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Guidance     About cheating in marriage. The main point is adamantly expressed that he and she are equally likely to wreck the marriage through sexual outside interests. Nevertheless the emphasis seems to be on the temptress or hussy – in the same way humans all over the world habitually think of the woman as the offender. Risk to property values is expressed by the same cards that speak of marital infidelity!


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Ten of Swords – Four of Wands – Two of Cups




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Tarot Readings: Who Cheated on Marriage (Four of Wands and Two of Cups)

Tarot Readings: The Glamorous House (Four of Wands and Empress)


Tarot Readings: Who Cheated on Marriage (Four of Wands and Two of Cups)

Marriage fails because she is sexually cheating.


Marriage fails because of cheating with a sexy dame.


The licentious spouse betrays her marriage with a lover.


He betrays his marriage with a licentious sexpot.


So sorry he cheated on his most beautiful spouse.


So sorry she cheated on her spouse with a lover.


Her married lover devastates or humiliates her.


The gorgeous dame who is Husband’s lover devastates or humiliates him.


Loses her spouse to the hussy he is cheating with.


Loses his beautiful spouse when she cheats.


In her love life, she is the homewrecker.


His marriage is wrecked when the hussy seduces him.



Tarot Readings: The Glamorous House (Four of Wands and Empress)

Hidden defects are in this glamorous house.


Her dream house is sucking up her considerable money.


Such a comfortable house for her but it is a terrible effect on her love life.


The house in a good neighborhood makes her feel rich but its effect is ruinous.


Her compromising love life allows her to afford the wealthier neighborhood.


That woman’s sex life devalues the neighborhood!



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Ten of Swords – Four of Wands – Two of Cups





How strange that this spread is about cheating on a marriage and is so arranged that every way you can say the guy cheats also means the gal does.


Four of Wands – I have a feeling you know by now if you come here regularly and lately – is the main marriage card. It also means Establishment and a good neighborhood and a house. That is all of its meanings we are into today anyway. Today it is adjunct to Ten of Swords. Ten of Swords is a dismal card of devastating loss and betrayal. Ruinous – hence “homewrecker.”

Two of Cups is cheating of any kind – any kind of misrepresentation or con or making use of someone you know. It represents the lover – especially the illicit lover. It even can mean prostitution. Today it is adjunct the sexy dame or seductress – the good looking gal. So today she is likely to be the temptress.




Ten of Swords you hate to see coming. It is a dismal card of devastating failure, loss and betrayal. A person lies face down with ten swords in his or her back: done in. It means betrayal as well as humiliation and terrible total loss.



Four of Wands So what is so terribly lost or ruined or devastated? A home. A marriage. A neighborhood. That is what the illustration depicts as it shows a marriage ceremony between two scions of society.


Two of Cups is cheating of any kind – any kind of misrepresentation or making use ofsomeone you know. It represents the lover – especially the illicit lover. It even can mean prostitution. The lovers shown in the illustration are announcing their engagement but there is a bad spirit overshadowing their union. The bad spirit is represented boldly by the caduceus above and between them. (No, this is not a card of undying love on the part of both parties!)




Empress derives from fertility goddesses. This spectrum of meanings – in our Western moral concepts – is contradictory. Back then, it was not. So Empress is both the ideal woman and the slut, both the beloved and the whore. She is definitely gorgeous and sexy-looking. She is definitely talented and has much to contribute. She is definitely the sexpot and the glamorous seductress. The illustration of a blone beauty sitting upon fine cushions in the fertile outdoors expresses all of the above. Oh, and she can also be pregnant.


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  1. Marisa

    Makes me question things

    • It does, doesn’t it? Not every day is directed at every visitor. Often, there are sentences that detour from the main avenue of messages, that may apply to visitors who are not in the mainstream that day.

  2. Lori

    Well, I’d like to believe my ex is sorry he cheated and left. Maybe a walk in the cool fall air will do me good 🙂

    • Ha-ha. Give me his phone number. I’ll call him up and say “I’m Lori’s psychic. I’ve been telling her you are sick and sorry about all the cheating you did before you cruelly abandoned her. Have I been right or not?” You can be on the other line, muted of course!

      A walk will definitely spruce you up.

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