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 GUIDANCE    Here’s a picture of you keeping the vehicle of your life reasonably on course and fairly consistently on the road as the terrain offers detours and challenges. You’re the responsible driver on the pothole-pockmarked commute to and from the place you live. The stupid places you used to go to made you the skilled operator you are now, and you get yourself where you are going maybe by turning your decent side on and off at times.


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Chariot – Two of Pentacles – Six of Cups


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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Silly in Love (Two of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings: I Decide My Life is Still Comfortable (Chariot and Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Choosing the Simple Life (Chariot and Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Leadership’s Vagaries (Chariot and Two of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Responsibility for a Child (Chariot and Six of Cups)


Tarot Readings: Silly in Love (Two of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

When he is in love, he drives around his girlfriend’s house.

It’s his choice to come to your house every time for romance.

He just can’t decide which one he is in love with.

You got everything under control until the minute you’re in love.

Falling in love with a boat rocker, when you’re the responsible type.

Self-made man keeps going back to his true love.

You can handle the ups and downs of your love life.


Tarot Readings: I Decide My Life is Still Comfortable (Chariot and Six of Cups)

You are getting your life back under control, back to being mellow.

Decide my life is going to be comfortable, one way or the other.

It’s my responsibility to get things back the way they used to be.

I am as responsible for the instability as I am for the stability.

We have made it a point to stay friends through one thing after another.


Tarot Readings: Choosing the Simple Life (Chariot and Six of Cups)

Deciding whether to stay in the old house or not.

Living simply in an old place with not much of a car.

Driving around in an old car I love.

Old-fashioned responsible people happen every once in a while.

The stupid stuff I used to go through made me the grownup I am.

The routine of driving to and from home, over and over.


Tarot Readings: Leadership’s Vagaries (Chariot and Two of Pentacles)

Very responsible leader has a very unstable life at home.

This goofy kid is in charge of the place.

You get ahead by turning your decent side on and off.

Mr. Type A’s recurring bouts of settling down.

Such a responsible person to have such a colorful past.


Tarot Readings: Responsibility for a Child (Chariot and Six of Cups)

Having a kid is turning him into a grownup.

This little kid is on his way to being a success already.

A little kid is taking on one responsibility after another.

The parent is ambivalent about his child.

Deciding to have another child … maybe.

He drives the kids around.

Whether to give the kid a car ….


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Chariot – Two of Pentacles – Six of Cups



……………….   First thing you pick up on, looking at our stable of Tarot here today, is the contrast between Two of Pentacles – instability, goofy ups and downs – and Six of Cups, the old-fashioned bedrock values. The story is established when you look at the third Tarot citizen here, Chariot, which is deciding, choosing and mastering. At first glance, these three are saying: So, shall we be goofy, or shall we be responsible, today?

…………………….Chariot is as serious as a drill sergeant in boot camp. Chariot is the project manager, the inner Parent, the responsible party, the leader of the crew; Chariot is deciding and doing, as well as getting it done … under budget and ahead of time. Yes, Chariot is that kind of determination and ambition. Chariot is getting ahead, succeeding.

The story in the illustration is battle strategy back in the day of horses and swords. Chariots were the main instruments of war strategy, and charioteers were the heroes of battles. The illustration depicts using all factors, even the ones that represent obstacles, as instruments of progress.

…………………….Two of Pentacles features movement: ups and downs, going round and round, rocking the boat, wavering back and forth. The movement can be stable as a juggler who can dance while he performs, or it can be the ships in a storm-tossed gale: Both are in this picture here. Two of Pentacles is in progress, is happening now, is going through whatever-it-is the cards are talking about.

……………………Six of Cups is the way we were, what we are used to, the good old days, old-fashioned values, the old house and old things including old friends and old lovers. Six of Cups is also very much about child, children, childhood, one’s background, neighborhoods, and the comfortable simple life at home.




We decide to go straight, as straight as we can in a world that leans both ways at the same time. So we need our own definition of the straight life, as the target moves. By default, we can revert to the way we used to be and the way we used to do things: That’s our decision. And it’s a decision that recurs dizzyingly at times.




Now we show where each of the phrases in each of the sentences comes from:




When he CHARIOT is in love SIX OF CUPS, he drives CHARIOT around TWO OF PENTACLES his girlfriend’s SIX OF CUPS house SIX OF CUPS.

It’s his choice CHARIOT to come to TWO OF PENTACLES your house SIX OF CUPS every time TWO OF PENTACLES for romance SIX OF CUPS.

He just can’t TWO OF PENTACLES decide CHARIOT which one TWO OF PENTACLES he is in love with SIX OF CUPS.

You got everything under control CHARIOT until the minute TWO OF PENTACLES you’re in love SIX OF CUPS.

Falling in love SIX OF CUPS with a boat rocker TWO OF PENTACLES, when you’re the responsible type CHARIOT.

Self-made man CHARIOT keeps going back to TWO OF PENTACLES his true love SIX OF CUPS.

You can handle CHARIOT the ups and downs TWO OF PENTACLES of your love life SIX OF CUPS.



You are getting TWO OF PENTACLES your life SIX OF CUPS back TWO OF PENTACLES under control CHARIOT, back to TWO OF PENTACLES being mellow SIX OF CUPS.

Decide CHARIOT my life is going to be TWO OF PENTACLES comfortable SIX OF CUPS, one way or the other TWO OF PENTACLES.

It’s my responsibility CHARIOT to get things back TWO OF PENTACLES the way they used to be SIX OF CUPS.

I am as responsible CHARIOT for the instability TWO OF PENTACLES as I am for the stability SIX OF CUPS.

We have made it a point CHARIOT to stay friends SIX OF CUPS through one thing after another TWO OF PENTACLES.



Deciding CHARIOT whether to TWO OF PENTACLES stay in the old house SIX OF CUPS or not TWO OF PENTACLES.

Living simply SIX OF CUPS in an old place SIX OF CUPS with not much of TWO OF PENTACLES a car CHARIOT.


Old-fashioned SIX OF CUPS responsible people CHARIOT happen every once in a while TWO OF PENTACLES.

The stupid stuff TWO OF PENTACLES I used to SIX OF CUPS go through TWO OF PENTACLES made me the grownup I am CHARIOT.

The routine TWO OF PENTACLES of driving CHARIOT to and from TWO OF PENTACLES home SIX OF CUPS, over and over TWO OF PENTACLES.



Very responsible leader CHARIOT has a very unstable life TWO OF PENTACLES at home SIX OF CUPS.

This goofy TWO OF PENTACLES kid SIX OF CUPS is in charge of CHARIOT the place SIX OF CUPS (but ‘in charge of the place’ is also Chariot).

You get ahead CHARIOT by turning TWO OF PENTACLES your decent side SIX OF CUPS on and off TWO OF PENTACLES.

Mr. Type A’s CHARIOT recurring bouts of TWO OF PENTACLES settling down SIX OF CUPS .

Such a responsible person CHARIOT to have such a colorful TWO OF PENTACLES past SIX OF CUPS.



Having a kid SIX OF CUPS is turning him into TWO OF PENTACLES a grownup CHARIOT.

This little kid SIX OF CUPS is on his way to TWO OF PENTACLES being a success CHARIOT already.

A little kid SIX OF CUPS is taking on one responsibility CHARIOT after another TWO OF PENTACLES.

The parent CHARIOT is ambivalent TWO OF PENTACLES about (his CHARIOT) child SIX OF CUPS.

Deciding CHARIOT to have another TWO OF PENTACLES child SIX OF CUPS … maybe TWO OF PENTACLES.

He drives CHARIOT the kids SIX OF CUPS around TWO OF PENTACLES.

Whether to TWO OF PENTACLES give SIX OF CUPS the kid SIX OF CUPS a car CHARIOT …. (‘Give the kid’ also belongs to Six of Cups.)





Chariot……..Chariot is ambition, success, getting ahead, and taking responsibility – being in charge, being the go-to person regarding an endeavor or enterprise. Charioteers were the on-the-ground battle strategists of their day. This is an esoteric card. Note he isn’t using reins, and those are not horses. He is using magic wands, and sphinxes are magic mischievous critters who travel only in a turn in one or the other direction. Mr. Chariot, our winner here, hitches them so they bump against one another and end up going straight by default. This is, of course, about playing your enemies off against one another.


Two of Pentacles………….Two of Pentacles might represent the movement of the sphinxes that present Mr. Chariot with a problem. Two of Pentacles is either cyclic, steady, or erratic movement. This is expressed by a combination of the ships behind the juggler being tossed on crazy waves, by the skilled juggler’s steady movements as he dances and keeps those plates or balls moving, and by the ‘constant’ math sign that connects the items being juggled.


Six of Cups…..Six of Cups is the stability we are nostalgic for. Six of Cups is the good old days as we need to believe they were. It represents innocence, childhood, warm fuzzy living and warm fuzzy friendships and loves. It is about children generally too. Today its stability is emphasized because of the story it is participating in for us.

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