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Guidance     Our relationship to people in power, our dealings with bosses and Daddy and things regulatory and governmental: getting out of the way, avoiding the dealings and the meetings – but sometimes we can’t. Taken from the Authority’s position, this irresponsible brat won’t do its fair share as dereed and agreed. Young people having fun choose not to associate with old fogies. Enjoy getting together where no one has seniority. He dictates the terms of a relationship and you aren’t enjoying this.


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Four of Cups – Three of Pentacles – Sun



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Recreational Relationship (Three of Pentacles and Sun)

Tarot Readings: Enjoyable Get-together (Three of Pentacles and Sun)

Tarot Readings: Dealing with Government (Three of Pentacles and Emperor)

Tarot Readings: Relationship with Dictator (Three of Pentacles and Emperor)

Tarot Readings: It’s Not a Deal, Refuse to Meet (Four of Cups and Three of Pentacles)


Tarot Reading: Recreational Relationship (Three of Pentacles and Sun)

The young and the old have no meeting of the minds.


He cannot be the boss, so it’s a recreational relationship.


Is young and having fun – not hanging out with grownups.


No one associates with the young man because of who his father is.


It’s no fun having a relationship your father.


Young people out to party do not associate with old fogies.


Casual relationships are not my cup of tea; I’m a grownup now.


He is a grown man, he does not want a recreational relationship.


He is mature, he isn’t interested in a childish relationship.


Tarot Readings: Enjoyable Get-together (Three of Pentacles and Sun)

Enjoy getting together where no one has seniority.


Can’t believe the meeting with the president is fun.


Enjoy the meetings when the dictator isn’t there.


We’re all here having fun, and no one’s throwing his weight around.


Tarot Readings: Dealing with Government (Three of Pentacles and Emperor)

Happy that the agency settled with us when we refused its offer.


A contract with an under-aged person is void, by this authority.


Refuse to settle the case with the Authority about the children.


Father will not pay the agreed-upon child support.


No way to get out of a contract with a government (no escape clause).


Selling to governments is no picnic.


No way is this government going to release (you) from the contract.


Tarot Readings: Relationship with Dictator (Three of Pentacles and Emperor)

Can’t get out of the meeting with the boss.


He dictates the terms of a relationship and you aren’t enjoying this.


Daddy refuses to even meet with his child.


Authority’s point of view is you irresponsible brats don’t live up to what you agree to.


He is so stodgy you can’t be spontaneous around him.


Not going to deal with a controlling brat.


The almighty infant refuses to do his part.



Tarot Readings: It’s Not a Deal, Refuse to Meet (Four of Cups and Three of Pentacles)

By not being a grownup, he gets out of doing his part responsibly.


Charming geezers are not my cup of tea.


Not going to meet with the old man and his son.


Refuse to meet with the veteran and the newbie.


“No deal” to having him be the father of your child.


Kid won’t meet with Daddy.


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Four of Cups – Three of Pentacles – Sun




= Four of Cups and Sun both mean, in very different ways, to not deal with, to not participate, to not have anything to do with. Together they say: not any fun; no way to get out of; not interested in recreational; not being childish; don’t want a child or children.

Four of Cups is adamantly, overtly, repeatedly refusing to deal with, refusing to have anything to do with (whatever it is) no matter how many times it’s offered or encountered. As in ‘No way in hell. What part of ‘No’ do you not understand?’

Sun, on the other hand, is just doing something else, escaping the responsibility or obligation, being free of (whatever it is), getting out from under restrictions or expectations imposed by others. Sun is “I just wanna have fun,” and is cutting loose and uninhibitedly enjoying the moment.

Three of Pentacles is a deal or relationship or meeting. It is to associate, get together, settle up, negotiate, agree and agreement, contract, do your part fair and square. Yes, it is a legal card, a legal proceeding or hearing. Notice how it appears in all the titles today: It is the ‘star card,’ I call it – the central crux of the messages. So let’s look at what it is saying with its fellow Tarot citizens.

Three of Pentacles and Four of Cups is refusing to do your part, not meeting with, refusing to contract, not doing your part in a contract or agreement, not associating with person(s), having nothing to do with those people.

Three of Pentacles and Sun is an enjoyable get-together, a recreational relationship, hanging out with young people, child support (legal agreement regarding a child or children), ducking out on doing your part. It could be a contract with an under-aged person.

Three of Pentacles and Emperor is dealing with or contracting with government, meeting with the boss, settling up with an agency, relationship with an older man, relationship with father (or God, if other cards point to that, or it’s in the question).

Sun and Emperor are a contrast of the young and free and fun with the old and dictatorial and stodgy. It is the son and father. It says: The old man enjoys; away from the dictator; the father of her child; the veteran and the newbie; the spoiled-child adult (the almighty infant); irresponsible agency; authority sees as irresponsible.

Four of Cups and Emperor is authority saying ‘no’ or not doing; not having anything to do with old people or an old man or father or grownups or government or agency – or turning them down; cannot be the boss; dictator isn’t; no one has seniority.




Four of Cups doesn’t want any part of it, refuses adamantly and repeatedly, just have nothing to do with (whatever). Saying “No.”  This is one of those cards you don’t need imagination to know what it means:  The person sits cross-legged with arms crossed and head averted as the cup is offered for the fourth time.  Don’t want any of that, obviously.


Three of Pentacles shows an architect demonstrating he performed the blueprint his clients have in their hands.  This is the final inspection of the building for his final (largest) payment.  This is settling up.  Meeting, settlement, contract, deal, relationship, doing your part as agreed, to come to agreement are some of the phrases this Rider Waite Tarot citizen brings us.


Sun The kid has sneaked free of the house and its rules to play naked on the wicked pony who is about to toss him and his flag. Fun, enjoyment, kid, brat, son, boy, child, to get free of, to be uninhibited and spontaneous and free-spirited, to escape, release, recreational, newbie, charming, son are common phrases for this card.


Emperor The Authority in the form of boss, regulator, dictator, Daddy, or anything governmental. Old man, adult, mature woman or man, maturity, grownup, patriarch (and even old fogy) are applications of Emperor as well.  He can be rigid, stodgy, saturnine. His illustration is of course an old man in the seat of power, with rigid posture and the dull look of the born-to-power syndrome on his unlined face.


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  1. Lori

    Casual relationships are not my cup of tea; I’m a grownup now.
    He is a grown man, he does not want a recreational relationship.

    Yes, haven’t met him yet but I’m sure he is just around the corner.

  2. Liz

    “He dictates the terms of a relationship and you aren’t enjoying this.” This is a bad bad day 🙁

  3. Jaclyn

    This certainly applies to me and my colleagues at the moment: “Authority’s point of view is you irresponsible brats don’t live up to what you agree to . . .” We work for the government and boss lady wants us to work nights and week-ends for free. What do we have to say except “hell no, we won’t go . . .”

    • Yeah, I remember the ‘Hell no, we won’t go’ days. That was serious.
      Somewhere there is a federal law (or regulation) that would put boss lady to shame. Maybe you could have someone find it so you can quote it to her.
      Wish you the best in this struggle.

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