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Guidance     Viewing, today, how men and women of different styles of assertiveness interact with one another. A couple who are each leaders in their respective fields is a couple with few or no conflicts.  A forceful man is uneasy around a woman who is coolly independent.  A woman who owns her niche is oblivious to the man who is the leader of the pack.  Daddy is afraid she is one of those free spirits who has a mind of her own.


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King of Swords

Fool – Nine of Pentacles – Nine of Wands 




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Never Mind What Makes You Uneasy (Fool and Nine of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Authority, What Authority? (Fool and King of Swords)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings: Never Mind What Makes You Uneasy (Fool and Nine of Wands)

Cool women who ignore this soldier make him nervous.


She is single, and there’s no man anywhere around, so she worries.


This gal has her own place, her own money, is free, so he hesitates to act like the boss.


Being single, you are free from having to defend yourself from some guy.


Women with money aren’t intimidated by militant men.


He had best be masculine and strong or this independent chic will overlook him.


When some gal pays no attention to him, he worries about his manliness.


He is one of those militant guys who makes dudes uneasy, that a self-confident woman just ignores.


A forceful man is uneasy around a woman who is blithely independent.


She isn’t at all attracted but is repelled by enforcer type men.



Tarot Readings: Authority, What Authority? (Fool and King of Swords)

Living by your own rules, you simply don’t fear an authority.


Having a niche of your own, there’s no boss looking over your shoulder.


Independents make militants nervous that they will be ignored.


She does as she pleases at her own business which intimidates the inspector.


She is her own authority, has no thought of cowering.


Daddy is afraid she is one of those free spirits who has a mind of her own.


She is a leading figure in her business.  There is simply no competition to worry about.


People with money simply aren’t intimidated by law enforcement.


Police are badgering people but she doesn’t care:  She stays home.



Miscellaneous Tarot Readings

Soldiers are guarding the border so we can be safe at home, and we don’t even think of it.


He and she are strong leaders in their respective fields, a couple who are no threat to one another at all.



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King of Swords

Fool – Nine of Pentacles – Nine of Wands




Two of our Rider Waite Tarot citizens – Fool and Nine of Pentacles – mean to not pay attention to or to ignore. The other two refer in different ways to being a soldier.


Today we are using one vein of Fool’s many potential applications – the ‘be free’ and the ‘free of’ one. Here are some of its translations: cool (women) who ignore; no __anywhere around; is free; you are free from; aren’t __ by; overlook; pays no attention; just ignores; blithely; isn’t at all _; simply don’t; there’s no _ looking over your shoulder; that _ will be ignored; as she pleases; no thought of; free spirit; simply no; simply aren’t_ by; doesn’t care; don’t even think of it; no _ at all.


Nine of Pentacles bolsters the ‘not pay attention’ meanings of Fool. Today you find her meaning ‘to mind your own business,’ to live alone and be single, to be independent, to stay home because you choose to, to be free to do whatever you want (and to not do, as well).


And the other two of our Rider Waite Tarot citizens refer to soldierly matters.  Nine of Wands guards a turf that is subject to invasion, and feels apprehensive, threatened or intimidated; and King of Swords is the soldierly figure, the authority, the enforcer or regulator or police, the masculine strong man (not the tough guy type) who can be an intimidating or imposing or commanding figure.


Both Nine of Pentacles and Nine of Wands refer to occupying a niche.  For Nine of Pentacles, that is the main meaning:  She’s got her turf and she stays on it, and that’s her satisfying life.  Nine of Wands, on the other hand, occupies threatened territory he is defending nervously, that isn’t really his:  He is the border guard.


Our themes of turf and assertiveness, being free and independence get together to make stories about getting along with types of people who could make us uneasy. We make it our business to get along with types we could clash with, for our peace of mind.





Fool ‘Most ambiguous card in the deck,’ he is. Fool means to be oblivious, to be young and heedless as a free spirit, to be free or free of, to blithely ignore, to not be present. It means ‘just’ and ‘simply’ too.  It is about assumptions and faith, about living according to your own dictates even when they make no sense.  The card actually refers to living by spiritual principles which makes your actions make little sense in ‘the real world.’ World has a similar connotation that living in the spiritual means you are invisible to opposition in ‘the real world.’

The illustration in Fool exemplifies the ‘makes little sense in the real world’ concept:  He is about to walk off a cliff with his dog;  he is on a land journey with no provisions.



Nine of Pentacles does not seek your approval and is not interested in your doings.  She’s got her turf and she stays on it, and that’s her satisfying life.  Nine of Pentacles is to mind your own business, to live alone and be single, to stay home because you choose, to be independent and able to do whatever you want and to not-do whatever you don’t want.  She does not vote or go out shopping.  Her meaningful relationship is with that bird she has on her arm.



Nine of Wands exemplifies that tight spot we are in or have been in.  Guarding against imminent threat.  Defending or defensive.  Wounded and still holding up.  Nine of Wands is the border guard, is defending his or her home or position, very subject to assault –  illustrated by the bandaged head wound.  Hanging in there.  Holding the fort.



King of Swords is the masculine or manly man or strong man or disciplined man.  He is the man ‘all men’ want to be.  He is also military or militant.  The commander or a commanding figure.  He is also the police or a cop.  Or a regulator.  Or your lord and master, the governor.  Or daddy.  He is similar to the Emperor in that you have both character and manliness – with the usual shades of meanings, of course.

King of Swords’ illustration shows the posture of the professional soldier, and the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ masculine man.


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  1. Lori

    Single with no man in sight….well maybe on the horizon there are a couple contenders…..

  2. It’s more general information about the role you are in as it interfaces with the role other people you deal with are in. If a man is the manly leader type, he will act one way with the quiet lady type, and another way with the independent analytical type woman.
    Today’s message is mostly a FYI.

  3. Anna

    No idea what this is about yet

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