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Guidance      Some people do not do the work themselves but are successful and independent because of work that is being done.  It’s about being working-class or not.  It’s about your place in the scheme of things.  It’s about a woman and a man as a couple who each are successful independent people who do what they choose to do – Type A’s who don’t get to do things together.  


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Eight of Pentacles

Chariot – Nine of Pentacles – Four of Cups



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Tarot Readings: Workers and Managers (Chariot and Eight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: He and She Are Successful (Chariot and Nine of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Workers and Managers (Chariot and Eight of Pentacles)

He does not supervise her; she is competent to do the work all by herself.


She has nothing to do with his work, he is responsible for himself.


The work isn’t being done, but both he and she are competent, responsible managers.


Having a life of leisure is not compatible with getting a job done.


She is a competent worker but is not ambitious.


He is a competent worker but not independent.


She is responsible only for her own niche, she does not do hands-on work.


Both he and she are supervisors, not laborers.


Not having a job means you are on your own to achieve something.


What she is in charge of at work, you don’t talk about.


Staying home and not working is her choice.


It isn’t her decision to be working at home.


She has decided not to do her job.


It doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what you prefer and are successful at it.


Her job does not involve driving.


Both he and she are not working-class.


He decides to do the things she won’t.


This is not a job she would choose.


Both he and she are not interested in their work.



Tarot Readings: He and She Are Successful (Chariot and Nine of Pentacles)

Two independent types make a couple who aren’t in daily contact.


Her choice is to be independent and not ‘go steady.’


He isn’t a fellow to do things for his lady.


Being routine with one woman isn’t something he would do.


He drives to her house; he does not do things with her.


Her successful man isn’t involved in her day-to-day routines.


He and she are successful people who do not work.


It is not his intention to keep at it with her.


She is a loner herself; she does not keep trying with this driven fellow.


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Eight of Pentacles

Chariot – Nine of Pentacles – Four of Cups




Chariot and Nine of Pentacles are the male and female equivalent of one another:  successful independent Type A people who manage some enterprise and do what they choose to do. 

Chariot is the project manager, the successful strategist. He will accomplish his purpose one way or the other, whatever the opposition is: He is a warrior and a winner. The main practical meanings of Chariot are to choose, to decide, to be successful, to accomplish your aim, ambition, getting the job done, to ‘tack against the wind’ – that is, to use factors that work against your project to further it, which is what strategy is all about. Chariot is one of the cards that can involve spiritual expertise because of the sphinxes and some symbols on the card.

Nine of Pentacles is an enterprising independent woman who owns her turf and manages a life she chooses. She is usually single or living as if she were. She is often a proprietor of some sort, and often owns the house and/or property and/or business. She isn’t devoted to anybody; don’t ask her for a loan. She isn’t necessarily wealthy; the emphasis is on privacy and not being beholden to anyone.


Nine of Pentacles and Four of Cups are both ‘not interested.’ The main meaning of each is not accepting input, not being available, having nothing to do with … whatever. The emphasis in both Nine of Pentacles and Four of Cups is on rejecting anything else, not on what they have chosen.

Four of Cups is one of the simpler Rider Waite Tarot cards. You can see it means “No, no way; I am not accepting that no matter how many times it’s offered.” Four of Cups is to refuse; to not talk, admit or divulge; deniability. Four of Cups can also be ‘The buck stops here.’


Four of Cups and Eight of Pentacles together produce several applications. Together they mean: do not work or does not work; not doing regularly, not admitting or divulging what one is doing; not in one’s daily routine; not the usual. It can say “Don’t keep doing that.” It can say ‘not a worker’ or ‘not doing the job’ or ‘not the man for the job.’ It could also express ‘not doing that again.’

A carpenter makes one item after another at his work bench. He keeps at his routine. He is a worker on a job site. He is hands-on, labor, a workingman or working class. Eight of Pentacles keeps trying. To do routinely or regularly, steadily – to be steady: These are the main applications for Eight of Pentacles.


The romantic parts are difficult to phrase because there is no relationship expressed.  This couple is ‘ships passing in the night.’  Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  He comes to her house and they are not linked.


The remaining three pairs of cards’ meanings are:

Chariot and Four of Cups chooses not to, decides not to, is not responsible, isn’t in charge of, is not ambitious, is not management, and is not interested in success or in getting ahead. Also isn’t the driver, does not involve driving, doesn’t drive – re the ‘vehicle’ meanings. You can see Four of Cups here as a ‘negator’ card applying that to the main meanings of Chariot.

Chariot and Eight of Pentacles get the job done. With Chariot as the ambitious successful Type A project manager and Eight of Pentacles referring to work and working and worker(s), that’s easy to see. With Chariot meaning choosing and deciding, Chariot and Eight of Pentacles mean chooses the job and decides to do the job or the work. Also, choosing to be a working person, or aiming to get a job.

Nine of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles is her working at home; her being a manager or having a niche of her own at work; an independent worker; and she isn’t the one who is hands-on but is a manager or supervisor. It can also suggest she is at home from work, or isn’t working but staying home.




Chariot     Charioteers were the backbone of military success for a few hundred years. Here are some of Chariot’s meanings: The leader, the director, the man in charge, the project manager. Success and successful. Strategy and willpower. Will or intention, ambition or ambitious. The responsible person, the person who is responsible for the success of something. The driven or Type A man or person. Choice or choosing to. The manager or supervisor.  A vehicle, the driver, to drive a vehicle – and ‘vehicle’ includes boats, airplanes, any transportation device.


Illustration here is subtle:  His vehicle is hitched to two sphinxes, each of which will go only in one direction, so he hitches them so that their chosen direction opposes the other’s so they end up moving the vehicle forward.  He is using his wand instead of reins to control the steeds.  All very symbolic.  Idea being expressed here is:  Force of will is what gets you where you aim to go. Chariot also appears as advice to get the job done, to finish what you started, to be responsible and daring.



Nine of Pentacles    has it made.  She is independent, she does as she chooses and needs nobody.  She has her own comfortable niche, and she is successful in it.  Nine of Pentacles owns and manages something, and may be an heiress. She may stay at home to herself, a loner, and have enough money to run the place.  Here she is in what looks like a bathrobe with her falcon on her arm in her vineyard.



Four of Cups     is also not interested.  But it goes farther; it is expressing refusal. Not! – no way.  Illustration in Rider Waite shows a fellow with both arms and legs crossed and face averted from yet another offered cup. To the question ‘Will he call?’ this is a ‘no’ answer.



Eight of Pentacles     A carpenter makes one identical item after another at his work bench.  He is hands-on labor, a workingman or working class. Eight of Pentacles keeps trying. Doing anything steadily or regularly, keeping at it, a routine – to be steady. A worker, an employee, a person who has a job, a working class person. A job or job site. Labor (including political party called that).


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