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Guidance The status of being a legal wife is one main theme today: the stress over getting a wife, getting to be a wife, wanting to be a married woman, worrying about your woman wanting to marry … all that. A man who worries about making his wife happy in their marriage, about her having the things she wants and deserves (Where is he?). Other men want her house, and don’t want another man to make her happy. Her owning the house in her name, her getting the house in court: That’s another theme today.


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Nine of Swords – Queen of Wands – Nine of Cups



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Married Woman (Queen of Wands and Justice)

Tarot Readings: Stresses About Being or Having a Wife (Nine of Swords and Queen of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Worries About a Lawsuit (Nine of Swords and Justice)

Tarot Readings: House of Her Dreams (Queen of Wands and Nine of Cups)


Tarot Readings: Married Woman (Queen of Wands and Justice)

He worries about making his wife happy in their marriage.


He wants his wife to have all the things she deserves; he stresses over this.


She so wants to be a married woman that it haunts her.


He is upset: He really does want to get legally married to her.


Wants to legally marry her but is afraid to.


She wants to be his wife and he fears the legal thing.


This is the woman he really wants to be married to.  He is nervous about this.


She has everything she wants already, marriage would only upset her.


His woman wants to marry him:  This is scary to him.


Women whose dream is to be Mrs. get on his last nerve.



Tarot Readings: Stresses About Being or Having a Wife (Nine of Swords and Queen of Wands)

It’s scary what his wife feels entitled to and wants.


He is afraid his wife will get what she is entitled to.


Wife is satisfied with the marriage that is his bad dream.


He is afraid she will be the wife (‘on paper’) of someone who gives her happiness.


The legal marriage she wishes for could be her nightmare.



Tarot Readings: Worries About a Lawsuit (Nine of Swords and Justice)

Worried that the woman in the lawsuit is going to get exactly what she wants.


This lawsuit is a nightmare to him:  That woman is getting exactly what she wants.


Am afraid she will get satisfaction in court.


He wants to sue that woman but worries about it.



Tarot Readings: House of Her Dreams (Queen of Wands and Nine of Cups)

The house she really wants comes with a legal headache.


All she ever wanted was a house of her own, legally hers.  Her fears are about this.


She legally owns the house and he agonizes over wanting it for himself.



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Nine of Swords – Queen of Wands – Nine of Cups




Justice and Queen of Wands say ‘legal wife’ or ‘married woman.’ Queen of Wands is the wife (manager of home or business). Justice means ‘legal.’

The other two Rider Waite Tarot cards are Nine of Cups and Nine of Swords: Nine of Cups, ‘your wish is granted’ and Nine of Swords, ‘nightmare’. So we speak of legal marriage (having a wife or being a wife) both as a dream come true and/or as a nightmare. This is our main story today.

Nine of Cups is to want and to get what one wants, to be pleased and satisfied and happy – dream come true. You see the fat fella with the big grin on his face, safunsified. The empties he drained, behind him, make him feel that way.

Nine of Swords is worry, being upset, being sorry, agonizing or stressing over something, fear, nightmare and insomnia. It shows a person sitting upright in the middle of the night, holding his/her head in grief. Together, Nine of Cups and Nine of Swords can say ‘Getting what you want can be a bad dream,’ be careful what you wish for. “The legal marriage she wishes for could be her worst nightmare.”

There’s that story.



Justice is a lawsuit and Queen of Wands is a woman’s house.  Queen of Wands means ‘It’s her house’ and Justice means ‘legally,’ so it’s legally her house. Justice means ‘entitled’ too, so she, the wife or woman in charge of a place, is entitled to – or, especially with Nine of Cups – gets what she is entitled to. Add the worry (Nine of Swords) and the want (Nine of Cups) to that story. Someone is worried she will get what she wants, get what she is entitled to.


Nine of Cups is what you want, or having what you want; Justice is being entitled. Nine of Cups and Justice, you have what you are entitled to, or you get what you are entitled to, or maybe you want what you are entitled to. You might also be entitled to get exactly what you want. You could also get the justice you want. In another context ‘wanted by the police’ is also here, since Justice represents the entire legal industry.


Nine of Cups means ‘satisfaction.’ Satisfaction is a legal term, and we have Justice, which means ‘legal’ here. Legal satisfaction. Nine of Swords, afraid, and Queen of Wands, the woman, make ‘Afraid the woman will get legal satisfaction.’ It would also speak of grief over the wife getting what she wanted in court, probably in a divorce. You see that, right?





Nine of Swords upsets me. I am grieving. I am up nights crying, agonizing over something, so worried I can’t sleep.  It’s a nightmare, a bad dream.  Illustration is, yes, someone sitting up in bed, hands to head, crying and holding the head in that classical pose of stress. Those swords lined up on the wall behind suggest the Damocles story.



Queen of Wands It’s her place, her home, her bailiwick in the company, and she is ‘the wife card.’ She is competent and she is the manager here. Queen of Wands has a sunflower in one hand and a big stick in the other, and she is looking around like a mama or a schoolteacher.



Nine of Cups Oh, we like to see him coming.  This is the Santa Claus card.  You get what you want; your wish is granted.  You are satisfied, happy, pleased.  Illustration is a chubby fella who put the nine large cups he drained on the mantel behind him.  Burp.



Justice Here is half the ‘legal wife ‘ phrase, mainly.  Legal ownership of a house because Queen of Wands is the woman whose place it is.  Justice is the easiest card to read.  It refers to any part of the legal industry – all of ’em.  Illustration shows a robed upright figure with the scales of justice in one hand and the sword of execution in the other.  Does that say ‘law enforcement’ or what? It means ‘entitled’ and ‘entitlement,’ and it means ‘should.’


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  1. Lori

    Yes, I would like to be married and settled in, to a man that wants to make me happy…..totally fits me today 🙂
    Thanks Emily!

    • Wouldn’t that be lovely? I remember how my husband was doing that when he was killed. I wish you the experience.

  2. Kelly

    Many of the sentences in the first grouping “Married woman” fit for me today.
    Underlying feelings about marriage are prevalent for me and could be for him.

    • It’s good to hear from you. Those are good possibilities, Kelly. Wishing you both progress in this process.

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