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Guidance     Women who are independent refuse to make other people behave as they should; They just wait for them to, if they’re gonna.   Because they can:  They have life figured out, they have it made.  She don’t need nobody to tell her troubles to because she ain’t got no troubles worth talkin’ about.  But an independent woman is not for him, he connects with ladies who are direct with him about their needs, who take the initiative with him.   Today is telling us ‘Don’t get involved.’


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Four of Cups

Strength – Nine of Pentacles – Lovers



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: She Minds Her Own Business So You Can Too (Nine of Pentacles and Four of Cups)

Tarot Readings: She’s a Pushy Lover (Strength and Lovers)

Tarot Readings: Don’t Need Anyone By My Side (Lovers and Four of Cups)

Tarot Readings: She Has No Equal in Business (Nine of Pentacles and Lovers)



Tarot Readings: She Minds Her Own Business and So You Can Too (Nine of Pentacles and Four of Cups)

She doesn’t need to exert herself to keep people from bothering her,


she’s just not listening.


She minds her own business and isn’t about to let him connect with her.


She is not going to make lover-boy contact her nor does she contact him.


He loves a woman who has a life, who doesn’t interfere with his.


He loves a woman who can say ‘no,’ who discourages him and has other interests.


He does not respond when she pets him, but loves her when she is cool to him.


Tarot Readings: She’s a Pushy Lover (Strength and Lovers)

She doesn’t want to be alone, she is forcing her attentions on a partner.


She is both pushy and ‘hard to get’: Don’t do her!


An independent woman is not for him. He clicks with ladies who take the initiative with him.


It’s when she pressures him that he connects with her, not when she is cool to him.


She has no protection from above; she is acting strictly on her own.


Tarot Readings: Don’t Need Anyone By My Side (Lovers and Four of Cups)

I can’t handle being associated with that, so I am not, I do my own thing.


She doesn’t need anyone by her side to fix this, she can get it accomplished all by herself.


Tarot Readings: She Has No Equal in Business (Nine of Pentacles and Lovers)


She is a silent partner, not hands-on.


Everything is under control, she is doing fine by herself; she doesn’t want a partner.


She is so competent in her niche she has no equal and no competition.


Her skill at getting people on board who simply refuse to be put her in a category all by herself.


She and her partner brook no interference.


She has no equal in problem-solving, she stands alone.


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 Four of Cups

Strength – Nine of Pentacles – Lovers





Strength and Nine of Pentacles may be the same woman at two different stages of her life. Strength and Nine of Pentacles brook (put up with) no interference and are detached people.

Strength handles interference directly, hands-on, finesses whatever the intrusion is with superior force diplomatically, ever so skillfully. She quashes the opposition and she aces the challenge, overcomes so artfully often no one notices. ‘Nips opposition in the bud’ is a phrase of hers. The challenge can be internal (some vice, perhaps) or external (some pest or enemy).

The deeper meaning of Strength is strength of character: Her white robe, the garland belt, and the eternity symbol over her head are symbols of spiritual purity and power.

Nine of Pentacles has already been there and done that;  she is retired in splendor from actual hands-on operations, and does not have to lower herself to be involved anymore with anyone. She is in a category or niche of her own, is not answerable to anyone. See how she is in her vineyard in a robe in the middle of an afternoon workday with her falcon?

Put Strength and Nine of Pentacles together, and we clearly have an accomplished senior individual who is ‘above it all’ and who is not talking to the public.

Lovers, besides the obvious, means to connect or contact, to associate or be associated with, to stand next to, be on the same side as, or partner with another person. The angel brings in protection, divine protection or supervision, and the idea of ‘higher ups’ in a company watching out for a member. We are not using those meanings today, though.

Four of Cups’ picture shows what it means: ‘No, I ain’t having none of that. I ain’t interested – not now, and not later.’ I won’t. No way.

Lovers and Four of Cups has the same connotation as Strength and Nine of Pentacles: ‘No, I am not having anything to do with (whatever or whoever).’ It says ‘Don’t get involved; don’t associate yourself’ with (whatever). This is an emphatic message for us all.

Strength and Four of Cups are both not letting something happen. Strength has engaged with the thing that isn’t going to happen, to quash or prevent it. Four of Cups simply isn’t letting it go through, is refusing it, vetoing it, and doesn’t want it. This is him not wanting a pushy woman, and the woman who ‘isn’t going to take “No” for an answer.’

Strength and Lovers ‘isn’t about to associate with.’ These two could mean several things. You don’t see them paired very often. Preventing contact or connection, not letting someone partner up with you, is most likely. Influencing an opponent to stand with you or partner with you – making your enemy love you – is a possible application of Strength and Lovers.

Nine of Pentacles and Lovers is the independent woman and a partner, is the man who loves a woman who is cool and ‘has a life of her own.’ It is also about contacting or connecting with someone who is not available.

Nine of Pentacles and Four of Cups both mind their own business and disregard outside influences, and are not contactable. Nine of Pentacles is unapproachable, in her own private world. Four of Cups is refusing repeated input, saying no to offers every time.




Strength Lion represents wild impulses or a predator: intrusions upon or invasion of a person’s life. The story is: She is so strong of spirit and character (the white gown, the garland belt, the ‘eternity’ sign as a halo) that the opposition (lion) loses his snarl and is purring against his will as she shuts his mouth with her dainty hands. Strength is overcoming; Strength is finessing.


Nine of Pentacles is independent, skilled, in a niche or category of her own, not at anyone’s beck and call. She has been there and done that and has the certificate to prove it. Probably a self-made specialist. She can be an heiress, can be the business owner. She works from her home. She doesn’t need anyone. She is single and lives alone.


Lovers, besides the obvious, means to connect or contact, to associate or be associated with, to stand next to, be on the same side as, or partner with another person. The angel brings in protection, divine protection or supervision, and the idea of ‘higher ups’ in a company watching out for a member. We are not using those meanings today, though.


Four of Cups Sits cross legged, averts his eyes and head as there’s yet another offer: Four of Cups is saying ‘no,’ refusing. Here are the phrases it makes in today’s messages: not listening, isn’t about to, not going to, nor does she, who doesn’t, can’t say ‘no,’ does not respond when, doesn’t want to, Don’t do, is not for him, she pressures him, has no, I am not, doesn’t need anyone, not, doesn’t want, has no .. and no …, simply refuse to be, brook no, has no.


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  1. Lori

    This is a confusing one, my work crush-play it cool and independent or direct and tell him how I feel???

    • Without a question, or a questioner, the four cards say contradictory things. There’s no way around this. Picture words being arranged into sentences from tiles that have the words written on them: That’s the process for the group readings. No way around it.
      The main focus of today’s messages is to be independent, to not try to influence the behavior of people around you, and watch them to see who they actually are. The ‘pushy woman’ theme suggests a fellow who doesn’t want to engage with a woman who ‘has a life’ prefers needy ones. At least, that’s how I read it. Remember: This sentences are directed at the visitors, and therefore, it’s the visitors’ interpretation that counts for each of them. That’s the way it works.

  2. Anon

    I’m SO confused, but maybe not…Am I being “pushy” and not getting the message that the guy I’ve been seeing doesn’t want me? This “don’t get involved” – do I have to let it go?

    • This could be determined by two questions: His view of you (his perspective of the relationship he has with you), and what to do to make it happen. Maybe five or six minutes.
      Preliminarily, this may be where you are at with the dude:
      Knight of Cups
      Temperance – Nine of Swords – Ace of Pentacles
      What he is experiencing is himself being in this perfect intimate relationship, being the sweet guy, the boyfriend – and this scares the heck out of him, shatters his nerves.

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