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Guidance     Questions. Questions are where we are at these days. This is how quite a few of us feel regarding situations around us. No action involved, just a lot of questions being asked to ourselves. Subtleties sparkling between the lines in the mud. You feel you can’t just not-know and wonder about so many things. And don’t you be thinking so many things ‘can’t be done’ because that’s silly. Doubt your doubts. Ask yourself: Why can’t each and every writing be suspect?


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People love this place! Our site is divided into four sections: Guidance, Tarot Readings, Learn Tarot by Observation, and Learn Tarot by Pictures.

If you just want your daily look ahead, Guidance and Tarot Readings are all you need. ‘Guidance’ (above) is a summary of what the cards are telling visitors to be aware of this day.


‘Group Tarot Cards Reading’ (just below this) is the actual word-for-word messages to everyone. These readings are about you and the people around you.  They are about today and the days around it. So, go ahead and pick the sentences you feel are yours and decide whether to encourage or reject them for yourself.


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Page of Cups

Eight of Swords – Seven of Pentacles – Eight of Wands




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Things That Can’t Be Done (Eight of Swords and Eight of Wands)

Tarot Readings: How Much More Ridiculous Can it Get? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)

Tarot Readings: How Quickly? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Locked, Stuck, Impasse, Stymied, Contained, Boxed in (Eight of Swords)

Tarot Readings: How many? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)


Tarot Readings: Things That Can’t Be Done (Eight of Swords and Eight of Wands)

Don’t you be thinking so many things can’t be done:  That’s silly.


There seem to be a lot of things we can’t do, don’t there?


Can you just tell them we think that can’t be done?


What do you mean, ‘We can’t ask them those questions.’?


Whuddya mean I can’t? – I am thinking up all the ways …


Every time you are thinking you can’t, doubt that.


When you just can’t figure it out, ask a lot of questions.


You can’t just not know and wonder about all these things.



Tarot Readings: How Much More Ridiculous Can it Get? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)

How much more ridiculous can it get? – It can’t.


Why can’t each and every one of these writings be silly?


Why can’t each and every document be suspect?


Why can’t each and every one of those people be idiots?


You can’t do that many stupid things in a row, can you?



Tarot Readings: How Quickly? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)

How quickly can you just quit wondering about it?


That’s coming to a stop pretty fast.  Did I figure it right?


How quickly do you think we can lock it/him up?


It seems as if it were a quick death.


You can’t say that many dumb things that fast, can you?


You can’t do that many stupid things in that time, can you?



Tarot Readings: Locked, Stuck, Impasse, Stymied, Contained, Boxed in (Eight of Swords)

It’s anybody’s guess how long the fool will be locked up for that.


We are figuring out “How quickly can that be contained?”


Wondering about this many things must mean I am stuck.


It looks like it’s fast coming to an impasse, doesn’t it?


Ask them questions when it seems you are stymied.


It’s grinding to a halt and we can only wonder about it.


Doubt each and every one of the uncertainties that hold you back.



Tarot Readings: How many? (Eight of Wands and Page of Cups)

Looks like it jammed how many times now?


I suppose we won’t know the number of casualties,  will we?


How many times have we asked “Why?” to no avail?


How many times now does it seem there’s just no way?


I guess we aren’t going to know how many are in the box.


Ask about what all those things in the safe are.



Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim™ thing works? If so,


*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Tarot Readings – the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the messages.


*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.


You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim™ works.


This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.


Page of Cups

Eight of Swords – Seven of Pentacles – Eight of Wands




Seven of Pentacles and Page of Cups are the two cards that instruct the reader to put the sentence in question form. (I call them the ‘duh’ cards.) They both mean “I dunno. Huh? Duh? I wonder. What if?” Seven of Pentacles means doubt – a main meaning. Page of Cups means silly, weird, awkward, ridiculous, funny-looking, and humor.

The other two cards also lack action, and also lack person (no gender identified):

Eight of Swords is locked up, unable, tied up, stymied, dead, can’t, contained, prevented, blocked from action.

Eight of Wands means: quickly, fast, many, one after the other, more and more, increasingly, all of them, a list, and talk or words or communication, including written communication and documents.

So Eight of Swords and Eight of Wands is a list of things that can’t be done, is being unable to do something (or things) quickly, and is things you can’t talk about, things locked in a safe – is even news of a death.

With two cards in our spread meaning identical things, you get repeats when one of those substitutes for the other. So Seven of Pentacles and Eight of Swords say ‘can’t question’ or ‘can’t doubt’ just as easily as Page of Cups and Eight of Swords say that.

When you add it all up, our message from Tarot today is: “Doubt your doubts; question everything. Who knows?; keep an open mind.”






Eight of Swords has a narrow band of meanings, so it is one of what I call ‘anchor cards: You look to it first for the direction of the message.  Illustration shows a blindfolded and loosely bound woman in a swamp surrounded by weapons, head bent and hands behind back.  Pretty plain.  It means things like:  can’t, limited, contained, blocked, halt or halted, gridlock, tied, death or casualty, stymied, locked (in or out), unable, disabled.


Seven of Pentacles is one of the ‘Duh’ cards – my word for it. Its main meanings are wonder, uncertain/uncertainty, doubt and ‘doubt about the outcome,’ to puzzle – things that make a person insecure.  Illustrated by leaning on your shovel wondering whether you are going to get any cucumbers from your plants you are tending.



Eight of Wands has few meanings and is therefore an ‘anchor card,’ which means you look at it for early indication of your spread’s message.  The illustration shows arrows flying in the air one after the other in a quick burst. Its phrases are about numbers of things, amounts of things, counting, increasing, more and more, and fast or quickly.



Page of Cups echoes Seven of Pentacles’ uncertainty, doubt, wonderment, puzzlement. It adds these phrases too: ridiculous, dumb or silly, idiot. It too brings up “Why?” as a question and suggests the sentence be put in question form. Its illustration is a dumb-looking fellow dressed in women’s attire and carrying a fish in a cup.


Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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  1. Mary

    11/7. I was looking for the meanings of eight of wands paired with the page of cups. A lot of silliness. It’s a good fit. The end of a silly, ridiculous situation. Thanks.

    • People who use this site as a reference when they are doing Tarot for themselves say the system I discovered works for them too. THAT is a huge victory – yay!

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