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Guidance      Happy New Year from Tarot. We are talking about New Year’s Resolutions, and we even have two cards that mean that! Here’s our intention to set things straight, to do right, to make amends. Just as in real life, though, no action is mentioned, it’s all sentiment and emotion. “He gets the straight picture of things the way they used to be, and has to go back there.”


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Ace of Wands – Hanged Man – Judgment



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Tarot Readings: New Year’s Resolution (Ace of Wands and Judgment)
Tarot Readings:
Go Back and Make it Right (Judgment and Justice)

Tarot Readings: Realize What’s Correct (Hanged Man and Justice)

Tarot Readings: Things I Know I’ve Got to Do (Ace of Wands and Hanged Man) Tarot Readings: Make Them Do Right (Ace of Wands and Justice)


Tarot Readings: New Year’s Resolution (Ace of Wands and Judgment)
We think of making things right at New Year’s.

It is dawning on me: I have to go back to being straight again.

An emotional inspiration hits that I should start over.

I feel so strongly as I make a resolution about what should be in the New Year.

The idea strikes that I’ve got to redo – that I should do something over.


Tarot Readings: Go Back and Make it Right (Judgment and Justice)
Thinking again of making that one thing the way it ought to be.
An urge that I have to go back and make it right.
Realize this next time it’s got to be right.

Tarot Readings: Realize What’s Correct (Hanged Man and Justice)
Realize what I say has to be correct.
When you get the same notion the second time, it’s got to be right.
Now that I think about it, those are absolutely the right words.
I have to correct that now that I remember what (I) said.
A whole new realization that’s got to be correct.
Has to dawn on (him) when (he) returns to sanity.

Tarot Readings: Things I Know I’ve Got to Do (Ace of Wands and Hanged Man)

An announcement in a vision that justice must be done.
Thinking again that I have to go back where I belong.

Realizes initiating a lawsuit is top priority.

That’s right, I have to change their minds.



Tarot Readings: Make Them Do Right (Ace of Wands and Justice)

We know people who feel entitled to make us realize they are right.
Thinking up a new way to make them do right.

When police say that, you just know there’s brutality.

I got the idea I am making you do right next time.


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Hanged Man

Two of Wands – World – Queen of Swords




Hanged Man and Judgment both are about sudden realization.
Judgment and Justice obviously are both law cards, about legal processes. Judgment is more often the court system, especially the serving of papers or the announcing of a decree or verdict. Justice is more often lawyers, judges, police and other members of the industry.
Ace of Wands and Justice Ace of Wands means enforcement or force, and Justice is law and police, so they make law enforcement and police force. They also make police brutality, since (obviously) Ace of Wands is to hit or strike with a weapon. Other meanings for Ace of Wands is to make (or force) someone do something, or make something happen; top priority or ‘most important,’ and even ‘most.’ So Ace of Wands and Justice say that lawsuit is top priority. With Justice also meaning ‘right,’ these two cards in Tarot Verbatim™ say ‘Make (you) do it right’ and ‘Has to be done right,’ and other things like that.

Ace of Wands and Judgment We talked about Judgment meaning a decree. Ace of Wands means force. ‘Mandamus’ is a legal word that means ‘you have to, it’s a command.’ So Ace of Wands and Judgment say ‘Writ of Mandamus.’ It’s a higher court telling a lower court ‘Do this.’

Ace of Wands and Judgment And here’s our New Year’s resolution. Judgment is obviously a New Year’s kinda guy, what with the horn and meaning ‘to return to’ and ‘again.’ Ace of Wands is a resolution: I gotta do that.




Ace of Wands and Hanged Man We think of making things right. It is dawning on me: I have to. An emotional inspiration hits. I feel so strongly as I make a resolution. The idea strikes that I’ve got to. Thinking of making that one thing. An urge that I have to. Realize it’s got to be. Realize __ has to be. Get the notion __ it’s got to be. Notion has got to be. Now that I think about it __ absolutely. Now that I remember, I have to __. Realization that’s got to be. *Has to dawn on him. *Things I’ve got to do. Must be done … in a vision. *Must realize. *Got to occur to. *Thinking that I have to. *Realizes __ is top priority. Have to __ their minds. Make us realize. We know __make us. Thinking up … make them. *Make them realize. Makes (me) get it. You just know there’s brutality. I got the idea I am making (pronoun).

Ace of Wands and Judgment Making __ on New Year’s. I have to go back to. __ hits … start over. *Make a New Year’s resolution. Got to redo – do something over. __ again of making that one thing. Have to go back. This next time, it’s got to be. What I say has to be. *The second time, it’s got to be. Absolutely the … words. Have to __ what I said. A whole new __ that’s got to be. *Has to return to. An announcement that __ must be. __again that I have to. Have to again _. *Have to say. *Have to go back. Initiating a __ is top priority. *Have to change. A new way to make (them). When (they) say that, there’s brutality. Making __ next time.

Ace of Wands and Justice *Making things right. I have to be straight. Hits that I should. *Make a resolution about what should be. __ strikes that I should. *Making that one thing the way it ought to be. *Have to make it right. Got to be right. Has to be correct. *Got to be right. *Absolutely the right. *Have to correct that. That’s got to be correct. Has to … sanity. Have to be sane. Have to be levelheaded. *Justice must be done. Have to … where I belong. A lawsuit is top priority. *That’s right; I have to. Make them do right. Make us __ they are right. *Make (them) do right. *Police brutality. *Making __ do right.

Hanged Man and Judgment We think __ at New Year’s. It’s dawning on me: I have to go back to. *An emotional inspiration to start over. I feel so strongly … in the New Year. The idea strikes to redo – do something over. *Thinking again. Rethinking. An urge to go back. Realize this next time. Realize what I say. When you get the same notion the second time. Now that I think about it, the words. *Now that I remember what I said. *A whole new realization. Dawn on him when he returns to. *An announcement in a vision. *Thinking again that. Realizes initiating a. Change (their) minds. Change my mind. Change the way you think about. A new vision. *Realize things are changing. *Realize things have changed. A vision involving an angel. Realizes angelic __. *Thinking up a new way. When _ say that, you know __. I get the idea that, next time __.

Hanged Man and Justice Think of … right. It’s dawning on me: being straight. An emotional inspiration that I should. *I feel so strongly about what should be. The idea strikes that I should. Thinking of the way it ought to be. An urge to __ right. Realize __be right. Realize __ be correct. *Get the right idea. Get the notion … be right. Now that I think about it, __ the right. Now that I remember, I correct __. *A realization that is correct. A vision of justice. Realizing what should. Should have an open mind. Dawn on him … sanity. Sanity dawns upon (him/her/it). A vision that justice …. Thinking … where I belong. Realizes a lawsuit. That’s right: (their) minds. We know they are right. I know I am right. Realize __ is/are right. Thinking up __ do right. You know, when police __. I get the idea __ right.

Judgment and Justice __ right, at New Year’s. Go back to being straight again. *Should start over. *What should be in the New Year. Should do something over – redo. Again, of the way it ought to be. Go back and __ right. This next time __ be right. What I say __ be correct. When the same __ comes the second time, it’s right. The right words. *Correct what I said. A whole new __ that is correct. *Sanity returns. The return of sane __. Reawakens to sanity. An announcement that justice. *Go back where I belong. *Go back where I should (be). *Initiating a lawsuit. That’s right, change __. Realize __ is/are right. A new way to do right. When police say that. *Do right next time.




Ace of Wands A hand with a big stick obviously means enforcement, force, have to, must, gotta and so on. It means ‘resolution’ too here.


Hanged Man (If he keeps showing up like this, we will charge him rent.) His phrases are: realization (90% of the time), thinking, strong feeling, get the picture, the idea, the thought strikes, notion, now that I remember, in a vision, thinking up, you know, your mind, intensely emotional … for today. The illustration sticks in your mind and enacts for you how you feel when all of a sudden you realize you knew that all along yet it’s reinterpreting your reality without letup as you stand helplessly by.


Judgment A new phase, a sudden change, a big noise, a public statement, to return to a former place or state or whatever. Those meanings dovetail nicely with the concept of New Year’s, especially with the angel’s trumpet blaring out to raise the dead.


Justice The law says you should, you ought to, you are entitled to, and those are common phrases for this card. Police as well as courts, with the scales of justice and the sword of enforcement. Right, correct, straight, straighten out, sane and sober: All of these belong to Justice.



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  1. Jaclyn

    Emily, What a fantastic reading to begin the new year . ..

    • Isn’t it?
      Almost three hours ago, I put up the ‘real’ New Year’s posting. It’s just as upbeat as this one.
      “HERE ARE PHRASES FOR ALL SIX COMBINATIONS” adds at least a thousand words to this site every day. I labeled them so a person can skip them if in a hurry. Am working on streamlining the production of them. More than one person has reported benefits from that part.
      Anyone can call me tomorrow for New Year’s. I will be drinking champagne and eating potato chips.

      • Jaclyn

        Tarot is better than a 12 step program . . .

        • Never did the 12-step, Jaclyn, so I could not swear to that. However, potato chips and champagne are served in heaven, for sure.

  2. cat

    Thank you. I don’t think I will ever forget what a writ of mandamus is now. I did an experiment and pulled two cards from an online oracle – strength and magician. I remembered strength from reading the blog. It’s the phrases and sense of things that stick – the lady who gets him to do what she wants and like it. I had a rough idea of magician as a guy who makes things happen, and I looked up the old entries for more detail. I couldn’t do the two card combinations like you.

    I think a lot of those are from your life experience watching how the roles people play interact. I don’t have that, but since talking to you and reading the blog over the last few days, I have been wondering which tarot card different people would be, and wonder how I’d express different situations with the cards.

    Writing this, I got the sense of the world a God shuffling a tarot deck. It felt like we are just the cards he paints the pictures on, and I felt a sort of wink from him. That’s the best description I can give you for now.

    I do feel these things are the effect of reading the blog interacting with my life.

    • Thank you for checking it out, and for your report.
      First, your two cards say “You overcome your obstacle, doing it yourself, with finesse.” Strength is overcoming, including overcoming your own internal struggles with situations; Magician is doing it yourself. Yes, it’s also making it happen, so your two cards are saying: All by yourself you make what you want happen, overcoming any obstacle or resistance (internal or external).
      Yes, they also mean she gets him to take initiative and do what she wants him to, and like it.

      Roles people play as they interact: That’s partly from court reporting. You read voices, which enriches the observation.

      That’s subconscious material – the wondering which Tarot card people are being, and the idea of people as cards God is shuffling, and wondering what cards you would use to express different situations with cards … all that is subconscious activity, Girl. Especially the wink. And others too are saying these same things.

      We got something going here.

  3. Liz

    Going back to make things right sounds like a great idea for me or him. The action cards are probably not there because it appears to be too late to go back- at least for my situation.

    • Of course, after a really good talk, no action is needed. Sometimes the talk begin action that would otherwise not have happened.
      Either way, here’s to your very best outcome, Liz.

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