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Guidance     A change of heart, mind, attitude, etc. is a new life. A vision re-frames one’s past reality. Preoccupation with the disappointing past brings us to a change of circumstances for the better if we let the sadness progress in our minds until the vision snaps on like a light bulb. You regret doing the same thing over again until you change. Sometimes she goes back to being the silly blond again.


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Five of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Queen of Cups




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Keeps Being Disappointed (Five of Cups and Two of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Looking Back from the Better Place (Five of Cups and Judgment)

Tarot Readings: Loses a Good Woman (Five of Cups and Queen of Cups)


Tarot Readings: Keeps Being Disappointed (Five of Cups and Two of Pentacles)

One disappointment after another changes her mind.

She loves him even as things keep going back to the sad old way they used to be.

She knows this, and she may or may not get over sad thoughts of the past.

She thinks he will change, and keeps being disappointed.

She keeps reminding herself he is a loser.  

I used to think he was such a great guy, but I’m in the process of changing my mind.

She regrets it and then does the same thing over again.

It’s one bad news after another but she has faith.

She may or may not fail to change.

A repeating cycle of her failing to understand what’s going on.


She is seeing the past repeating itself all over again.


Her faith in her man is disappointed again.


Tarot Readings: Looking Back from the Better Place (Five of Cups and Judgment)

When the past comes back, she thinks of her new life.

Now that she has recovered, she understands how unstable she was.

She keeps regretting the past when her life is so new now.

She has gotten away from feeling sorry for herself and into a new way of looking at things.


Every time she fails, she thinks about it and bounces back.


I used to think such melancholy thoughts but now I’m changing that.


My mind keeps coming back to where I failed back there.

She has a whole new humorous way of thinking about the sorry past with that guy.

Her frame of mind is changing her past, progressively.

She sees her way out of cyclic depression into a new phase.



Tarot Readings: Loses a Good Woman (Five of Cups and Queen of Cups)

He is sorry his woman is a silly blond again.

He felt lost and is going back to the loyal, comfortable woman who believes in him.

He misses the woman who thinks so much of him and he is going back to her again.

Lose a good woman or a sweet gal, and you’re on to the next.

It hits him that he keeps going back to the blond; he misses her.

He keeps feeling sorry for such a sweet gal and going back to her.

He is always sorry when he goes back to her, but he keeps on doing it.

The mourning continues until a new wife is a new life.


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Five of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Queen of Cups





Two of Pentacles is a cycle, an ongoing phase; Judgment is a change and a new phase or new life. Turning points are what Two of Pentacles and Judgment are about.



Five of Cups is about preoccupation with the past in a depressing way, missing someone, mourning someone or something, melancholy, a sense of loss, a loss you don’t get over, regrets, a waste that haunts you, the kind of mood that doesn’t care what is still there for you, you just want what you had … or what you could have had. Five of Cups is the ‘coulda-woulda-shouldas’ in the rosary of our lives.



Queen of Cups links up with Five of Cups along the lines of being preoccupied and gazing at a Cup. She is thinking, figuring something out, and she is famous for having faith in that man she loves, being a naïve believer in something. Naïve faith tends to involve disappointment and recovery; doesn’t it?





Five of Cups will always be preoccupation with the past in a depressing way, missing someone, mourning someone or something, melancholy, a sense of loss, a loss you don’t get over, the kind of mood that doesn’t care what is still there for you, you just want what you had. This is one of the cards a newbie could pull from the deck and know exactly what it means. A black robed figure with a bowed head, gray sky, spilled wine … how many hints do ya need?



Two of Pentacles is getting out of one end of a phase and into the beginning of another, as well as continuing, oscillating in some cycle. It also means a lightheartedness, even silliness. You can see the ships tossed up and down, the juggling going round and round, the ‘eternity’ mathematical symbol. Again, how many hints do ya need?



Queen of Cups is so blond. She dreamily contemplates some artifact, all dressed up in white, with water (emotion) swirling around her seat. This is the true believer of the female persuasion. She loves and admires her man, and she is figuring some things out.



Judgment is the new phase of life, the realization, the big news, the big announcement, the change or shift. People coming out of their coffins to the trumpet of an angel … like I said, how many hints …


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  1. Anna

    I’m refusing to take his calls, I have to make changes or nothing will ever get better

  2. BunnyB

    Yea, my mom is dying. I await to hear the eternal announcement. I do miss and want back the days of the past. :’-(

    • Call me if you want some clarifications. Death is a graduation to those who have done their homework; hope that’s your mom. Grief messes with your judgment; have a sensible and assertive friend at hand if you can. (I sure could have used one when my husband was killed.)

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