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Guidance     Negotiations stall over refusing to do that for that price. A relationship is at an impasse because one party will not admit he/she knows something that is a deal breaker. “I won’t say anything, I just won’t do it and I’m not meeting to discuss it either.” Best lay low and let it pass, you feel deep down, or there just won’t be any relationship or any deal at all. An impasse is when you can’t take any action because another party won’t even agree to meet, won’t even acknowledge the obstacle. Stalemate, walking on eggshells … standoff.


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Three of Pentacles

Four of Cups – Four of Pentacles – Four of Swords




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Not Admitting the Relationship (Four of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles OR Four of Cups and Three of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Not Doing the Deal (Four of Swords and Three of Pentacles)

Miscellaneous Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings: Not Admitting the Relationship (Four of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles OR Four of Cups and Three of Pentacles)

Regarding having a mutual give and take, no: he/she won’t talk about it, won’t participate.


Since you aren’t doing your part, I am not doing mine, and I won’t talk about it either.


Not doing my share in the relationship and not admitting I am being stingy.


Holding out for a mutual relationship while he/she is withholding participation.


Will not accept that he/she is in a relationship – isn’t doing anything, isn’t saying anything.


A relationship is a standoff because one party will not admit he/she knows something that is a deal breaker


In the love triangle, all three parties aren’t communicating or getting together, so nothing is happening.


Best lay low and let it pass, you feel deep down, or there just won’t be any relationship or any deal at all.


I’m not about to admit we are in a relationship: I have nothing to do with you, am not about to talk.


Refusing to keep his/her mouth shut when he/she isn’t even in a relationship.


Don’t be in a relationship with someone who is lying around sulking.


This is a secret relationship: we deny it, we lay low.


Refuses to keep the secret, and isn’t doing what was agreed upon.


I don’t admit to being withdrawn, that we don’t have a real relationship.


Tarot Readings: Not Doing the Deal (Four of Swords and Three of Pentacles)

(He) refuses to say or do anything (he) agreed to do.


I am not about to keep quiet about not being in on that deal.


I’m not refusing to do my share; I’m just not really a party.


My mouth is shut. They are not going to let me participate in the venture, so I won’t.


They shut me out. Without me in the deal, they won’t make money.


An impasse is when you can’t get anything done because another party won’t even meet.


Best lay low and let it pass, you feel deep down, or there just won’t be any business at all.


A negotiation stalls because one of the parties is not disclosing a deal breaker.


I won’t say anything, I just won’t do it and I’m not meeting to discuss why, either.


Negotiations bog down over his refusing to do that for that price.


Not paying them because they did not do it, and refusing to negotiate.


He/She settled for not enough money, after the offer was refused and they did not respond.


I want nothing to do with this deal, I shorted it and will do nothing further.


Am quiet when we all get together, but no way am I passing up this deal.


I am out of the action, not admitting I don’t have the money for the joint venture.


Miscellaneous Tarot Readings

Don’t want to get together with them when I have not had enough sleep.


I did not want to keep their secret, so I wasn’t at their meeting.


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Three of Pentacles

Four of Cups – Four of Pentacles – Four of Swords





Notice we have three fours: Four of Pentacles and Four of Cups and Four of Swords. All these fours say ‘I’m not going to,’ and that is the main meaning of each of them. We have to use each of them in each sentence, so, obviously, they have to modify one another. They are each negative in their language. In English, double negatives cancel one another out (unlike in Romance languages). It is tricky, tricky, tricky to keep track of the negatives canceling one another out here! So phrasing today’s messages is, shall we say, delicate.

Four of Pentacles is to not admit, to keep the secret, to keep your mouth shut, to withhold, to sulk.

Four of Cups is to refuse, to not admit (or to deny), to hold out.

Four of Swords is to lay low, to not participate or not be a participant in, to sleep or sleep on it.


Here are what the three fours say when paired with one another:

Four of Pentacles and Four of Cups is where we get those phrases like ‘I’m not admitting that I won’t’ and ‘I refuse to be quiet about this.’ To refuse by not saying anything.

Four of Pentacles and Four of Swords is where we get ‘I’m not doing it and I’m not admitting that I’m not doing it.’ It also says ‘lying around sulking.’ It says ‘If I don’t participate, there won’t be a profit.’

Four of Cups and Four of Swords is where we get ‘Don’t just lie around,’ ‘refuses and isn’t doing,’ and ‘They shut me out, and without me in,’ which refers to being in a deal. These two cards don’t pair up with one another very often; they bond with other cards. They literally say ‘I refuse to do nothing.’


Well, here’s our old Three of Pentacles friend. It is a card the others all relate to, since they all mean shades of the same thing. Three of Pentacles is a deal or relationship, an exchange or transaction, a meeting, a negotiation. Three of Pentacles gets together, meets, comes to agreement or agrees, contracts. It is about each party or each person doing his, her, or its part, doing my fair share … and about being fair sometimes.

Four of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles is being quiet at the meeting, keeping their secret, not making money or not making a profit in the deal, sulking in a relationship, being stingy in a relationship, withholding oneself in a relationship … even not much of a deal or not much of a relationship.

Four of Cups and Three of Pentacles refuses to negotiate, won’t even meet with, deal breaker, being shut out of the deal, won’t (whatever) in the meeting.

Four of Swords and Three of Pentacles is not participating in the meeting, sleeping through a meeting, not being a party to a transaction or deal, being indifferent to their business, being unresponsive in a relationship.





Four of Pentacles hugs his money to himself. This obviously means a person who is hanging on or holding on, a person who is budgeting, a person who is short of money or something else, a person who feels (or is) inferior – lacking in some way, a person who is excluded (outside of town by himself). Four of Pentacles is about ‘deep down inside’ feelings too. It can be an introvert, or someone who is shy. He (or she, or us or they, etc.) has a secret and is not divulging; is not putting out the money or the whatever. Is ‘out of town.’ Is clamming up, not admitting something. (He is not going to call you.)


Four of Cups One of the easy cards to remember the meaning of: It shows in Rider Waite Tarot a seated person, arms crossed, head averted, even legs crossed obviously saying “NO, I don’t want any.” It means to refuse an offer as well as refuse to listen or refuse to do; it means to not want. This is the deal breaker.(He is not going to call you.)


Four of Swords is one to lay low, to not participate or not be a participant in, to sleep or sleep on it. The illustration shows a knight candidate performing part of the knighthood ceremony: a vision quest overnight in a cathedral, lying on the sarcophagus of a hero or saint the church has there. He reports his vision of his purpose of life as a knight to the bishop. Four of Swords is ‘time out’ – as in meditation, being indifferent, tuning out. This is a dormant phase, can even describe a coma, is even a support card to a strong death theme. (He is not going to call you.)


Three of Pentacles And here we have the deal, relationship, settlement, meeting or agreement that he would be in but for our cards today that negate that. This Rider Waite Tarot card is about getting together, agreeing, each party doing his part; or is about a relationship in which each party does his part fair and square. The illustration shows an architect or contractor demonstrating that he build the cathedral according to the blueprint the clients are looking at. He will get his final and largest draw (payment) according to their contract now that he has shown them that.


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  1. Rowdy

    Really enjoyed your blog today so right on for me. Keep up the good work. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Welcome to Tarotland, Rowdy. This is right-on for you? Let’s fix it so you benefit from the action you are part of. I am drinking to that.

  2. One of the people I deal with locally (in the ‘real world’ has this impasse happening to him … big time. And two of the people I have had sessions with on the phone also report this in their current experience.
    Ahem. Me, too. Oh so big time. Strangely, these days, the readings are true for me. That has not occurred to me until now.
    The reports of near-hideous auto mishaps also have hit home.
    300 persons a day read this blog, I have discovered, 100 of whom are first-time comers.
    Welcome, all of you! Hope you apply these readings to your benefit!

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