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GUIDANCE     How boring would I be if I never had difficulties?, I ask myself today. The glories of the straight and narrow are not apparent until you aren’t paying the tolls on the roads to hell anymore. The jobs that pay well are difficult ones (one way or another). Achievements that are hard-won are the worthwhile ones. Business people know that the good money is in a product that takes a pain away. Everywhere you turn, making the best of the worst is a good investment.


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Chariot – Ace of Pentacles – Devil



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Decides to Go Straight (Chariot and Ace of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Get Control of the Downside (Chariot and Devil)

Tarot Readings: Money and Trouble (Ace of Pentacles and Devil)


Tarot Readings: Decides to Go Straight (Chariot and Ace of Pentacles)

Decides to go straight in prison.

Right or wrong, it’s what I choose.

A sinner chooses the straight and narrow.


Tarot Readings: Get Control of the Downside (Chariot and Devil)

Problems mainly account for my success.

To be the hero who wins, you need an adversary (enemy).

Great accomplishment for a handicapped person.

Leader uses a bad situation to win.

I make the best of the worst.

Using headwinds to get ahead, you arrive just right.

Take charge: Make the best of a bad situation.

Getting self-control is worth the trouble.

Here’s the perfect solution to a nasty situation.

This is the vehicle for bad roads.

I get in control of my dark side.


Tarot Readings: Money and Trouble (Ace of Pentacles and Devil)

Driving a truck, making money the hard way.

Go for the hazardous duty pay.

Attachment to money is what makes me ambitious.

Choosing to make your money the hard way.

Hard-won victories are the most worthwhile.

Now that I’m successful, I can afford my vices.

I got money when I was disadvantaged; I owe my success to that.

I choose to give money to people who are in trouble.

There’s money to be made in providing an antidote to pain.

An expensive car is my vice.

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*AND if you write names of any two cards into the Google search bar, it will give you meanings of those!


Chariot – Ace of Pentacles – Devil



………………………       ‘Strange bedfellows,’ I said when I put these three down for our session today. Chariot and Ace of Pentacles are both stellar success. Devil is the problem, the trouble, the worst of it … and worse. Today is Devil lite day. Devil, in this company is being as good as a Devil can. Chariot is succeeding in spite of obstacles, and Devil is … yeah … an obstacle. Ace of Pentacles plays into this as the reward, as the straight-and-narrow, and as money.

………………………..     Chariot decides and acts upon the decision. He has the will to accomplish his purpose however that may be done. He is the one responsible for the success of the project, and he does succeed. A strategist, he uses every element of the equation to arrive at its solution. Inventive and even ruthless is Chariot: He delivers. I think of him as the Marines, which is close to what they were.

The picture is very stylized. You have to know charioteers were the war heroes of their day, the strategists. You should notice there are no reins and those are not ponies; they are magic sphinxes, and he controls their direction with his magic wands. (Definition of magic is ‘willpower.’) You should know sphinxes (mythical creatures, of course) have those reversed colors because some will turn only right, some will turn only left, and that’s it for sphinxes: They don’t go straight.

Our hero has hitched them to his wagon so that they are in one another’s way, and thus must tend to go forward by default. He is the strategist, right?

This picture depicts the idea of using factors that prevent you from getting there to get there, to achieve your purpose (or to deliver on the project you were hired to direct) despite all – and to ‘tack against the wind,’ – to use headwinds to get ahead. Today, we have a card that represents those adverse factors that are fodder for Chariot’s mileage. Devil is the adverse factors, is adversity, and is the adversary. To be a hero, you need an enemy, most of the time.

………………………..   Ace of Pentacles is a stylized Rider Waite Tarot card too: It pictures the ‘Right-hand Path’ of esoteric thought. The Right-hand Path is what Western civilization calls ‘the straight and narrow’ or ‘going straight.’ It depicts the idea that doing right is profitable. It is about the rewards of living honorably, in other words, and that can be applied to religious thought if the context is there to apply it. Today we have Chariot to bring out a vehicle on a road; we have Devil to bring out ‘right and wrong’ or ‘the best and the worst’; we have the idea that what is difficult (Devil) pays well (Ace of Pentacles). So Ace of Pentacles is success, is arriving at your goal – very similar to Chariot, except Chariot emphasizes what it takes to get there, while Ace of Pentacles emphasizes the reward of arriving.

You see, literally, the straight and narrow, and it’s gold to match the handful of gold coins held aloft the path. The trellis at the end of the path is victory, and the white lilies in the foreground represent purity.

Ace of Pentacles is about value too. It means things like ‘worth it.’ It can translate valuable, priceless, ‘owe my (whatever) to,’ and so on.

………………………..      Devil in Rider Waite is the medieval concept of the devil – the Horned One, with all sorts of satanic symbols and indicators so there’s no doubt. The human couple that is chained loosely to Devil’s perch look like Adam and Eve in Lovers, and Devil is above and between them in the same way the angel in Lovers overlooks Adam and Eve. The loose chains depict the concept that attachment to evil is voluntary, and you can get free at will. The upside-down torch in Devil’s hand represents ‘wrong use of force,’ or wrong use of life force. You could say it represents getting burned, or even hell-fire. The grapes on the tail of the human female could be picked up if your theme is an alcohol habit – because addiction and bad habits are Devil’s specialty. The horns of Devil are actually from a monster that became extinct in its large form, referred to as leviathan, which is a name Devil is called (I think) in the Bible. Archaeologists unearthed that monster.

Now, note our two cards here, Ace of Pentacles and Devil, both have alter-ego cards. Devil is paired with Lovers, as I explained. Ace of Pentacles (Right-hand Path) is paired with Moon (Left-hand Path). Both of them represent traditional concepts of good and evil. So this is a very moral and religious spread we have here. It would be more moral and religious if the third card in the spread were not so focused in real-world getting-things-done mode. Even so, we have the sinner (Devil) deciding (Chariot) to go straight (Ace of Pentacles). Put Ace of Cups in the place of Chariot, and you would have sermons. (You can research all these meanings by typing the two cards into a Google search bar.)

Also note that Ace of Pentacles is about possessing (my, mine, etc. – possessive pronouns) and Devil is attachment – another parallel these cards have in Rider Waite.

Difficulties are assets: That’s our main thought today. Get up (Quitcherbitchin’ as Ann Landers famously would say.) and grab hold of the bad situation with a strategy that you act upon until you’re done – until you have accomplished your purpose. We say the way to get something done is to do it right (to do right). We say that, to be a hero, an enemy or adversary comes in handy. To be an overcomer, you need something to overcome, right? We say willpower overcomes vices. We say it’s your problems and troubles that have made you what you are today regarding your successes. And we suggest this is a continuing process you’ve got in your hands right now.


Now we show where each of the phrases in each of the sentences comes from:

Tarot Readings: Decides to Go Straight (Chariot and Ace of Pentacles)

Decides Chariot to go straight Ace of Pentacles in prison.

Right Ace of Pentacles or wrong Devil, it’s what I choose Chariot.

A sinner Devil chooses Chariot the straight and narrow Ace of Pentacles.


Tarot Readings: Get Control of the Downside (Chariot and Devil)

Problems Devil mainly account for Ace of Pentacles my success Chariot.

To be the hero Chariot who wins Chariot and/or Ace of Pentacles, you need an adversary Devil (enemy Devil).

Great accomplishment Chariot and Ace of Pentacles for a handicapped person Devil.

Leader Chariot uses a bad situation Devil to win Ace of Pentacles.

I make Chariot the best Ace of Pentacles of the worst Devil.

Using headwinds Devil to get ahead Chariot, you arrive just right Ace of Pentacles.

Take charge Chariot: Make Chariot the best of Ace of Pentacles a bad situation Devil.

Getting self-control Chariot is worth Ace of Pentacles the trouble Devil.

Here’s the perfect Ace of Pentacles solution Chariot, and Ace of Pentacle is the ‘perfect’ to a nasty situation Devil.

This is the vehicle Chariot for bad Devil roads Ace of Pentacles.

I get Ace of Pentacles in control of Chariot my Ace of Pentacles dark side Devil.


Tarot Readings: Money and Trouble (Ace of Pentacles and Devil)

Driving a truck Chariot, making money Ace of Pentacles the hard way Devil.

Go for Chariot the hazardous Devil duty pay Ace of Pentacles. (‘Hazardous duty’ could also be Chariot for ‘duty’ and Devil just for ‘hazardous.’)

Attachment Devil to money Ace of Pentacles is what makes me Ace of Pentacles (as ‘reward’) ambitious Chariot.

Choosing Chariot to make your money Ace of Pentacles the hard way Devil.

Now that I’m successful Chariot, I can afford Ace of Pentacles my vices Devil.

I got Ace of Pentacles money Ace of Pentacles when I was disadvantaged Devil; I owe Ace of Pentacles my success Chariot to that.

I choose to Chariot give money Ace of Pentacles to people in trouble Devil.

You make money Ace of Pentacles providing Chariot an antidote to Ace of Pentacles pain Devil.

An expensive Ace of Pentacles car Chariot is my vice Devil.



resonates with your subconscious awareness!


……….………….      Chariot and Ace of Pentacles      DECIDES TO GO STRAIGHT Decides to go straight.*** Right … it’s what I choose. Chooses the straight and narrow.*** _ mainly account for my success. To be the hero who wins …. Great accomplishment.*** Leader uses _ to win. I make the best of _. You arrive just right. … to get ahead, you arrive just right. Take charge: Make the best of …. Getting self-control is worth …. Here’s the perfect solution.*** This is the vehicle for _ roads. I get in control of my _. Driving a truck, making money. Go for the _ pay. Money is what makes me ambitious.*** Choosing to make your money …. Now that I’m successful, I can afford …. I got money … I owe my success to …. I choose to give money …. You make money providing …. An expensive car.*** x..

……….…………      Chariot and Devil      Decides … in prison. Right … it’s what I choose. A sinner chooses …. GET CONTROL OF THE DOWNSIDE Problems … my success. To be the hero, you need an adversary (enemy). Great accomplishment for a handicapped _. Leader uses a bad situation …. I make the _ of the worst. Using headwinds to get ahead.*** Take charge of a bad situation.*** Self-control is _ the trouble. Solution to a nasty situation.*** This is the vehicle for bad _. In control of my dark side.*** Driving a truck … the hard way. Go for the hazardous duty. Attachment … is what makes me ambitious. Choosing the hard way.*** Now that I’m successful, I can … my vices. … when I was disadvantaged … my success _. I choose … people in trouble. Providing an antidote to pain.*** A car is my vice.*** x..

……..…………     Ace of Pentacles and Devil      … to go straight in prison.*** Right or wrong.*** A sinner _ the straight and narrow. Problems mainly account for. … who wins, you need an adversary (enemy). Accomplishment for a handicapped person. _ uses a bad situation to win. Use a bad situation to win.*** … the best of the worst. The best and the worst.** Using headwinds, you arrive just right.*** Make the best of a bad situation. … is worth the trouble.*** Here’s the perfect _ to a nasty situation. Bad roads.*** I get … my dark side. MONEY AND TROUBLE Making money the hard way.*** Hazardous duty pay.*** Attachment to money.*** Make your money the hard way. I can afford my vices.** I got money when I was disadvantaged.*** Give money to people in trouble.*** You make money … pain. An expensive _ is my vice. x..





Chariot……….. Chariot gets ‘er done. He’s got an assignment or a purpose he has decided to accomplish, and he accomplishes it come hell or high water. This card too is on the esoteric side, but this time the human is in control of the spiritual force, is positioned above and between the mythic magical sphinxes. Chariot is about having self-control and hence being in control of events: ambition. (Strength also depicts this concept in a spiritual way.) Chariot’s focus is strategy, particularly strategic action that results in success, because Chariot’s chief meaning is success, accomplishment, and being the responsible one – the project manager.

Chariot’s picture, which I explained earlier in this presentation, represents strategy: The hero here has hitched the sphinxes (who travel only in a right turn or left turn) so they oppose one another’s directions, and are forced to go straight by default, so he can control them with his willpower, represented by his magic wands in place of reins. Success is when you get the forces that oppose you to oppose one another instead. Watch politicians apply this principle beautifully.


Ace of Pentacles…………. Ace of Pentacles is about success, money, reward, being right, being on the right track or right path, and also being on the road, or the road itself. It’s a leading card for money, and it means price, to owe, to pay, asset, to own or ownership itself (as in stockholders even), to hold or to have in hand, or to have something physically in your hands. It means value and valuable, even priceless. IT EVEN MEANS ‘YES,’ especially if you have a ‘yes or no’ question on the table. (NOTE: As the first Self card in a Celtic Cross spread, it says ‘yes’ so strongly that, if the rest of the spread contradicts that, you should quit Tarot for the day, or at least pick up that spread as valueless.) Along with ‘success,’ Ace of Pentacles means winning, especially when money is involved. Put it next to Wheel of Fortune, and you have won the lottery, since Wheel of Fortune is gambling and is also a lucky event.


Devil…………. Devil today is on its very best behavior as a foil to two cards that mean success, one of which also is about the right path, being right, being straight (Ace of Pentacles of course). Today Devil is the obstacle, the adversity, the problem to be overcome. Always remember Devil’s fairly innocuous meanings, such as attachment, physical, sex act, difficulty-trouble-problem, and wrong. Devil can be a very heavy hideous card in other company. Devil can be taken literally as demonic activity or presence; it can be cancer or other awful illness; it can be the worst kind of insanity; it is the lead card for brutality and oppression; and it brings out the worst in nearby cards too, like Moon does. In other decks, this may not be so. In Rider Waite, Devil is obviously the medieval Christian horns-and-tail brutal devouring spirit. In the Marseilles deck, I read, Devil is more the Norse concept of the mischievous one, Loki, a prankster.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U. S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U. S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

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  1. Mary

    The dream fit so closely with your reading for today. I emailed you the details. Hope all is well.

  2. Mary

    I had a dream, and it was in the same voice as last time.

    The side of the coin has been chosen. At the end of the day, I, and any wise person will tell you, all you eat are your wounds.

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