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Guidance     Two self-sufficient people who have power of their own are in a story together and are associated with something that mustn’t happen. Advice is to not worry about it. We have different scenarios. The woman is taking care of, managing things for, a powerful man or her father. She is so skilled she isn’t supervised. The bookkeeper is concerned about funding, probably from government. You worry about getting your raise. An older man is concerned about his younger loyal wife.


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Four of Cups

Emperor – Queen of Pentacles – Nine of Wands



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: The Boss’ Able Manager (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: The Woman Behind the Man (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Family, Strong Man, Supportive Woman (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Afraid it Won’t (Nine of Wands and Four of Cups)


Tarot Readings: The Boss’ Able Manager (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

He put her in charge because she knows what she is doing and he won’t have to deal with it.


The head person does not supervise her, she is so skilled.


She isn’t afraid of the powerful man, so she is the manager.


She has the authority of the head man you don’t want to stand up against.


His executive secretary does not pressure you.


Don’t make the woman who manages things for the boss uneasy.


The man in charge isn’t tense any more because I take charge of the details.



Tarot Readings: The Woman Behind the Man (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

She is the money behind the big man; he lives in fear of her refusing to fund him.


She isn’t ever nervous around her betters, she is self-sufficient.


She contributes to the politician, so be hesitant about turning her down.


Without her backing, they are afraid they won’t be in power.



Tarot Readings: Family, Strong Man, Supportive Woman (Emperor and Queen of Pentacles)

She babies the old man so he doesn’t get nervous about things.


You can’t intimidate the capo’s woman.


She takes care of her father and supports him so he doesn’t worry about himself.


Mother will give it to me, but I’m afraid Daddy won’t.


If she doesn’t give him money, the old man has to worry.


She sure hopes nothing bad happens to her husband, he is older than she.


He refuses to be old and hangs in there like the strong man he is, for his loyal wife.


He and she are both self-sufficient; they don’t get on one another’s nerves.


She doesn’t have to worry about money because of her old man.



Tarot Readings: Afraid it Won’t (Nine of Wands and Four of Cups)

She is nervous – there’s no way she is skilled enough to have that much authority.


She handles people who are afraid government won’t give them money.


As the bookkeeper, you’re afraid the government won’t fund us.


She is concerned that headquarters won’t approve her raise.


Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Tarot Readings – the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the messages.

*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim™ works.

This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.


Four of Cups

Emperor – Queen of Pentacles – Nine of Wands





We begin with Emperor and Queen of Pentacles, a man and woman who each have power.  He is the ultimate authority in some way, and she backs and supports him in some way. She can also be an assistant, especially a financial assistant, or even a nurse-caretaker to a father or older husband. She is the matriarch of a family, and he is the patriarch.

Emperor can also be federal government or a head of a government or corporate entity at any of its levels.  If you’re talking about janitors, Emperor is the head janitor.  He doesn’t have to be POTUS.

The final two Rider Waite Tarot citizens, Nine of Wands and Four of Cups, taken together, mean ‘afraid it won’t go through.’ Nine of Wands is afraid, nervous, apprehensive – is sweating ‘what if’ out.  Four of Cups is something not going through – is being rejected, or a refusal. Nine of Wands and Four of Cups also read ‘Don’t worry,’ or talk about not being put under pressure or not feeling pressured. Nine of Wands can be ‘somebody looking over your shoulder,’ being supervised or under supervision. It can be being under surveillance too.

Emperor and Nine of Pentacles speaks of an old man who is afraid or worried, and of a person who is apprehensive about what headquarters or a superior may be doing.

Emperor and Four of Cups is a man refusing to be old. It is authority not permitting something. It’s saying ‘no’ to the boss, too.

Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Wands is worrying about money or funding. It could speak of an executive secretary’s being supervised.

Queen of Pentacles and Four of Cups is a woman who is not going to let something happen, or who is refusing, saying ‘no,’ not letting something to through. It’s also not letting that woman baby you, “I don’t need a nurse; I don’t like possessive women.”




Emperor He is the ultimate authority in some way, which could be the head mechanic in a body shop.  He is the federal government, or the head of any government, corporation, division, team, department or agency at any level.

If you’re talking about the mob, he is a capo. He is grandpa or papa in family matters. He is pictured sitting a little awkwardly and stiffly, with a long white beard … which reminds me, he is also God the Father.


Queen of Pentacles backs, supports, assists and is resourceful, competent and a power unto herself. She has money or manages money, which includes keeping financial books.  She sits outdoors among symbols of fertility in Spring.  The goat heads on her chair suggest witchiness but the card has yet to mean that in thirty years for me.


Nine of Wands was wounded in the last encounter but is still standing.  He does not relish another encounter but is guarding that border.  He is nervous, fearful, apprehensive, under pressure. Nine of Wands can represent a defensive posture or a fearful person. It also represents bravery, and holding your position about anything.


Four of Cups refuses. It does not go through.  It stops here.  I don’t want any part of that.  I won’t take any more of that.  This idea is aptly depicted by a fellow with legs and arms crossed and head averted like a kid who won’t eat his peas, as yet another cup is held out to him by a disembodied hand.


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  1. Jaclyn

    Emily what fantastic news. This fits so well with the reading you did for me the other night . .. thank you.

    • That’s great. It’s good to know you get so much out of this work.

      Someone told me there’s so much that is so deep, she is too engrossed to comment. Glad you have things to say!

      • Jaclyn

        I would have been one of those people. The readings have so much depth, I can apply each one to many areas of my life and many circumstance. By the end I sometimes feel a comment of a few lines does not do justice . . Thanks so much for your work Emily.

        • A little ‘justice’ is better than none. Comments count in the ‘reputation’ of a blog.
          So thank you much for those!

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