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Guidance     The contemplative person takes action. Inspired insight occurs to the active person. These two things create a balance. Thought without action is as impotent as action without thought. Activity on the spiritual plane depletes the physical body of energy but produces informed and inspired action. Mental work depletes the body of energy too, but produces great inspired ideas about what to do. In the same way, awareness you need money inspires you to activity! Flashes of spiritual realization occur when you exhaust yourself.


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High Priestess – Five of Pentacles – Hanged Man


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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Rapport Between Him and His Lady (High Priestess and Hanged Man)

Tarot Readings: Spiritual Perspective (High Priestess and Hanged Man)

Tarot Readings: I Know What I Need (Five of Pentacles and Hanged Man)


Tarot Readings: Rapport Between Him and His Lady (High Priestess and Hanged Man)

It strikes him he is not doing enough for his lady.

He knows what to do when his lady needs money.

Realizing she is feeling alone left out, he takes action.

He intuitively feels he does not have enough money to make it with this classy lady.

She has an aha moment that he is making himself miserable.

He gets it that, when he does that, it hurts her feelings deeply.

A eureka experience about why he is doing that sickens her.

She knows he does that because he sorely lacks insight.

He senses how tired she gets of him doing that.

He realizes she gets depressed about doing that herself.

Tarot Readings: Spiritual Perspective (High Priestess and Hanged Man)

An acute awareness on the spiritual plane numbs me to acting on the physical plane.

Psychic awareness on the spiritual plane leaves you too tired to get anything done.

When he does deep mental activity, it drains him to exhaustion.

I get flashes of spiritual realization when I exhaust myself.

Tarot Readings: I Know What I Need (Five of Pentacles and Hanged Man)

When she needs money, she knows what to do.

Inkling he lacks the research to get this done.

I get it: I don’t know enough to make this happen.

Deja vu: When she does that she makes herself miserable.

Mental activity is mental energy at the expense of the body’s energy.

Realizes being sedentary makes you tired, and gets to doing something.

Sitting tires us out and inspires us to go do something.



Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Tarot Readings – the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the messages.

*Go to Learn Tarot by Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in today’s Spread. All the words of each Tarot card reading you see here are a phrase-by-phrase translation of the scene pictured on those cards: no filler, no psychic impressions, no spirit guide. Word-for-word Tarot Verbatim™.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim™ works.

This is a group reading, with no Questioner and no Question to limit what the cards say, so there’s more variety – even contradictions – and also the pronouns are more flexible. If it feels like it’s yours, and it says ‘he,’ and you’re a ‘she,’ feel free to adopt it anyway.


High Priestess – Five of Pentacles – Hanged Man




High Priestess and Hanged Man converge: Both mean awareness and both can be paranormal awareness. Spiritual and mental acute awareness, they say when they appear together in public like this. Spiritual (High Priestess) insight (Hanged Man), or spiritual vision, since Hanged Man is visionary. Visionary (Hanged Man) wisdom (High Priestess). High Priestess is a fount of knowledge: See the book in her lap? An inspired idea is striking Hanged Man: He is realizing that. Note neither of these Tarot cards are talking about or dispensing what they know.

High Priestess and Magician converge: High Priestess is the Feminine Principle of receptivity, knowing, and knowingness, metaphysical wisdom and spiritual expertise. Knowing without acting.

Magician is the Masculine Principle. The Masculine Principle is activity: Acting without knowing. To do, to make, to be the one who does, to bring about or bring down. Metaphysics defines magic as will (willpower, intent), and Magician is creating what he wills, what he wants to come about … or to not come about.

The metaphysical gospel says the Masculine and Feminine principles converge to produce a result, and there is a whole lot to that concept.

High Priestess and Magician, or Hanged Man and Magician In our spread, Magician is acting upon the knowledge of High Priestess or the inspiration and insight of Hanged Man.

Five of Pentacles is Dark Night of the Soul, another spiritual card that stands for the exhaustion, the empty desolate despair that is a phase of spiritual life. After a peak experience, you know so much more that you are hypercritical of who you just were. (It passes, and you get to work – which Magician represents in this spread.  (Actually, all four of these cards have a metaphysical side.)

But not to worry, we found some romantic applications for these four too. High Priestess and Hanged Man have quite the rapport going.




High Priestess and Five of Pentacles Not enough for (his) lady. When (his) lady needs. She is feeling alone and left out. (His) lady needs money. She is feeling alone and left out. He does not have enough money for this classy lady. She is making herself miserable. She knows __ is making him/herself miserable. Hurts her feelings deeply. Knowing that sickens her. She knows he sorely lacks. How tired she gets of. She is sick and tired of. She gets depressed. Awareness of the spiritual plane numbs me to. Spiritual life drains. Spiritual when I am exhausted. When she needs money. Lacks the research. I don’t know enough/She doesn’t know enough. She makes herself miserable. Mental _ at the expense of. Being sedentary makes you tired. Sitting tires (us) out.

High Priestess and Hanged Man It strikes him (his) lady. He knows when (his) lady). He knows when his lady. Realizing she is feeling alone. He intuitively feels this classy lady. She has an aha moment. He gets it that she is deeply. A eureka experience __ her. Her eureka experience. She knows that __ insight. Insightful knowledge. Woman’s intuition. He senses she. He realizes she. An acute awareness on the spiritual plane. Psychic awareness on the spiritual plane. Psychic awareness from the spiritual plane. Flashes of spiritual realization. She knows. Idea to research. I get it: I know enough. Her deja vu. Deja vu: when she. Mental energy. Realizes being sedentary. Sitting inspires us.

High Priestess and Magician Doing for his lady. What to do when his lady. What to do for his lady. What to do when his lady. He takes action when she is alone. To make it with this classy lady. She knows he is making himself. She __ that he is making himself. When he does that, she is deeply. She knows why he is doing that. Knowing he is doing that __ her. Makes her __. She knows he does that. Doing that herself. Awareness of the spiritual __ acting on the physical. She knows what to do. Research to get this done. Know enough to make this happen. When she does that. A sedentary person gets to doing something. Sitting makes us do something.

Five of Pentacles and Hanged Man It strikes (him) that not enough. He knows __ needs money. He knows when __ needs money. Realizing __ is feeling left out. He intuitively feels he doesn’t have enough money. An aha moment about being miserable. He gets it that feeling are deeply hurt. A eureka experience sickens. Sorely lacks insight. Senses how tired __ gets. Realizes (somebody) gets depressed. Awareness __ numbs (me). Psychic awareness leave you too tired. When I need money, I know/When she needs money, she knows. An inkling about what is lacking. I don’t know enough. I get it: I don’t have enough __. I don’t know enough. Deja vu: I am miserable. Mental energy at the expense of. Realizes __ makes you tired. Tires us out and inspires us.

Five of Pentacles and Magician Not doing enough. What to do when __ need(s) money. What to do when __ needs money. Doing that will put you in the poorhouse. He takes action when __ is feeling left out. Making himself miserable. When he does that, feelings are deeply hurt. His doing that sickens __. Does that because he sorely lacks. Acts out of a complete lack of. Tired of him doing that. Depressed about doing that __self. Numbs me to acting on the physical plane. Too tired to get anything done. I exhaust myself. He exhausts himself. He exhausts himself. Lacks what it takes to get this done. Not enough __ to make this happen. Don’t __ enough to make this happen. Make myself miserable. Physical energy at the expense of. Makes you tired, and you get to doing something. Tires us out and makes us do something.

Hanged Man and Magician It strikes him he is doing. He knows what to do. He knows what to do. When he realizes __, he takes action. He intuitively feels he is making it with __. An aha moment that he is making himself. Realizing what he is doing is. He gets it that, when he does that. A eureka experience about why he is doing that. Realizes what he is doing. Realizes he does that out of. He senses ___ of him doing that. He realizes that, when he does that. Realizes doing that __self. An acute awareness __acting on the physical plane. Knows what to do. An inkling about getting this done. I get it: I can make this happen. Know how to make it happen. Know enough to make it happen. Deja vu: When I do that, I make myself. Deja vu: When I do that. Mental energy and bodily energy. Realizes, and gets to doing something. Inspires us to do something.



High Priestess High Priestess represents the feminine principle of being receptive and passive on the physical plane, and active on the spiritual plane. This card in Tarot Verbatim™ means the spiritual plane. She is sedentary or stationary. High Priestess indicates a woman who isn’t doing, isn’t going anywhere, and isn’t taking initiative. Quite often, this card in Tarot Verbatim™ translates ‘she.’ It means a single woman, a woman alone, a lady, and a quiet classy woman, and even a bookkeeper because of the book in her lap, or a secretary. She knows all, which brings up expertise, or an expert, research, data bank. Being quiet, along with the metaphysical expertise, often makes this card mean knowing and not telling – being secretive. High Priestess is studious and contemplative, quite often.

Five of Pentacles Out in the cold. Numb with despair, a mother and son who are in rags, wounded, in a blizzard, pass by the cathedral where shelter for the night and dinner await them. Homeless. Miserable. The core idea is depletion, doing without,  not having enough (being broke) as well as being sick, feeling sick and exhausted, feeling self-pity. Five of Pentacles as a spiritual card is aboutDark Night of the Soul, a stage of spiritual development that recurs, that produces the feelings we are talking about. Here are the phrases it produces today:

not enough

needs money

feeling left out

not enough money


hurts her feelings deeply

sickens her

sorely lacks

how tired she gets



too tired to get anything done

drains him to exhaustion


lack the

don’t ___ enough

at the expense of


tires you

Hanged Man ‘I coulda had a V8.’ Hanged Man is a sudden shift of perspective that reinterprets everything, that makes you realize you knew that all along and were not connecting the dots. The lipstick on the collar. That disoriented upside-down hair-on-fire enlightenment that strikes us. Inspiration and realization (or realize) are its most common words. Here are some others from today’s messages:

It strikes him



his intuition is,

aha moment

He gets it

eureka experience


senses how

acute awareness

psychic awareness

deep mental

spiritual realization

is aware



Deja vu

Mental activity

gives you the idea

Magician takes initiative, takes action, makes it happen, does. He is the one who does (it). Action as opposed to just thinking or talking about it. Exercising willpower. The male way. He is pictured in the act of making something happen, the tools of the magician’s trade on the table there. This card often produces any form of the verbs ‘do’ and ‘make.’



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  1. Liz

    Hi! My friend reminded me to read today’s post. I guess it hit home for her. I keep telling her to post here too!
    Today’s reading speaks to me because I’ve been so exhausted spiritually and depressed. I hope he had a eureka moment. And suddenly I have one…I’m making myself miserable hoping and waiting for him to get it. Now I need a nap.

    • You say so much in so few words. Your friend loves you, I can tell.
      I don’t understand how so many people can visit so often and not talk back. But, oh well, no one has to, you now?
      Hmmm, you sent him eureka, and it bounced back to you…
      Eureka does predispose us to a nap.
      Sleep tight.

  2. Jaclyn

    Action definitely required. I’ve had 10 days of training in Neurolinguistic programing. Same thing I did 20 years ago and did not put it into practice . . . thank you for the reminder that if I don;t practice . . things don’t change.

    • I hear that NLP can be done with tones of voice. (A client ‘accused’ me of knowing this!) Definitely practice: It can be a side income.
      Can you copy the book for Ben? Billijo is going to restore whatever is lost, but if you can just email it, Ben will get it faster.

  3. Lori

    Realizes being sedentary makes you tired, and gets to doing something.
    Sitting tires us out and inspires us to go do something.

    Yes, I need to get off my ass and get the blood moving again!

    • Me too, but I’m married to this site! I get up and move around and do a few movements. I’m with you on this!

  4. Ben

    How’s it going getting the ebook organised?
    I’m still really keen to read it… Any luck?

    • My secretary is now seriously going to Aweber to find all the stuff and get it done. The computer I created it on burned with the house fire. So … she is working on it. (Not my skill, unfortunately.)

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