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Guidance     is on the light side today. It’s about pretty girls and competition. It’s about hard work and being comfortable. It points out that being a beautiful dame is work – that women compete in unofficial beauty contests all the time. Having people say you are the good-looking one is worth an effort to some of us. And some fellows go with one trophy woman after another in a beauty contest of their own.


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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Effort About Looking Good (Five of Wands and Empress)

Tarot Readings: Back to the Beautiful Woman (Judgment and Empress)

Tarot Reading: Girl on the Job (Eight of Pentacles and Empress)

Tarot Readings: Working Hard and Fighting (Eight of Pentacles and Five of Wands)


Tarot Readings: Effort About Looking Good (Five of Wands and Empress)

Hard work getting your good looks back.


She is beautiful again, she worked at it too.


Make this big effort just so people will keep saying you are good-looking.


Construction workers let her know she is sexy.


With regular exercise, you are as beautiful as you were.



Tarot Readings: Back to the Beautiful Woman (Judgment and Empress)

Making every effort to get back with his best girl.


It’s hard work getting back with the pretty ones.


He keeps fighting with that spoiled girl again.


He keeps telling her she is beautiful – he tries.


It’s one trophy woman after another with him, like he is competing.



Tarot Reading: Girl on the Job (Eight of Pentacles and Empress)

They are vocal about being against women on their job.


She is back to taking it easy on the job, let them compete.


Coworkers are fighting but she is as laid back as she was.


The glamor business is as competitive as it ever was.


She is working on one beauty contest after another.



Tarot Readings: Working Hard and Fighting (Eight of Pentacles and Five of Wands)

Opened his big mouth about the fight with the girl at work.


Everybody at work fights with her about what she says.


You work hard and and go home to a cozy woman.


She worked hard and has a new life that is comfortable.


They say he has one fight after another with his woman.


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Eight of Pentacles – Five of Wands – Judgment





Eight of Pentacles and Judgment: The closest we come to a theme is Eight of Pentacles does mean repetitive, and Judgment does mean to do it a second time … but that’s not really repetitive, just a re-do.


The first two cards classically mean hard work: Eight of Pentacles as work or employment and Five of Wands as exertion. Five of Wands means to compete or competition as well – hence the beauty contest. It is a fight too, and Eight of Pentacles makes it one fight after another, and/or a fight at work. With Eight of Pentacles meaning a steady routine, and Five of Wands can be exercise, you get ‘regular exercise’ with the two of them.


Empress is obviously the gorgeous dame. She is also spoiled. She is also cozy, laid back, easygoing. She is well off sometimes too. Put Empress and Five of Wands together, and you have these phrases: an effort to look beautiful (Five of Wands is an effort), a beauty competition (Five of Wands is a competition), a fight with his woman, being against women, making an effort re a beautiful woman.


Nothing deep or complex about today’s story.






Eight of Pentacles is work, workingman, repetitive actions – keeps doing. A carpenter at his bench is making one identical object after another, working away at it.



Five of Wands is exertion, exercise, fighting, putting in an effort, energetic action – or any activity. It is competing and competition too. Five guys are out in the sun whacking one another with boards.



Judgment means again. It means to return or to go back to. It also means to recover or revive but not today so much. She gets her looks back today is all. The idea of returning to the former condition or having a new life is depicted by people on resurrection day getting out of their coffins. From the angel’s horn that wakes the dead and makes a big announcement comes the ‘say’ and ‘tell’ meanings.



Empress is the good looking gal and that’s about all today – although she is cozy and laid back as well. Her illustration shows her lounging about outdoors on lots of cushions, wealth and fertility symbols around her. She could be pregnant because she is, after all, the fertility goddesses.


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  1. Lori

    Had to bite my tongue a couple times this week…

  2. “There would be days like that, my mama said.” – a song. Today’s messages, a lot of them, suggest it’s envy of good looks.

  3. Anna

    Yeah, everybody has a chip on their shoulders this week, I just need to keep my mouth shut 🙂

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