation, which gives you the thinking those four cards inspire in a qualified reader. Next, Group Analytical Tarot Cards Reading is the various things those four cards can say (without a question to guide them). Then, Guidance is a summary.


In this way, your intuition allows you to learn to read the cards without much effort if you come often enough. Regular visitors can just put it together.


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