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Guidance     Today we thank our bullies and are grateful for our adversities.  How many heartaches does it take to make a happy person?   How bad does a split up or divorce have to be to make us try harder and appreciate the next love partner?  Can we love someone forever without first hating someone else?  Are we closer friends with friends because of the people we have such a hard time with?  A hostile environment makes allies of people who are shut out (The enemy of their enemy is their friend).  Why do we love meanest people the most?  Why does it take a heart attack to make him happy sharing his woman’s life?


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Three of Swords – Ten of Wands – Three of Cups



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Tarot Readings: Romance Despite Something (Three of Swords and Lovers)

Tarot Readings: Breaking Up in Romance (Three of Swords and Three of Cups OR Three of Swords and Lovers)

Tarot Readings: Allies in This Cold Place (Three of Swords and Three of Cups OR Three of Cups and Lovers)


Tarot Readings: Romance Despite Something (Three of Swords and Lovers)

He loves the meanest girls the most.


After not getting along for so long, we celebrate our love together.


Divorce slowed you down, but you enjoy life with someone you love.


She is having too much fun with lover to break up with him.


As much as he hates it, he is just her love partner sharing her life when she is doing so well.


A heart attack slows him down so he is happy to share his love partner’s life.


In a hostile environment, you do eventually connect with likeminded upbeat people.


When we are are jealous of their fun life, we say these gals have too many lovers.


A girl who has lots of fun with lots of partners is resented.


A fun-loving girl’s love life is very aggravating.


A girl who has loved and lost many partners makes the happiest life for herself.


Lovers’ quarrels are the downside of sharing your life.


Women who have lots of lovers are happier despite the jealous quarrels.


She is out with the girls to make her lover very jealous.


Too much hurt being in love with several women.


Jealous of the beautiful gals who get all the lovers.


Wealthy women get all the men but reject them as equal partners.


She goes out with girl friends but is very much against being in love.


Tarot Readings: Breaking Up in Romance (Three of Swords and Three of Cups OR Three of Swords and Lovers)

All the girls he loves break up with him.


All the girls’ lovers break up with them.


Splitting up with that fun girl he loves too much.


A long drawn out split up with the lover girl who shared her money.


He has had more split-ups with women he loves than he can take.


Divorce slowed you down, but now life is good with someone you love.


Tarot Readings: Allies in This Cold Place (Three of Swords and Three of Cups OR Three of Cups and Lovers)

In this cold world, we find a few friends we are very close to.


It’s difficult getting along well with contacts who dislike you.


Girls who hang out with one another are very hard to get along with one-on-one.


Women in a clique have such close connections to one another they are cold to others.


In these very hard times, we connect with people who share.


Women pair up with allies in a setting that is weighted against them.


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*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.

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Three of Swords – Ten of Wands – Three of Cups





Put these words in a sentence: Divorce , difficulty , sharing the good life , love partner .


Three of Swords and Ten of Wands We start inauspiciously with Three of Swords – divorce, split-up, quarrel, against, dislike, cold or hostile environment, meanness, jealousy, hurt, even heart attack. And next is Ten of Wands – slowdown, burden, melancholy or depression, which also means ‘eventually’ and difficult or a long time (a long hard time). It means the extreme of, the most, and it sometimes adds ‘est’ to a word for the purpose of one of these meanings.

Three of Swords and Ten of Wands Put them together, and they say things like: divorce slows you down, more split-ups than (he) can take, too much bad feeling, very hostile environment, very much against, hurts too much, too jealous, quarrels are the downside, very aggravating, heart attack slows (you) down, as much as you hate it, after not getting along for so long … and even ‘the meanest.’

Three of Cups and Lovers In the next two Rider Waite Tarot cards in today’s spread, this angst turns into its opposite. Three of Cups is sharing with likeminded friends, good company, a fun time together, the team, enjoying life and prosperity, a sisterhood of girlfriends, party girls. The emphasis is on sharing. Lovers is another close connection – a similar card. Today it is about love and contact.


The message is this contrast. Past heartaches, depressing situations, are the foundation of our current happiness, our current ability to get along and enjoy one another.


Ten of Wands and Three of Cups, and Ten of Wands and Lovers – since both Three of Cups and Ten of Wands are people who love one another and get along together – express this contrast best. Why? – because it’s Ten of Wands that means all these down things: slowdown, burden, melancholy or depression, difficulties or a long hard time. So here are some phrases from these two pairs.

Ten of Wands and Three of Cups make these phrases: in hard times we share, difficult to get along with, girls who hang out together are very hard to, that fun girl he loves too much, sharing too much with friends, out with the girls too much, the downside of sharing your life, slows him down so he is happy to share, she is having too much fun with, slowed you down but you enjoy life with her. You can see that the ‘too much’ meanings of Ten of Wands are party poopers.

Ten of Wands and Lovers make these phrases: in very hard times we connect with, loves too much, lover is too, lovers [quarrels] are the downside, slows him down so he is with his love partner, with lover too much, too much contact, too connected with, slowed you down but you have someone to love. See? – the same thing happens.





Three of Swords You need no book to know Three of Swords’ meaning. Here’s a heart with knives in it in a gray storm. Divorce, split-up, quarrel, against, dislike, cold or hostile environment, meanness, jealousy, hurt, even heart attack.


Ten of Wands is another card you don’t need a book to know its meaning. Carrying all the wood in one load, bent under the weight, going so slow step by step obviously is about slowdown, burden, melancholy or depression and a long hard difficult time. It means eventually too, because eventually the dude arrives, and has saved himself a trip.


Three of Cups Yet another fairly obvious message is on this Rider Waite citizen. The girls are celebrating a harvest, are partying, have a close trusting association with one another. They look wealthy.


Lovers Part of its meaning is obvious. An angel overlooks Adam and Eve (he gets the tree of life, she gets the tree with the snake) who have a volcano between them and are unclothed still at noon. Lovers is what it means, along with partners, connection, one-on-one contact.


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  1. Lori

    Divorce slowed you down, but now life is good with someone you love. Yes tobeing ready to really appreciate my next great love!

    • I love today’s summary (Guidance). Every word of it.
      Yes, that’s a great sentence.
      Thank you for participating.
      I learned that every day 100 new people visit this site, and every day 200 repeat visitors do. Yay.
      Now, y’all speak up, ya hear?

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