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Guidance      Some types of close friendships and relationships make us uneasy.   A buddy gets on our nerves.  Being anxious about being close for different reasons.  Having to be more of a friend to someone, because of circumstances, than we really feel.   Not ready for the intimacy that is being offered or expected.


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If you just want your daily look ahead, Guidance and Tarot Readings are all you need. ‘Guidance’ is a summary of what the cards are generally advising visitors to be aware of that day. ‘Tarot Readings’ is the actual word for word messages to everyone. So, go ahead and pick the sentences you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them for yourself. THEN, the family of commenters here would love for you to join in.


Nine of Wands

Page of Swords – Temperance – Knight of Cups





Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Anxious about Intimacy (Page of Swords and Temperance or Nine of Wands and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: Uneasy About Intimate Friendship (Page of Swords and Temperance or Nine of Wands and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: Friends who Get on Your Nerves (Page of Swords and Temperance)


Tarot Readings: Anxious about Intimacy (Page of Swords and Temperance or Nine of Wands and Temperance)

Anxious about being that close, and anxious about feeling that warm and fuzzy.


Being together with this boyfriend was thrilling until it got on her last nerve.


Not ready for the intimacy that is being offered, and not wanting to hurt feelings.


Touchy because I am uneasy about this being a proper partner for me.


He is defensive when he feels accused of being her romantic partner.



Tarot Readings: Uneasy About Intimate Friendship (Page of Swords and Temperance or Nine of Wands and Temperance)

Taking the friendly initiative is how to deal with edgy people, so reach out first to folks who are nervous.


Some people are so friendly it’s irritating: You feel uncomfortable when they stand so close.


He can be friendly with these intense and touchy guys because he is so laid back and naturally friendly.


He is the friendly guy who deals with the paranoid (customers): We are afraid to.


He is so close with his friend he feels he has to defend their relationship.



Tarot Readings: Friends who Get on Your Nerves (Page of Swords and Temperance)

Boyfriend’s close friend gets on her nerves: He is a threat!


He has to be nice and deal with this person who gives him the willies.


Thrilled to do the transaction(s) with him, but apprehensive about being his pal.


He defended his friend so much he came under the same suspicion with him.


Nine of Wands

Page of Swords – Temperance – Knight of Cups




The pattern today is pairs of cards that mean the same thing. Both Page of Swords and Nine of Wands are about anxiety, apprehension, edgy uncomfortable uneasy and defensive feelings. Page of Swords is that fear of things out there unseen; Nine of Wands is being afraid something that you battled and were hurt by is coming back to get you, but you are holding your ground. Very similar meanings, and both are about fear.



Both Temperance and Knight of Cups are about intimacy. Knight of Cups is the friendly relaxed fella who is everybody’s buddy, who makes the first move to shake hands. Temperance is the close or intimate relationship, and it means to deal one-on-one with someone.



So this spread echoes uncomfortable friendship, different styles and flavors of that circumstance.






Page of Swords – here’s that fearful dude, hair swinging, whipping around, sword twirling in the air, and no one around for miles. He is nervous, irritated, paranoid. At best, he he thrilled or worked up about something.



Temperance is dealing with, usually dealing closely with someone. It is a close friendship or intimate partner. It can be about healing, not today. The angel pours water and wine together to dilute it. This is one of those ‘extra’ cards the Middle Ages added to make the deck acceptable to religious people who would accuse people of witchcraft. The picture does not have much to do with the meaning Tarot Verbatim(TM) attributes to Temperance.



Knight of Cups is the friendly guy, the boyfriend, the pleasant fellow who agrees, who meets and greets skillfully. He is depicted sitting on a still horse offering someone a drink. All the lines are curved and relaxed and all the colors of the drawing are pale and pleasant.



Nine of Wands is another high-strung fella. He has a right to be. He has been wounded guarding this border, once, and they are likely, he feels, to attack again. He is already wounded in the head. He rests on his pole anxiously, standing upright. He means defensiveness and nervousness, feeling tense and ill at ease.



EXPLANATIONS: [Use the arrow at lower right to skip this and go to Comments.]


All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim(TM).


In these group readings, there’s no question (and no Questioner) to limit what the four cards can mean, so they can mean opposite things.


When there is a negative-meaning card (a ‘negator,’ I call them), the readings contradict one another because that card can make any of the other cards in the spread negative. Negator cards mean things like: no, never, not, end, can’t, etc. Never be queasy about the number of ‘bad’ card because it takes two bad cards to say ‘not dead’ and only one to say ‘dead.’


Without a question or a Questioner, pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they, etc.) are very flexible. I leave out pronouns in writing this as much as possible – awkward to do that sometimes. When I put them in parentheses, feel very free to change them around to suit yourself.


Now in a ‘real’ individual reading, the questioner asks a specific question which provides at least half the information! In an individual’s reading, the parties are identified and sometimes a time frame is too. Here, in a group reading, we cannot do that and so we get more variety of sentences.

Horoscopes are group readings, too. Astrology is based on someone else’s birth data, though, so a ‘solar’ group horoscope never really solidly applies to you! (Astrologers want you to know this!)


Tarot successfully addresses the group of visitors, whoever they are. It provides useful information that applies to their daily lives: They tell you this in the comments, for three years now. Tarot can tell you things about people you don’t know personally – such as whoever on your job has a say in your raise or continued employment there, whether that is one person or many. Visitors report that the information is equally accurate for new visitors as it is for the family of regular visitors.


Do you want to read Rider Waite Tarot, yourself? Start with Learn Tarot by Pictures to get the day’s cards’ individual meanings; then read Learn Tarot by Observation, which gives you the thinking those four cards inspire in a qualified reader. Next, Group Analytical Tarot Cards Reading is the various things those four cards can say (without a question to guide them). Then, Guidance is a summary.


In this way, your intuition allows you to learn to read the cards without much effort if you come often enough. Regular visitors can just put it together.


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