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 Guidance     I have to do things right the first time to succeed against the odds. When I succeed the first time, well, I have to do it right the second time too. The challenge could be in my love life, my business life, my internal life … any arena whatsoever. There’s a price for success, and, then, there comes a time when I name a price for what I am doing because I am worth that now. The hard part in some endeavors comes after I qualify as a candidate.


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Seven of Wands

Ace of Pentacles – Magician – Judgment



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Make Himself (Magician and Seven of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Financial Struggle (Ace of Pentacles and Seven of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Succeed at Getting It Done (Ace of Pentacles and Magician)

Tarot Readings: Break Through the Block (Judgment and Seven of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Saying How Right I Am (Ace of Pentacles and Judgment


Tarot Readings: Make Himself (Magician and Seven of Wands)

This guy is coming back and doing the right thing in spite of himself!


Being faced with a challenge in which your success is against the odds makes you do things for the first time.


He goes back to make it perfect this time, no matter what.


Making myself act just right the second time around.


Next time he is going to make himself do it right.


Push yourself to do it again perfectly.


Being told that doing it the hard way is the right way.



Tarot Readings: Financial Struggle (Ace of Pentacles and Seven of Wands)

It’s a struggle to make one more payment.


Insist on a raise. What you are doing is worth a lot more.


It’s hard to name a price for doing (that).


It’s difficult, but you make a large sum of money quickly.


The big news is: having the money to get started with a big push.


It’s news that he was that aggressive to make that much money.



Tarot Readings: Succeed at Getting It Done (Ace of Pentacles and Magician)

The first time you do something it is more difficult. The second time, you succeed.


His sudden success is against all the odds.


Win the competition and make yourself a whole new life.


It’s a challenge to do that but the reward is immediate.


You get publicity (glory) when you do something so against the odds.


Succeed at getting started in a whole new challenge.


The best way to ‘get ‘er done’ is to barrel through, he said.



Tarot Readings: Break Through the Block (Judgment and Seven of Wands)

Get back on the road that you started on, that was blocked.


It says ‘No entrance’ on that road, but you break through anyway.


Getting word that you are accepted, and now begins the hard part.



Tarot Readings: Saying How Right I Am (Ace of Pentacles and Judgment)

He defends his position – declares what he is doing is right.


They have a whole new defense for saying what they are doing is right.


Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Tarot Readings – the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the messages.

*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim™ works.

This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.



Seven of Wands

Ace of Pentacles – Magician – Judgment




Doing what it takes to break through the blocks and succeed. That’s what this says to the immediate observer.

Magician is ‘doing.’ Here, Magician (or he) is doing what it takes.

Judgment is breakthrough or breaking through

Seven of Wands is the block.

Ace of Pentacles is success, to succeed.



Both Magician and Judgment refer to a start. Magician is to start, to begin, to do for the first time, to bring something about … generally to do or make. Judgment is a new phase, a new life. Judgment suggest a re-start, though – more doing something for the second time than the first. So Magician and Judgment together mean ‘Do it again’ or redo.



Ace of Pentacles is the road; Seven of Wands is the block. Together, they suggest succeeding where there is a block. Ace of Pentacles and Seven of Wands also say ‘success against the odds’ because Ace of Pentacles, as you know by now, is success, and Seven of Wands is ‘against the odds,’ as you can see from the picture there. By the way, it is assumed in this illustration that Seven of Wands does win the struggle he is in.



Magician and Seven of Wands are both males who are engaged in an effort. Magician is doing something, and Seven of Wands is resisting something. In a spread, Seven of Wands could be against doing something, or against what is being done.




Ace of Pentacles Illustration shows the straight and narrow path, the lilies in front and the roses in the rear, the hand with the money in it suspended above the path: This is the perfect ‘Prosperity Theology’ illustration.  Perfect success in hand, the reward of money in possession, the right anything, the road, success, the price or the worth … Let’s just list all the phrases for this card that has so many different ones today:

right thing


just right


worth a lot more

a price


large sum of money



that much money

having the money to

you get __ for it


the best way

the right way

the road …that you started on




you succeed


Magician  does. He is the male, the male principle.  Action.  There he is with the tools of his trade on the table, making something happen (or not happen) with his brandished wand.  His main phrases are any form of the ‘do’ or ‘make’ verb you can imagine.  To initiate, inaugurate, begin or start belongs to him too.  He also stands for a reference to ‘he’ in any way.  ‘Myself’ is another of his words.  Here are today’s phrases for him:

This guy … doing

make it

making myself act

to make

what you are doing

what he is doing

what they are doing

making myself


what we are doing


make yourself

do that

to make

to get started with

to do it

doing it

that you started

you did break?

getting started

now begins

the first time you do something


Judgment also begins or inaugurates a new phase, but it rather means a redo of anything, since the illustration shows the resurrection.  The resurrection is a sudden unexpected event, so there ya go:  Its meaning embraces suddenness and ‘unexpected’ too.

Yes, this is one of the Middle Ages cards that was in the deck to deflect criticism of the religious.  It especially means to come back, to return.  The angel’s trumpet is announcing, so there you go:  It means to announce, to say, to declare, publicity – that sort of thing.  Here are the phrases it makes today:

coming back

goes back to

the second time around

one more

insist on



name a


name a


a whole new life


big news


do (it) again

he said

being told

get back on

it said

started in a whole new

getting word that

the second time



Seven of Wands defends himself in the struggle, defends his position against them all, against all the odds, no matter what, in spite of himself.  It’s difficult but he is aggressive enough to make himself do it.  Here is a fellow whose neighbors have come against him to intrude on his property, who got only one shoe on, he was so taken by surprise.  But there he is fighting them, and the presumption is that he wins.  Here are the today phrases this Seven of Wands gives rise to:

in spite of himself

no matter what

making myself

it’s a struggle

insist on

he defends his position


making myself

against all odds

It’s hard to

It’s difficult

the competition



the big push

against the odds

push yourself

barrel through

the hard way

that was blocked

break through


the hard part

more difficult


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