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Guidance      In this uneasy situation, it seems to be up to a woman to finesse a settlement that all sides agree to. Everyone in the meeting is worried and wonders whether she has a solution. (I hear the Beatles singing ‘We can work it out.’) Are we really going to live up to our end of the agreement? You are called upon to be a diplomat.  And in a personal relationship, she just takes the lead because he is so uneasy and doesn’t know why.


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Page of Cups

Nine of Wands – Strength – Three of Pentacles




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Tarot Readings: Her Influence in Our Relationship (Strength and Three of Pentacles)

Tarot Reading: Pressured to Deal with This (Nine of Wands and Three of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Her Influence in Our Relationship (Strength and Three of Pentacles)

Shall you wait or shall you be proactive in the relationship?


He is nervous when she somehow gets him to do his part.


What kind of a relationship is he in, that she has this affect on him?


He suspects she has undue influence on him that he is agreeing to defensively.


Why is our relationship so strained that she takes the lead?


Can she handle an affair like this? – she is uneasy about it.


She does not seem to be as pushy as he feels she is in their affair.


How can she handle the pressure of this triangle?


She is uneasy because she may be involved in a bisexual relationship.


She somehow gets him to do any darn thing she wants him to as if it were his fair share.



Tarot Reading: Pressured to Deal with This (Nine of Wands and Three of Pentacles)

Concerned about what kind of a deal we are doing here:  Do we have a grip on things?


The three of them are up to something again, and you are not about to let them get away with whatever it is.


It’s embarrassing the way she can get us together and pressure us to agree.


Once we figure out how to make a profit, we have things under control.


She is under pressure to find a way that is fair to each of us, and we have no idea what that might be.


What kind of a scary deal has she taken it upon herself to get us into?


Nervous and uncertain about meeting these people and handling that situation.


How come she is doing the best deals?  He feels very uneasy.


How can I handle my nerves at these meetings?


She is under pressure to chair the meetings somehow.


She is the one who knows this kind of transaction; it is strange territory to him.


Why won’t she let us come to our own agreement instead of asserting herself like that?


She is the one who handles that so well, so why are we involved?


How come we all have to be involved in working this out when she is the one who knows what to do?



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Page of Cups

Nine of Wands – Strength – Three of Pentacles




Nine of Wands is uneasy about what may happen next; Page of Cups is uncertain and feels awkward. Both Nine of Wands and Page of Cups are feeling inadequate to their situations.


Nine of Wands is under pressure, apprehensive of another attack. Strength is preventing an attack by a would-be aggressor.


Strength is the solution to a problem or obstacle; Three of Pentacles is settling up an issue by coming to agreement. Both are about fixing a difficulty. Three of Pentacles is about coming to agreement, and Strength is someone who exerts influence toward resolution of a difficulty. So we see a picture of a woman taking assertive charge at a meeting.


Nine of Wands is apprehensive (nervous, uneasy, feeling pressured, things are scary around here); Page of Cups is uncertain and feeling out of his element and awkward. These two are guy cards. Strength is using influence to make the situation the way it should be. It is a girl card. This is a picture of a woman firmly and diplomatically taking charge where the others are anxious and uncertain. Three of Pentacles makes that a business meeting. And since Three of Pentacles is also relationship, we have the woman in a romance taking the lead where the fellow is nervous or insecure.


It seems to be up to a woman to finesse an agreement acceptable to the parties. That is our main message for today.




Nine of Wands You have a feeling “it’s out there and it’s coming to get me” – acold dread something may happen like that again. Here’s a soldier, wounded from a previous assault, still standing his ground, defending his position, expecting the onslaught. He is afraid next time he won’t fend them off. He is under pressure to do something that makes him very uneasy.



Strength can handle this.  She knows just how to finesse the situation, to make it purr when it has potential to roar.  She stands for a similar concept that we explained for World just past. Being spiritually adept helps a person in dicey situations.  She is holding the mouth that wants to roar, petting the lion who came to attack her.  He has fallen under her charm, her strength of character.



Three of Pentacles shows a real estate closing of sorts:  The architect who built the place is finally about to collect his last big draw, and this is the final inspection by the owners.  Three people are often involved in this meeting, especially if it is business.  This is one of the reliable cards, anchor cards, because it so frequently says ‘relationship’ or ‘deal.’ Three of Pentacles is working out an agreement that is fair to all concerned in a face-to-face meeting. It is each party actually performing that fair share too. It also talks about a contract, negotiation, and legal settlement or legal proceeding.



Page of Cups Feeling like a misfit, are you? – out of place, awkward, dressed inappropriately for this occasion? Page of Cups is feeling uncomfortable in a strange place or uncertain situation. “I don’t get it – huh?” Duh. Somebody is a weirdo. This idea is depicted by a fellow dressed in women’s clothes who carries a fish around in a big cup.

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