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Guidance      About the role of good-looking superior females in the general realm of human activities – in marriage, family, community and work. Shall she marry? – shall she achieve? – shall she be sexy and/or feminine, or shall she be untouchable in a class by herself? As a debutante, shall she make use of the family prominence? She is in the eye of the public, whatever choice she makes.


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Seven of Pentacles, Four of Wands, Empress




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: She’s the Kind You Marry (Four of Wands and Empress)

Tarot Readings: Top Female Talent (Empress and World)

Tarot Readings: What Family Has to Do with it (Seven of Pentacles and Four of Wands)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings: She’s the Kind You Marry (Four of Wands and Empress)

Ponders marrying the most beautiful woman in the world who has no faults. (You.)


She is easygoing – things don’t get to her – isn’t that the kind you marry?


Hmmm. Should he marry a virtuous dame or a sexy one?


Could he hope to get the attention of a gorgeous gal who is prominent, and her family is.


Asks himself why he married a woman who has nothing in common with him … oh, because she’s hot.


He contemplates living with this sheltered gal whose family spoils her.


Maybe the sexpot is paying him no attention because she is married.


Maybe the sexpot is paying him no attention because he is married.


The fella she is marrying is unsure of himself, but she does not care, he spoils her.


She ‘married well’ into a leading family. Is that why she pays us no attention?


She wonders whether to marry and take it easy, or to be the achiever.


Who would think those two gals are married?



Tarot Readings: Top Female Talent (Empress and World)

The good looking women seem to work for that company.


She has so much to contribute at this company she is in a class by herself … and then there’s the rest of us.


So what does this company do with top female talent?


I guess the company considers her top talent.


Consider some kind of women’s organization or company.


Girl, maybe you should rule out marrying and just be a glamor figure.



Tarot Readings: What Family Has to Do with it (Seven of Pentacles and Four of Wands)

How could those two girls be in the same family?


I don’t know how those two women are under the same roof.


It seems she has a beautiful life since she shut out the family.


She is nothing like the family and seems to do so well all by herself.


She somehow feels very superior because of her family’s standing and her good looks.


She shuts herself off from relatives who wonder whether she is rich.


Miscellaneous Tarot Readings

Questions are being asked of people she is associated with about how she has money and no connections to it.


Wonder why – with her looks – she does not care to be with influential people?


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Seven of Pentacles, Four of Wands, Empress





We are in a marriage trend now. Four of Wands is marriage – and we have the Seven of Pentacles wondering whether to – and then we have two superior women who are loners. Empress is gorgeous, sexy, prosperous, has much to contribute, as in an abundance of talent. World is gorgeous, is in a class by herself, is superior, pays no attention and has no connection: You can’t get to her. Since she is a shapely nude, yes, she too can mean ‘sexy.’


Obviously, we have a story of a fellow who wonders which of two great choices he shall make.


Four of Wands also represents a Company, and a community or governmental body of any size, as well as the prominent clans of a place. When Four of Wands represents a company or business, both Empress and World are top talent. Four of Wands and Empress can say ‘all those richly talented women’ or ‘all the sexy women.’ Four of Wands and World can say all those women are unavailable, or all those superior gals.




Seven of Pentacles ponders, asks himself, contemplates, is unsure, wonders why or wonders whether, guesses, considers …. Questions are being asked here such as: isn’t that, should he, could he, is that why, who would think, what does, maybe you should, how could. It seems, and then there’s … I don’t know … somehow. And that is why the illustration is the fellow leaning on his shovel wondering whether his labor will be rewarded with fruit – whether he will have cucumbers, whether the plants are opposite genders.



Four of Wands marries, lives with, is family, is the relatives, is a leading family (or the family’s standing in the community) and therefore ‘marries well.’ It is a company or organization or the people associated, or the influential people. This concept is pictured in the Rider Waite Tarot system as a wedding uniting wealthy families in a community.



Empress … rich, beautiful, sexy, is a glamor figure or sexpot or slut or trophy woman, has an easy life, is easygoing, is spoiled, is doing well – is even pregnant. What do you expect of a fertility goddess, which is what her illustration is about? So that brings in abundance: She has much to contribute, is top talent, is wealthy. An aspect she represents once in a while is ‘comfortable.’



World also has a beautiful body and is top talent and prominent and an achiever. But hold the sexy stuff, the wealth, and the abundance growing out of the fertility theme: World is untouchable and incomparable, has no faults, things don’t get to her, she is a virtuous dame not a sexpot, she has nothing in common with … anything. She pays no attention, she does not care or ‘does not care to be with,’ she is in a class by herself, she shuts (everything and everyone) out and is nothing like … anything.


This Rider Waite Tarot card has many general applications, such as – in engineering and such – being a barrier or filter, such as ruling out … whatever, such as having no connection to … whatever.


World is a complex card seldom used for its main meaning, which is that a spiritually adept person is ‘master of both worlds,’ so that the unsavory entities avoid it, and it therefore goes unchallenged in this world or the next. That is what the weird illustration is all about.


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