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Guidance      Uncertainty exists in your heart, whether the situation is iffy or not, when you depend on another to supply you something.  The benefactor may not come through, or maybe you will end up refusing the favor.  Doubt your fears when you fear you can’t handle something …  Don’t second-guess your handling of a terrible thing.  If you don’t doubt yourself, you can do scary things. Today’s messages are about worry and doubt as factors in a situation, and the underlying idea is to be aware of this in such a way we are not controlled by it, but have some kind of a grip on the factors.


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Seven of Pentacles

Nine of Swords – Queen of Pentacles – Four of Cups



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Headings [So you can choose which belong to you]

Tarot Readings: Doubting your Fears (Nine of Swords and Seven of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: I Can, But I’m Not Going to (Queen of Pentacles and Four of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Don’t Worry (Nine of Swords and Four of Cups)



Tarot Readings: Doubting your Fears (Nine of Swords and Seven of Pentacles)

Don’t second-guess your handling of a terrible thing.

Doubt your fears when you fear you can’t handle something.

Why worry that you don’t have an ability?

You don’t need to wonder and worry how to do it.  Just do it:  You can.

Where you worry that you cannot deal with some thing, that is the place to invest your doubt.


Tarot Readings: I Can, But I’m Not Going to (Queen of Pentacles and Four of Cups)

Just because you can do it doesn’t mean to do it if you have a bad feeling about it.

If you are that anxious and uncertain, don’t spend your money on it.

Just because you can be that way doesn’t mean you should if it makes you feel bad.


Tarot Readings: Don’t Worry (Nine of Swords and Four of Cups)

Why not give him something to worry about?


Why is he afraid to say ‘no’ to this backer?


Had no idea that lady could do that.  Now maybe (I am) concerned about this.


No need to worry about it if she is the one taking care of it.


This is an iffy investment but she doesn’t lose sleep over it.


She doesn’t doubt you or stew over giving you the money.


She’s afraid not to do it but isn’t sure she can do it.


If you don’t doubt yourself, you can do scary things.


She is afraid that maybe she can’t make the payment.


Nothing unnerves her like wondering how to accomplish this one.


Nothing scares her but she isn’t so sure about how to take care of this one.


If you refuse to let her help, then you can just cry over it.


She paid for it and now is concerned it won’t go through.


Does she have the money to not worry about this one?


He won’t let her pay because he is worried that she might doubt him.


“If only I didn’t have to have a caretaker.” – this upsets him.


He refuses to worry about whether she will give him the money.


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Seven of Pentacles

Nine of Swords – Queen of Pentacles – Four of Cups






Nine of Swords and Seven of Pentacles are the ‘Wonder and Worry Team.’  Just look at their drawings:  Someone is up nights crying, and someone is leaning on his shovel wondering about how his crop will turn out. Anxiety and uncertainty.


Queen of Pentacles is the giving woman, the woman who takes care – usually of her husband and his affairs or estate. She has an ability or talent; she is the one who takes (devoted, usually) care; she is the backer or supporter; she is sometimes a bookkeeper or an investor. She has money or is associated in some way with money, frequently.


Four of Cups is ‘It doesn’t go through.’  It means to refuse or to decline. So Four of Cups and Queen of Pentacles talk about her refusing to take care, refusing to pay, or perhaps he won’t respond to her. Something may not be happening with Four of Cups and Seven of Pentacles, which can also say ‘Why not?’.


This spread is another example of how a negator card – in this case Four of Cups – can produce different contradictory meanings. Don’t let that drive you crazy. Remember, in a ‘real’ reading the question or the nearby card supplies these distinctions.


Today’s messages are about worry and doubt as factors in a situation, and the underlying idea is to be aware of this in such a way we are not controlled by it, but have some kind of a grip on the factors.




Nine of Swords is up nights – fear – worry – concern – a terrible thing – a bad feeling – stew over – scary things – unnerves – cry over it – be upset. See the picture of the dude or dudess up nights crying?  Speaks for itself.



Queen of Pentacles takes care.  The Matriarch.  She is the female extension of Emperor, the Patriarch.  (Empress is very busy doing other things.)  She supports – usually her man and his business.  She is capable. She has the ability.  She has the money.  She is a powerful woman wherever she is placed – even in a ghetto.  In her illustration, she has her hands on the money – fertility symbols surround her – the plants are growing and there’s a bunny.



Four of Cups refuses and it does not go through.  No way.  Huh-hunh.  I am not going to,  I don’t have to, I don’t want to, I don’t believe it.  No response, does not reciprocate, and, no, he isn’t calling. Body posture totally closed,  looking down with arms crossed as yet another cup is proffered. What part of ‘no’ do you not understand?



Seven of Pentacles is about ‘if.’ It is one of the cards that invites the reader to put the information as a question.  Seven of Pentacles second guesses and wonders and doubts and is not so sure as he leans on his shovel wondering whether he will have cucumbers in the Fall.


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  1. Sushi

    The first few lines about uncertainty depending something being supplied someone else really hit home for me. Been sitting on pins and needles all weekend to find out whether a line of credit I applied for on Thursday will come through. If it does, I’m in the clear I can sell my home and leave town to go be with the love of my life. If it doesn’t I lose my home to back taxes and I’m stuck here.

    • Seven of Swords
      King of Pentacles – Three of Wands – Chariot

      Looks to me like the decision-maker causes your ship (money) to come in due to some sort of risk management consideration, as if the organization or agency in charge of this sees some adverse consequence to itself.

      You can call me if you want more details.

  2. sonia

    Hi Emily, I fear the reading is incomplete as two of the all topics are not explained,only over one topic is described.Thanks anyway.

    • Hmmm. Some glitch there. When I put the material in, it did not pick up the double spacing. Well, at least the material is there. Thank you for telling me.
      Weird things happen in this process. The spacing problems (both vertical and horizontal) are persistent.

  3. Anna

    This is huge job I’ve been assigned to, don’t know if I can get it done in the weeks allotted, it’s iffy but I’m not going to bring the worry home with me at night.

    • Maybe Tarot has some pointers.
      Four cards say you make a victory for the team, that everyone will be happy, celebrating with you.
      Three of Cups
      Lovers – Ace of Swords – Four of Wands

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