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Guidance     Ever notice how, when we are very intensely interested in something, we also are intense when we change our minds about it? Like the energy going in has to equal the energy coming out? A hot love affair often ends explosively, not that it has to. Guys who have a bad temper are the very ones to get really stuck on dames, it seems. And dainty women attract the hotheads. Our story today is about these impasses. Impasses in business or social life happen when I know something that is a deal-breaker, but I am not ever saying so.


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Ten of Wands

Tower – High Priestess – Knight of Pentacles



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Obsessed with the Lady (High Priestess and Knight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Watch for the Crash (Knight of Pentacles and Tower)

Tarot Readings: Too Ladylike, too Spiritual (High Priestess and Ten of Wands)


Tarot Readings: Watch for the Crash (Knight of Pentacles and Tower)

Keep informed of how slow it’s going, with quitting in mind.


Got my eye on how this is dragging on, thinking of getting out.


My motivation here is learning a lot before it blows up.


I know something that is a deal-breaker here, but I am keeping quiet about it indefinitely.


You won’t ever be fired if you make sure you keep your expertise and knowledge to yourself.


Hang in there and be very unobtrusive (quiet) because they have in mind to fire someone.


I know things will eventually come to a crash because I know these things.


She has been here a long time and is a fixture because she is an expert when it comes to bankruptcies.


Suddenly I know for sure who has been behind this all the time.


It’s a long slow crash I am looking at and not doing anything about.


Things come to a head that were simmering. You knew; you watched; you saw it coming.

Tarot Readings: Obsessed with the Lady (High Priestess and Knight of Pentacles)

He is determined to eventually break up with the other woman.


It’s ladies who reject him and are quiet about it that he totally obsesses over.


He is trying so hard for so long to break his obsession for the lady.


When she keeps to herself, all he can think of is that after all this time she doesn’t want him.


He is so hot and she is so cool, there is a huge divide there.


The divorce drags on as he obsesses about the other woman.


The rough guy zeroes in on ultra-feminine women and eventually hits them.


He aims to beat up this meek lady a lot for a long time.


It’s been a long time since the divorce and he still thinks of her.


He thinks of her all the time, the lady who waited for him to divorce.


After that confrontation, it will be a long time before he thinks of another woman.


She will wait forever for him to divorce and he knows that for sure.


Eventually, he quits being obsessed with her.

Tarot Readings: Too Ladylike, too Spiritual (High Priestess and Ten of Wands)

Eventually, she quits obsessing.


He sees how deeply into metaphysics she is, and rejects her.


When he sees her as too spiritual, he breaks up..


She is just too, too ladylike for him, so he is intent upon splitting up.


She is certain life will be difficult when she is alone after the divorce.


She breaks up with guys when they are too macho.


He gets the point when the quiet gal finally has a temper fit from hell.


A tough guy punches a woman, and there’s no end to it.


He was sure she would always be there for him, but she divorced him.


All he thinks about is breaking up with the woman, but it’s so hard.


He is obsessed with the split-up, but she is just depressed about it.


He is sure she will eventually quit living alone.


Now,  Part Two,

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This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.


Ten of Wands

Tower – High Priestess – Knight of Pentacles





The core meanings of each of these cards tell several similar stories.


Tower and Ten of Wands Our spread begins with breaking up, quitting, or blowing up (Tower) and ends with dragging on forever, slow going, and ‘difficult’ (Ten of Wands).

High Priestess and Knight of Pentacles In the middle, we have two cards that both mean to know deeply (in two different ways). High Priestess knows … knows everything. She is the expert. She is the metaphysician. She is a behind-the scenes influence. Knight of Pentacles has one thing on his mind, one aim or ambition, has a priority, is certain of this one idea, and possibly obsessed with it. They are opposite type: She, the quiet passive lady; he, macho activist.

When you put these two cards together, the phrases they make are: I aim to know all about, I know for sure, I know who is behind, I am looking at it at not doing anything about it, when she keeps to herself, all he can think of us, he is so hot and she is so cool, he thinks of her, he sees her as spiritual, and she is certain.

When you put Tower and Ten of Wands together, they say things like: hard to break up, eventually blow up, a long slow crash, things come to a head that were simmering, trying so hard to break up, a huge divide, a divorce drags on, finally has a temper fit, depressed about rejection.

The similar stories that the core meanings of each of these cards relate are: Breaking up (Tower ) with the lady or Other Woman (High Priestess ), he is obsessed (Knight of Pentacles ) for a long time, very deeply, and it’s difficult (Ten of Wands ).

Besides meaning ‘she who knows,’ High Priestess also means a woman alone, a woman who waits, a woman who is spiritual or metaphysical, an ultra-feminine, quiet, or even meek woman. It is also about knowing and not acting.

Tower and High Priestess say these things: I know something that is a deal breaker, expert on bankruptcy, suddenly I know, suddenly I know who’s behind (it), not doing anything about the crash, break up with her, ladies quietly reject, hits a woman, the lady wait for the divorce, she quits, rejects her because she is into spiritual life, divorced and alone, quiet gal blows up, she quits living alone.

Tower and Knight of Pentacles With Tower meaning things like breaking up, rejection, quitting, a deal-breaker, firing or getting fired, crash, hitting, suddenly, and with Knight of Pentacles meaning things like having something firmly in mind, knowing for sure, having one priority, sees, watches, being obsessed, aim or ambition, getting the point, the two of these Rider Waite Tarot cards mean things like: thinking of getting out or quitting, intend to fire (someone) knowing the crash, suddenly I know for sure, determined to break up, break the obsession, a rough guy hits, he aims to beat up, he ‘gets it’ when she has a fit over it.

We are left with those two cards that are about knowing (High Priestess and Knight of Pentacles) with Ten of Wands. Let’s introduce ourselves to Ten of Wands. It uses more meanings than meets the eye, all related to the illustration.

Here are some: It is moving slowly and surely with difficulty, making steady progress. It means a long time – like ‘it takes forever,’ which adds ‘always’ to its phrases. It could be dragging on. It could be depressed. It could mean ‘the extreme’ since he is taking it all in one load, and the ‘extreme’ concept brings in ‘always’ and ‘eventually.’ And it’s one of the cards that indicates continuing action or continuing to be.

Ten of Wands and High Priestess say she will always be there, (life) is difficult for her, she is too (whatever the next card is), she waits a long time, a long time before another woman, who has been behind (this) all this time, an expert for a long time, she has been here forever and is a fixture, hang in there and be very unobtrusive (quiet), keeping quiet indefinitely, know a lot about.

Ten of Wands and Knight of Pentacles say he is determined to eventually, always keep in mind, know that eventually, watch a long slow (whatever), try so hard on this one thing, all lhe can think of is that after all this time, the rough guy zeroes in on, he still thinks of all this time, he sees it’s too (whatever), a guy who is too (whatever), it’s all he thinks about but it’s so hard to, obsessed and depression.



Tower shows a building hit by lightning and people being ejected from it, afire. To reject, divorce or break up, to quit,  and to hit,  are its most common meanings, closely followed by explosive temper tantrums.


High Priestess actually stands for the feminine principle of receptivity, a technical term in metaphysical theory, so she is ultra-feminine. What she means in most spreads is the lady or the other woman, but she also indicates the spiritual plane, a spiritual adept, an expert or scholar, staying home or staying in one place, a woman who knows and keeps quiet – even a bookkeeper once in a while, since she is pictured with a book in her lap.


Knight of Pentacles has one thing on his mind, is focused or even obsessive. Today he is being very obsessive. He is the tough, rough, or macho guy. The picture shows a stereotype of that: the short dark fella who is very muscular and sure of himself, a strong man physically who is rigid mentally.


Ten of Wands Doing it all in one load, one trip, is a strain, but when you’re done, you’re done. That is Ten of Wands’ concept. He has a burden on his back, but his slow progress will get him there eventually. His meanings arise from this illustration, as they should in Tarot Verbatim’s niche of Rider Waite. Long, slow, difficult going. It can mean depression … the burden … too.


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  1. Lori

    Seems like a cross between my ex, and my current crush. Think I need to keep to myself a bit and just let things shake out, all this obsessing or pouring of energy into is not helping expedite things at all, better to spend the energy elsewhere.

    • The next messages build on this. Worked a lot polishing them up; they are worth it.
      I think your assessment is accurate. Twenty years of this, I can tell you that generally when you withdraw from the vibe with a guy, it piques his interest.

      • Bunny

        I dont know, Emily. The more I withdraw from my hubby, the further away he gets. Kind of like he takes me for granted that I`ll always be here. I`ve waited so long for him to come to me that I don`t want him anymore. Thanks Emily, great reading today… tomorrows is a great one too

        • Oh how I appreciate your appreciation. I reached that ‘You’re the enemy’ crossroads with my husband … and was supporting him … and he finally turned into Prince Charming. He said ‘I don’t want to be the enemy.’
          No, it doesn’t happen every time. Could be ‘God is doing you a favor.’ That was the case with my first husband. I was happy for a year when he divorced me.

  2. Anna

    Oh-oh sounds like something bad is going to happen 🙁

    • This is a heads-up on the approach of something bad: how to prevent its landing. This feels more long term than our usual messages. I worked intensely, more time than usual, on this day’s messages.

      It’s not about doom; its like a bulletin with instructions.


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