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Guidance     What happens before there is a successfully consummated romance or deal? What typically leads up to mutual cooperation, serendipity? – You come to a negotiation to experience confrontation, offer, rejection; and a compromise is reached that all parties concerned are agreeable to perform … whether the negotiation is about a love relationship or a business deal or a legal settlement. If everybody keeps doing his part it is because everybody receives what is worthwhile to him/her. Life is the art of the deal. Being the likeable person who starts the negotiation on a friendly basis, who offers and accepts easily and gracefully, means there will always be that influence in your dealings … you won’t have to hope someone else like that comes along.


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Knight of Swords – Three of Pentacles, Knight of Cups



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Tarot Readings: A Boyfriend’s Back (Knight of Swords and Knight of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Accepting a Contract/Offer (Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups)


Tarot Readings: A Boyfriend’s Back (Knight of Swords and Knight of Cups)

After breaking up my relationship, I’m back to being the affectionate boyfriend.


Break up with this boyfriend and he will come back and be a good man in a good relationship.


He comes back a radically changed man, agreeing to do his part affectionately.


After the divorce, a changed man is in a loving relationship.


After the divorce, she changes and has a relationship with a really sweet guy.


In a hurry to meet a warmhearted guy now that she has broken up.


My boyfriend’s back after we broke up our relationship.


Tarot Readings: Accepting a Contract/Offer (Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups)

We all get together and immediately agree.


We all confront one another in a meeting and the good guy is back in the deal.


Negotiations break off and they came back with an offer.


We are agreeing again. That is a breakthrough in the negotiation.


Time is of the essence in this contract. Agreeing to that is disastrous.


They reject our offer and then agree to a change in the contract.


We get together for a friendly meeting and suddenly we are on again.


When he opens a meeting, we all come to an agreement instantly.


His relaxed manner gets contract negotiations settled; he turns rejection to agreement.


Disaster recovery happens once you get them to settle.


The settlement blows up and he suggests another course of action.


A reversal in the court proceedings makes for a quick acceptance.


Go back and forth – offer, rejection and acceptance – to get a deal.


Settle this one fast, take the offer and run before things go boom.


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Knight of Swords – Three of Pentacles, Knight of Cups







The basic story here is coming to agreement (Three of Pentacles) through a process of accepting ( Knight of Cups) what was rejected ( Tower) – making that change ( Knight of Swords). This story applies to relationships of any kind. We apply it to romantic relationships and to business negotiations. First, let’s do the business and general applications of these four.

Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups Three of Pentacles is an agreement or contract and is the negotiation that forges the agreement or contract. Knight of Cups represents both an offer and an acceptance, and is also the fellow people like, who is agreeable, whose skill is to get people together. We all love those guys and gals. Both Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups are about agreement.

Knight of Swords and Tower Many of Tower’s meanings have the word break in them, for obvious reasons. Breakup and breakthrough, for instance. Tower is rejection, mostly. It also means disaster. (The illustration represents the original Tower of Babel account that appears in the history of various ancient nations.)

Knight of Swords today is about going back, changing, and about quick action. Two of its words are ‘immediately’ and ‘instantly.’ It can mean switching direction or sides, or a reversal, and often occurs in phrases about changing the mind. Most often, it means leaving or getting out, but not today. It often means speed or speeding, or a rush, but not today.





Applying ourselves now to the romantic story told by Knight of Swords and Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups and Tower. Three of Pentacles is a relationship. Knight of Cups is the sweet affectionate boyfriend. Tower is breaking up or divorce. Knight of Swords is coming back in a hurry.

Three of Pentacles and Knight of Cups Here we have a good man in a good relationship, a get-together with a warmhearted boyfriend, a man who takes initiative to do his part in his relationship. Three of Pentacles is doing your part in a relationship; Knight of Cups is someone who is out to please, who takes initiative, makes the first move to be affectionate.

Knight of Swords and Tower Both Knight of Swords and Tower mean suddenly, immediately, instantly, and Tower suggests drastically as well. They mean change, of course. Tower and Knight of Swords is a drastic change: breaking up, and coming back. (Yes, it could be going the other way, too – coming back and breaking up – but that’s less likely.

Knight of Swords and Knight of Cups A classic: My boyfriend’s back! He makes the offer again. A friend rushes to the scene to help. It can mean boyfriend runs away, too. Suddenly friendly again, or suddenly someone is your friend again.

Three of Pentacles and Tower A classic: Relationship breaks up. Of course it also says a deal blows up, or a contract is violated or rejected.

Knight of Swords and Three of Pentacles A classic: Leaving the relationship … or pursuing a relationship … or suddenly it’s a mutual deal.

Knight of Cups and Tower A classic: Boyfriend breaks up, or break up with boyfriend. Rejects the guy while he’s being agreeable, or nice guy rejects someone. Rejects the offer, too, of course. Someone has a temper while (you) were being nice to said person.

                                                                                                                                                                    SUMMARY OF ALL THIS

These four mostly describe a successful, consummated deal or romance.





Knight of Swords hurries back, turns around or turns things around at high speed. Adrenalin rush, excitement, great energy here. Knight of Swords is about reversals of direction, switching, changing, pursuing at high speed. This action can be immediate or instant. Time is of the essence, we are rushing this through. A sudden strike, or sudden anything. His illustration shows him rushing in pursuit. The horse is off the ground flying. He leans over the horse’s neck with his weapon held high.


Three of Pentacles Illustration shows the architect of a cathedral in a settlement meeting, demonstrating to his clients (a monk and nun) that the work was done per the blueprint, so he can get his last big payment. He has done his part, and they are agreeable. Three of Pentacles’ meanings grow out of this. A relationship, a meeting, a deal, agreement or contract in which each party or person performs his/her part. You are allies who have mutual interests and make plans and deals when you meet up, each person (or party) doing his (its) part fair and square. Three of Pentacles is a legal card too: negotiation, proceeding or meeting, settlement. We are putting our heads together. It is a mutually agreed upon plan.


Knight of Cups is your friend. He introduces you to his friends, and you become allies. Knight of Cups is initiating that first move, putting that hand out, being open to suggestion, and making suggestions diplomatically. He welcomes you. We all like him: Agreeable is his middle name. This card can stand for the offer as well as the acceptance; it doesn’t have to represent a person.


When he is the boyfriend, he is a human teddy bear, a warm cuddly puppy personality. There is something cute about him even if he is older, he is so relaxed. As the boyfriend, he takes the initiative too, of course. He is the one young girls say “Oh, he’s soooo cuuuute.”


Tower shows lightning hitting and destroying a tower and people blasted out of its windows. It’s the story of the Tower of Babel, which of course is about overthrow of the power people by God, who didn’t want them uniting all the nations. The drastic meanings – destroy, overthrow, explosion, forceful blow, eject, sudden attack (like heart attack) – appear less frequently, of course. Frequent meanings are: a sudden unexpected change, shock, break off, divorce, reject, drastic action, temper tantrum, break open or break apart. Naturally it also means immediate or instant action, or a sudden strike.


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    Life does come at you quickly sometimes, the cards are correct for the past few days

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