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Guidance     Here are stories about giving and getting from others, exchanges of various kinds.  We have the generous woman who is supporting children, including adult children.  We have the mooching adult child (who may be in college?).  We have the independent woman who is a real estate agent getting information on old houses in the neighborhood to invest profitably in them.  We even have a grand love affair that is also sincerely old-fashioned.


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Nine of Pentacles

Six of Cups – Queen of Pentacles – Two of Cups




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Love and Love Affairs (Six of Cups and Two of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Real Estate Investor (Six of Cups and Nine of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Caring for a Child or Children (Six of Cups and Queen of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: The Politics of Being Manager (Two of Cups and Nine of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Love and Love Affairs (Six of Cups and Two of Cups)

She has such panache [style], she can have a grand love affair that is also sentimental.


She takes such romantic care of him but the sexual affair is strictly on her terms.


This independent dame is generous to her loves who are really sweet to her.


She is taking care of his children by another marriage at her house.


Caretaker type women go for the sweet love;  independent ones go for sexual love affairs.


She devotes herself to his kids, and this single woman is going to interfere in her love life with him?!


She is an executive but is easily able to get guys to pay by her little-girl charm.


Two women with money and houses of their own are having romantic love affairs.


He is romancing her to get money out of her and she gives it to him, but she isn’t attached.


She is expert on when to be independent and when to be dependent to get a guy hooked.


She survives the romantic bloodsucker she doted on: He’s a fond memory now.



Tarot Readings: Real Estate Investor (Six of Cups and Nine of Pentacles)

Her house is in an old neighborhood; the upkeep expense is a drain.


With her expertise, she can make money investing in old houses with hidden defects.


She lives in the neighborhood and knows the story to invest in the houses.


She is a real estate agent who handles the oldest houses.



Tarot Readings: Caring for a Child or Children (Six of Cups and Queen of Pentacles)

She is paying for a dependent adult child to live by herself.


Her very talented adult daughter is a mooch on her.


She is independent of the spirits that haunted her as a child, a competent adult who takes care of others.


She cares for her sexually-active friend’s children.


Her children live away from home at her expense.


Her kids take financial advantage as she supports her man, and she lives alone!



Tarot Readings: The Politics of Being Manager (Two of Cups and Nine of Pentacles)

She is the manager but another woman interferes by being childish.


She is very capable of doing, with dignity, the behind-the-scenes politicking, the favors.


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*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.

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Nine of Pentacles

Six of Cups – Queen of Pentacles – Two of Cups




Six of Cups is our stellar (star, focal) card today! Its meanings embrace romance, children, real estate, sweet charm, the home and neighborhood, fond memories and giving or receiving favors or gifts.

and here we find it in the company of Two of Cups, whose core meaning is taking advantage, using a person, interference, mooching, acting dependent, politicking, hidden motives, hidden defects, being an agent, getting a person hooked: the whole con talent list. Its illustration shows interference in human relationship by a bad spirit.


And what else do we have here? – two similar women. Both Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles are competent financially-secure women, women who have their own chosen lives. Queen of Pentacles cares for … and Nine of Pentacles proudly doesn’t. They both are in business life, Nine of Pentacles as a proprietor or owner of an enterprise and Queen of Pentacles as a backer and supporter of her family’s or man’s business. Queen of Pentacles is a people person and Nine of Pentacles is independent or even a loner.


All four of our Rider Waite Tarot cards in today’s messages are about dependency in one way or another:

Six of Cups is a dependent child, or a loved one being given to voluntarily.

Queen of Pentacles is devoted to supporting her man and/or family.

Two of Cups is the bloodsucking dependent – the mooch or con, the one who loves you for your money.

Nine of Pentacles has escaped all that and is independent of – and not lending to – anyone.


Six of Cups and Two of Cups are dependent, but in very different ways. Six of Cups is a young child being taken (good) care of, or a loved one being given something freely. Two of Cups is getting something out of someone who is not fully aware of the scenario.


Six of Cups and Queen of Pentacles are both about giving freely to another or others. Six of Cups is a love gift or a well-cared-for young child. It can be someone who loves you taking care of you. Queen of Pentacles is the supportive, caring, even doting family woman.


Queen of Pentacles and Two of Cups illustrate an all-too-familiar story of the woman who takes care finding someone who takes advantage. The generous gal and the mooch. The union of the giver and the taker.


Two of Cups and Nine of Pentacles show a woman who is independent whose heart does not bleed in a situation of being taken advantage of. The mooch and the wealthy lady. The manager who is being interfered with behind her back. Or the woman who is very capable of politicking.


So we have stories. Notice we have stories with no action card.





Six of Cups Little boy gives little girl flowers,  in front of a quaint old estate or apartment building.  The kids are well-dressed and innocent-looking, and the colors are muted.  Its meanings embrace romance, children, real estate, sweet charm, the home neighborhood, being dependent.


Queen of Pentacles Mother Earth here, the caretaker, the one who is devoted to someone (usually her man and his business).  Also the capable woman, the woman who manages the money or keeps the books.  With money in her hands (or lap) she is the investor as well.  Her throne is outdoors in the Rider Waite Tarot card, fertility symbols are around her, and there’s a hint of witchiness.  She can be a mob maven, especially with the matching King of Pentacles.


Two of Cups’ basic meaning is about third-party influence or interference. The caduceus is the tip-off that all is not as it seems, all is not well here. The caduceus is the snake-and-lion’s-head do-lolly above and between the parties. Meanings are boundless and include interference, mooching, acting dependent, cheating on a lover, cheating in a deal, politicking, hidden defects, a drain, being an agent, knowing the stories, getting a person hooked: the whole con talent list. It can apply to a conspiracy, to blackmail and embezzlement – plots and schemes of just about any nature.


Nine of Pentacles has been there and done that and doesn’t have to anymore.  She has everything she needs to stay home and mind her own business and enjoy her leisure.  She owns the estate.  The snail tells you it’s in her own sweet time, the estate tells you she has whatever she needs, the falcon tells you she is living a life of leisure choice – and so does the bathrobe she is wearing outdoors in the middle of the day.  Wouldn’t you like to be her?  Nobody asks her for a loan.


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  1. Anna

    Well it is my birthday tomorrow, so yes I suppose I will be getting gifts! I’ll probably go out to eat with my mom tomorrow, more festivities planned on the weekend. 🙂

    • Six of Cups is especially associated with birthday and Valentine’s gifts. It appeared day before yesterday too.
      Happy Birthday to Anna!

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