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Guidance      contrasts conforming to the rules and expectations of our setting with rebelling rudely against them.  Conforming to one’s social setting bequeaths upon one a certain dignity, and being confrontational about the norms deprives one of that same dignity.  Be contemptuously silent to the person who is ‘putting you in your place.’ Stand up energetically for the beliefs and values that count.


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High Priestess

Eight of Wands – Hierophant – Seven of Wands




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Pressure to Behave (Hierophant and Seven of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Standing Up, Speaking Out (Eight of Wands and Seven of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Against What’s Accepted (Hierophant and Seven of Wands)


Tarot Readings: Pressure to Behave (Hierophant and Seven of Wands)

Under more and more pressure to behave like a lady.


He insists these things should be done by her, and she isn’t doing anything.


Better use clean language around the lady.


So many women have confronted him about behaving himself.


She is silent until the pushy guy’s language is decent and respectful.


Silence is her way of forcing him to use decent language.


Here is a list of rules for the unruly guy from the quiet li’l gal.


She quietly stands up to make things more and more acceptable to herself.


The more pressure to push her out, the more entitled she feels to stay put.


He is confronted about his behavior by her and other people.


Keep insisting this is the way it’s done, and she will be quiet.


You can talk to her ’til you’re blue in the face,’ but she knows what’s right.


You are supposed to be passive when a drill sergeant gets in your face and hollers.

Tarot Readings: Standing Up, Speaking Out (Eight of Wands and Seven of Wands)

He defends her good name against all comers.


He feels entitled to push quiet girls around.


A nice girl is raising a lot of hell.


He indignantly insists he is a decent guy as she just sits there quietly.


Stand your ground, stay put, and speak up about how things should be.



Tarot Readings: Against What’s Accepted (Hierophant and Seven of Wands)

He resists things becoming more and more traditional between him and the girl.


She knows all about it, and they try to push that official story over.


We are talking about what we should do and not doing anything about these intrusions.


You simply don’t argue with what the Pope says ex cathedra.



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High Priestess

Eight of Wands – Hierophant – Seven of Wands





Hierophant and High Priestess are religious and spiritual, respectively. Hierophant is ‘behaving yourself’ and High Priestess is ‘not doing anything,’ being passive. Hierophant is commonly accepted opinions, and High Priestess is the expert (informed) opinion.

What Eight of Wands and Seven of Wands have in common is words. They each have other (more dominant) meanings, but Eight of Wands means talk, speak, tell, words, as well as written words; and Seven of Wands is insisting, protesting, mouthing off, and standing up for a position.

Eight of Wands and Hierophant combine the concepts of speaking or language (Eight of Wands) and proper (Hierophant), so together they say things like: clean language, proper English, told to behave. Eight of Wands also means increasingly, so these two make phrases like more and more proper and more and more acceptable. Here is where we got ex cathedra, with Hierophant meaning both ‘official’ and the Pope, and Eight of Wands being ‘speaking.’ Ex cathedra is the Pope’s announcing officially that something is to be believed.

Eight of Wands and High Priestess have written material in common. Eight of Wands is written material (often documents) and High Priestess is associated with book learning: She has a book in her lap, see? High Priestess knows (is an expert), so she knows everything; she knows the words, she knows more and more. Eight of Wands is spoken words, and High Priestess is a lady, which suggests girl talk, talking to a lady, and a lady lecturing as an expert.

Hierophant and Seven of Wands combines proper behavior with pressure, so we get pressure to behave and we get stand up for what’s right, and we get against what’s accepted or proper or traditional. These two could also read against religion or against the church or not about to conform. They could also speak of the proper or acceptable way to protest. Here is where we got the idea that a drill sergeant is supposed to behave aggressively.

Seven of Wands and High Priestess combine being pushy, raising hell, mouthing off (Seven of Wands) with a being a lady, being silent, being the one who knows all (High Priestess). Here we get the picture of the lady holding the fellow in contemptuous silence who is in her face insisting. Here is where we get pressure to behave like a lady.




Eight of Wands shows those sticks flying in the air like a barrage of arrows, which gives us the meanings about ‘more and more’ and ‘one after another’ and ‘fast.’  It also means communication, talking, written material or a list. The lines made by the wands in the air suggest written material, I think.


Hierophant is the pope, the chief and official rule maker for a large religious organization. This is, of course, one of those cards added in the Middle Ages to cleanse the reputation of Tarot.  The main idea here is the ritual or ceremony the public, the peons, are exposed to as opposed to the actual tenets and practices of the ones in power. The meaning that arises directly from the pope is ‘the official story,’ the way things look, the way things are supposed to be, the rules, being respectable.


Seven of Wands What’s he doing here?  This is the spoiler card.  This is the story of neighbors coming against a landowner to take his land, or of the landowner defending himself from them.  This is the story of the mouthy adolescent, the hellraiser or drill sergeant.  The illustration shows a person fighting off a group of stick-bearing fellows.


High Priestess is the feminine principle of passivity and also means knowing, pictured as the high priestess of a temple, the keeper of mysteries. The Rider Waite Tarot card shows all sorts of occult symbols of the Kabbalah surrounding a seated lady who has the sliver moon at her feet. This card advises you to stay put and shut up sometimes. She means those two things.


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  1. Liz

    Very, very true…I am being contemptuously silent to any person who is attempting to put me in my place. I’m thinking “Hmmm, ok whatever…that’s what you think”.

    • It’s the elegant rejoinder to say nothing. I liked that sentence. Some day, I will go through all the posts and pick the gems out … publish a ‘best of.’

  2. Jaclyn

    Right on for me in he workplace right now . . . we are working on contracts, standing up for our constituents against organizations with a lot of $$ and profit motives . . .

  3. Anna

    Yes, I have been limiting my chats with certain people who don’t have anything interesting to say

    • That’s a lot of people sometimes, isn’t it? That line about being silent with people who pigeonhole you and want to keep you in your place got my attention … got me thinking.

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