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Guidance      Here’s the role an influential woman who does as she pleases plays in both personal and business situations: You have to deal with her as she is, or avoid dealing with her as she is, whether the deal is an intimate or a business relationship. Fellows avoid sexual intimacy with women who have a mind of their own. As a loner, she avoids intimate sexual relationships. You travel or relocate to do a deal.


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Nine of Pentacles
Six of Swords, Ace of Wands, Temperance




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Sexual Relationship (Ace of Wands and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: Boss Lady in Business (Ace of Wands and Nine of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Travel in These Deals (Six of Swords and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: Independent Partner (Ace of Wands and Temperance)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings: Sexual Relationship (Ace of Wands and Temperance)
No longer in sole command of your life, you have to share with your intimate partner.
Doesn’t have a sexual relationship with the businesswoman anymore.
Avoids sexual intimacy with women who have a mind of their own.
As a loner, she avoids intimate sexual relationships.
You have to put this relationship with her behind you.
She isn’t available for intimacy, you have to go elsewhere.
Women who don’t need anybody, who avoid sex, are his type of relationship.
She is launching a business on a sexual relationship. The sexual part of our close relationship is phasing out, and she is fine with that.


Tarot Readings: (Boss Lady in Business) Ace of Wands and Nine of Pentacles)
No longer have to deal with a boss lady.
She is only your boss in the business relationship from now on.

Tarot Readings: Travel in These Deals (Six of Swords and Temperance)
This deal requires you to relocate.
Businesswoman travels overseas for the most important deals.
She works from home but eventually travels to meet one-on-one.
As a sole proprietor, she has to leave town and make the deals herself.

Tarot Readings: Independent Partner (Ace of Wands and Temperance)
Avoid giving her orders; she is your equal.
Your partner is so independent you phased out of being assertive.
You are Number One by yourself, putting this behind to be Number One with a partner.
She does avoid being assertive one-on-one but has her own ways of doing things.

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings
Orders are to keep to yourself and avoid get chummy.
Eventually, the sole proprietor has to reciprocate.
Has to get that woman out of the deal, she is inflexible.
You must make your deals independently from now on.
She isn’t available for communication, so you have to go another route.
This transaction has to be arm’s-length to keep her out of direct association with it.


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This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.

Nine of Pentacles
Six of Swords, Ace of Wands, Temperance




Nine of Pentacles tends to be the a woman with a decent job, the sole proprietor, the independent (and even eccentric or reclusive) woman who is content with her lot in life, possibly because … she has a lot in her life (It doesn’t have to be money, control and independence but it often is.) She feels all is well with her world.



Reciprocate, reciprocal, respond: These are key words for Temperance. A relationship that is like pouring wine and water back and forth until the blend is smooth. It’s an intimate relationship … any kind of an intimate relationship at all. It’s equals participating. It’s a deal, or a sequence of deals, in business. It’s close friends – even you and your fourlegged furbearer.



Put Nine of Pentacles and Temperance together, and you have an arm’s length transaction; you have doing business with an equal; you have an independent partner to deal with.



Ace of Wands is an imperative: a command, an order, you have to, assertive, aggressive, by force or forced to, and so on. It’s about being Number One. It also means ‘sexual,’ since it resembles a penis.



Six of Swords is both depressing and hopeful. Escaping ‘by the skin of your teeth’ with nothing, you have lost so much that the future is going to be better than this no matter what it is. You are putting something behind you, going on. Phasing out of (anything). You have help in your downtime (the fellow who operates the boat). Yes, it’s about leaving, moving on.



Six of Swords and Nine of Pentacles: Leaving that independent woman.



Six of Swords and Temperance: Not close anymore. Putting an intimate relationship behind you. Phasing out a partnership deal. Not a partner there anymore. Going away together.



Six of Swords and Ace of Wands: I gotta get out of here. Ordered to get out. Threatening to withdraw. Not sexual anymore. Leave when you are threatened. AWOL from orders. Avoiding being assertive.






Six of Swords is usually putting something behind and having a better future, but not so much here. Today it speaks of avoiding, no longer, anymore, go elsewhere, launching, from now on, relocate, travel overseas, travels, leave town, phased out of, eventually, get out of, go another route, keep (someone) out of.


Its illustration shows a parent and child leaving ‘with the clothes on their back’ with the help of someone, leaving like refugees … so the future has to be better than this.


Ace of Wands often is an imperative: command, have to, orders, assertive and so on. It is also sexual. It also means Number One or of prime importance. Its illustration has a hand with a board in it, a board that is sprouting green leaves, indicating the fertility … of a penis.



shows liquid (wine being diluted) being poured from one cup to another by an angel with healing symbols on its robe. Once a year, it means dilution. Today it means the things it usually means: partner, intimate partner, relationship, intimacy, deal with or deal, one-on-one, equal, chummy, reciprocate, communication, and direct association.



Nine of Pentacles is the well-off woman who does as she pleases, who lives a life of leisure yet has social standing as the owner of land or business. She is very independent, doesn’t need anyone, ‘she doesn’t know you, don’t ask her for a loan’ type thing.


The illustration shows an elaborately robed proud looking woman with an alleged falcon, in a well-groomed vineyard, alone. A snail at her feet tells you she does things in her own sweet time.


In readings, this person does not have to be financially well-off. She can be the one with ambition in the ghetto. She can be the sane one at a family reunion of crazies, or the sober one of the besotted family. She can be ‘the one who makes it.’


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