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Guidance     Our story compares a wife’s skillfully dealing with both Grandpa and Husband in a potential or actual conflict to a middle manager dealing with both headquarters and Labor in the local project. Strategy is to finesse the situation with grace, to sidestep a conflict that comes natural to the territory. Part of Being Type A is dealing with others like yourself without butting heads in an unseemly fashion.


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King of Wands, Strength, Queen of Wands



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Husband and Wife (King of Wands and Queen of Wands)

Tarot Readings: His Ownership Position (King of Wands and Emperor)

Tarot Readings: She Deals with the Higher-ups (Queen of Wands and Emperor)

Tarot Readings: Federal Regulations are Interfering (Strength and Emperor)


Tarot Readings: Husband and Wife (King of Wands and Queen of Wands)

A Type A man and Type A woman are husband and wife.


Husband is boss of the world and his wife is boss of their home.


His wife makes sure her husband is a powerful man.


She handles her husband’s father diplomatically, even in her own house.


Her husband and her father are both tyrannical men but the Wife can do this gracefully.


He and his father leave solving these problems to the Wife; this is her forte.


Husband is established and his wife has overcome her struggles.



Tarot Readings: His Ownership Position (King of Wands and Emperor)

She and her husband are partners with the owner, also known as Grandpa.


His wife’s role in his ownership position is to prevent opposition to him.


Getting the project done is his business and he is a master at it. His wife handles whatever gets in the way of that.


Tarot Readings: She Deals with the Higher-ups (Queen of Wands and Emperor)

She makes peace between labor at her level of management and headquarters.


She uses her influence skillfully with the edgy older man who is at the peak of the pyramid.


He and she as a management team exert the influence of the establishment carefully.


He is the hands-on end of the project, frustrated with higher-ups; she is the officer who deals with their conflict smoothly.



Tarot Readings: Federal Regulations are Interfering (Strength and Emperor)

Her role is to deal with trigger-happy federal regulators.


Federal regulators have a death grip on the Mom and Pop business.


The federal government is interfering in Mr. and Mrs.’ business.


He is angry and frustrated about federal regulations imposed on him and his wife.


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King of Wands, Strength, Queen of Wands




We continue our theme. King of Wands and Queen of Wands are Mr. and Mrs. This is true of all King-Queen pairs of the same suit, but especially of this suit, because these are the Rider Waite Tarot cards that particularly refer to the word ‘husband’ and the word ‘wife.’


Queen of Wands is also the manager, in business or any arena. King of Wands in business is the hands-on person, labor, and/or the angry frustrated edgy dude. He is the workingman, and the commoner or ‘man with the common touch.’


Between these two cards is Strength: The woman who diplomatically handles a conflict and solves a problem, who uses her influence to smoothly accomplish a purpose without a ripple. Deft is a good word for her touch.


Then we have Emperor. He is the ultimate authority in business – headquarters, the owner. He is Grandpa in family life. He is the controlling old dude, potentially, wherever he shows up – so of course he is the federal government, is whatever sits on top of any power pyramid. He also stands in for the Establishment, and for being rigid (if not ossified, at times).


What you see at a glance in this spread is husband and wife (King and Queen of Wands) and Grandpa (Emperor), with the woman preventing conflict. Since Queen of Wands is the manager per se, we extend this scenario into business, so the woman is keeping the ‘powers that be’ from interfering with the hands-on physical operation.





King of Wands in business is the hands-on person, labor, and/or the angry frustrated edgy dude. In family life, he is the husband, sometimes the father. The Rider Waite illustration for him shows a frustrated-looking man with the symbols of a fiery nature, gripping a big stick and having his other hand in sort of a fist. This is daddy on a bad day, husband mad.



Strength is a person we could use more of. She is determined to get a difficult situation solved and determined to get a difficult person to cooperate. She uses her influence strategically to accomplish her purpose. She is shown with the symbol of eternity (ever-repeating cycle, mathematical symbol) over her head, white robe with flowers, subduing a lion who would like to roar but has to purr because of her deft touch.



Queen of Wands in business is the manager. In family life, she is Mama, the woman who runs the house efficiently and has her rules. She is shown in Rider Waite with that nurse look on her face, a flower in one hand and a board in the other.



Emperor is the autocratic power person you have to deal with in his sphere of influence at your own risk. He represents such power centers as the federal government, Grandpa, the owner of the business. His picture in Rider Waite Tarot is the old man with that ‘My way, and now would be good’ look that brooks no input.


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    Ms. Emily, cant afford you but your reading makes perfect sense. Have a blessed and prosperous day and if you will send me some positive energy towards California and direct at me.

    • I just sent off a big package with your name on it. If you look at the tabs up there, one is for email questions at $18.75. It comes with the individual four cards identified, and with their pictures. Sometimes I do more than one spread, depending.
      Feedback on email readings is very enthusiastic.
      You are welcome to try it out if you want. It’s PayPal, so I don’t have your credit card info or your contact info. You can even be anonymous, as far as my reading is concerned, and you don’t have to give name or birthday for the person or persons you inquire about.

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