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So you’re thinking about an Email reading.


Advantages of Email Reading

‘No, she didn’t just repeat what I said.’

‘I only pay $18.75, that’s it.’

I can’t get carried away.

It’s in writing: I can’t forget.

Forward it to a friend, or parts of it.

I get the pictures, I can Google the meanings.

PayPal has my credit card, not a psychic –

She doesn’t even know my phone number.

Can ask about someone without naming them.

It’s impersonal: No voice for her to go by.

No spirits involved, no energy reading here.


Disadvantages of Email Reading

It’s not a live conversation.

I have to give a specific question.

What if I don’t know how to apply this information?

I might have to wait for the answer.

I want more!


Advantages of a Phone Reading

I get to vent, to explain.

I get to know the type of person I’m talking to.

I can build one question upon another.

I call; she answers; we’re on.

I don’t have to set up another payment; I’m a customer.


Emily does not need names, birthdays, or any background to give you a direct detailed answer. The category of life, and the gender (if it’s not obvious) is all she needs from you, and a specific question.

Is the question about a love interest, a relative, someone on the job, parties to a lawsuit or business deal? – that kind of thing. That’s it. (You can say whether a love interest is married, if you like.)  If you want to give background, go ahead.

Here are some good questions:

*How does this person, or how do these people, see the situation; what’s their perspective and attitude toward me and/or whatever relationship we are in? That’s a good one; it gives you a lot of detail. We’re in the other guy’s head and heart with this one.

*What will I see this person/these people actually do in the real world in the next, say, three months? This question is from your point of view, using your definitions of the words. (‘Love’ means different things to different people, for instance.)

*Tell me about my business in the next, say, three months: How pleased will I be with it? Will I make a profit? Will I pay its bills?

*The joint view (of me and my competence) of all the people at work who have a say in my getting ahead there. A sister question to this is: Will I get a raise; will I be promoted?

*Who should I be, and how should I act, to make something (Name the goal here.) happen the way I want it to.

*I have some choices here. How will I feel looking back (six months) from now if I choose Number One? – Number Two? – Number Three? (This question is best over the phone, but it can be done as an Email.

Tarot Verbatim™ is language-based and literal. Your Answer will be based on your exact question. ‘What’s up?’ isn’t a question. The free E book on this site will explain that fully.

If you pay $18.75 and ask more than one question in your writing, Emily will answer only the first question, but will phrase it in such a way as to include as much as possible. You can always ask more later.




Question: I want to find out if my business will flourish again financially and with new and better clientele.

The last year and a half has been a struggle and though I would love to throw up my hands, I don’t want to lose my business.

High Priestess – Two of Wands – Wheel of Fortune

Sit tight, because for sure financial security will happen: a big opportunity is ahead.

High Priestess – Stay in place and don’t do anything. Wait. Sit tight.

Two of Wands – Your business has a solid outlook. Look ahead for a sure thing:

Wheel of Fortune – a wonderful opportunity, big stroke of luck (even a miracle).

Practical observation: This is probably a new, good, client that happens because of what you have already done, or what your business already is.

Knight of Wands – Sun – Page of Pentacles

You see fast progress and you get out from under the things that hold you back.

Page of Pentacles – is you looking at your situation, your view of it. What you see is

Knight of Wands – your fast progress (moving on out, moving on up),

Sun – and what you feel is the joy of escaping from the restrictions that held you back. There’s fun, free time, and even a vacation.

Ten of Pentacles – Nine of Pentacles – Six of Pentacles

The very things and people that are complications now, that are trouble now, will pay off for you. Out of the problems grows income enough for you to be content.

Here’s you collecting money and paying the bills fair and square,

Ten of Pentacles – and the situation has its problems, its problem people, its complications and troubles … it’s messy, yeah, but

Nine of Pentacles – it’s your business, you own it, and you are comfortable, content, beholden to no one: self-reliant.

Eight of Pentacles – Six of Cups – Seven of Pentacles

Work somehow is sweet. Doing business with someone from the past, or with someone you have known a long time, but not as you would expect. Doing business with someone you trust, too.

Eight of Pentacles – Here you are working at it like you always do – doing business –

Six of Cups – with an old friend, with someone you trust (and can trust), with someone you have known a long time or who is from your past in some way …

Seven of Pentacles – Who’d a thunk it? Unexpected, not predictable or probable. How about that? You wonder ….

Six of Cups is a romance card and it also may involve a favor or gift. Hearken back to Wheel of Fortune (the stroke of luck, the miracle) above, and we could be talking about someone who contributes in some way to your business, maybe even an old love interest or someone you grew up with. Note we have no partnership cards (and Rider Waite is full of them). So Six of Cups can be someone you hire who contributes to the business; someone an existing customer refers; it could be word of mouth about how well you dealt with someone’s difficulties.

This reading is very positive, which isn’t what I expected based on your report. The beginning spread that says ‘Sit tight’ is definitive. The other spreads support that notion. That doesn’t mean ‘Don’t do anything, wait for Santa’ of course; it means that past efforts are what bring the shift about.


General Information about phone readings:

(If you want to know it all,’ it is cheaper to telephone and pay by the minute.) Charge for telephone analysis of your situation is $3.75 per minute. The telephone number to call is 1 800 993 6912. Of course you don’t pay for the time it takes to verify your credit card; and you can use Paypal if you prefer. Your reading begins with the first question, and Emily will announce when your reading time begins, fear not. Even by telephone, writing out and organizing your questions usually saves minutes. You can end the session at any minute you choose, and be billed only for the time talked.


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  1. Kelly

    I am finding the posts by going to “Tarot Readings Past”. I don’t miss a day, if possible.
    “Recent Posts” below the scroll works for me also.
    No negative comments on your work!

    • Thank you. This is what I need to know.
      And REALLY thank you for that dedication of getting to them every day no matter what.

  2. Mary

    I read them, and I think someone else is too, because there is a comment. Short and sweet is best for now. If people are digging through the blog to find their daily post, you’re doing something right.

    • Isn’t that the truth? I wonder how many are getting atop Everest sans sherpa for the past week or two?
      The only comments I see here are yours and mine.
      This new company has a program to establish the site tech-wise. Hope it’s affordable – not sure about that, though.
      Am typing up a doozy – one of my favorite ones. Wait ’til you see it!

      • Jessica

        Hello! I love your daily readings,I ran across them not too long ago. They fit so well it’s almost scary at times! I am sort of paitiantly awaiting today’s reading! Kelp doing what you do! As soon as I can afford it I WILL be getting a reading from you! I’m actually a spiritual reader myself, so if you’d ever like to swap readings.. I’d be down *wink face*

        • Thank you for raising your hand.
          Share with friends too: Sharing buttons are on here.
          People who search for pairs of cards go to posts that are years old, and find it fits their day. Interesting, that.

          Writing your questions and organizing them often saves a third of the time. It will be a pleasure to hear from you. (I mind clients’ budgets.)

  3. Don’t know whether anyone is reaching the daily posts. So I am putting this one up, for your critique.
    What do you think?
    Is it too long? – too plain?


    • Nicole

      I’m excited about the new site! As far as today’s blog entry, I think you accurately described a lot of thoughts, concerns and questions about getting a reading. I look at the site daily and I’m really studying how you read. I try to read for myself by googling the two card combos. I find asking how someone feels about me is very confusing unless the cards are very obvious. I need a more specific way to ask about feelings.

      • Tarot ‘talks’ when you know the cards and put at least three together. Two cards at a time is like peeping through a keyhole – but hang in there. Keep doing this, and your subconscious will pick up the interplay that makes that three-dimensional effect.

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