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GUIDANCE It feels so good when you quit hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, we say. The joy of getting out of a hole, the joy of the butterfly emerging from a cocoon, is what we are looking at today: “So glad I’m out of THAT box.” Celebrate a promotion from a dead end situation. It occurs to me, eureka style, what’s holding me back, and I am so grateful for that. We are not helpless anymore because we share and support one another’s good life.


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Three of Cups – Judgment – Eight of Swords




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Celebrating a Recovery (Three of Cups and Judgment)

Tarot Readings: What Holds Us Back (Three of Cups and Eight of Swords)

Tarot Readings: They Said ‘You Can’t Do That’ (Judgment and Eight of Swords)

Tarot Readings: Being Stuck, Getting Free (Judgment and Eight of Swords)

Tarot Readings: Wake the Dead (Judgment and Eight of Swords)


Tarot Readings: Celebrating a Recovery (Three of Cups and Judgment)

Sharing a friends’ good feeling of recovering from a disability.

I change … going to be happy right here in the pigpen.

You love life since a near-death epiphany.

New money from partners revives the stalled business.

So glad I discovered what is holding things up.

Glad I am out of the box.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: What Holds Us Back (Three of Cups and Eight of Swords)

What is holding me back is the people I hang out with: Eureka!

Money was tight until we put our heads together and turned that around.

Get together with the deceased in the afterlife.

Now he realizes he is stuck with a party girl.

To keep everybody happy, I stifle what I am about to say.

We can’t get together, or there’s talk.

Can’t party like I used to anymore.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: They Said ‘You Can’t Do That’ (Judgment and Eight of Swords)

We are still friends, and they said we could not do that.

Telling women what they can’t do.

We all agree there’s no way we can do that again.

Says he can’t get together with you.

So glad you told me I can’t do that.

.. …….…  … …..

Tarot Readings: Being Stuck, Getting Free (Judgment and Eight of Swords)

Life after death together with people whose company you enjoy.

After being shut in, I am out partying again.

Gets out of prison and gets together with friends.

Out of my shell to enjoy my life.

We are so glad THAT can’t happen again.

Being stuck … getting free … celebrating.

We stick together, and we’re not helpless anymore.

Being promoted out of that dead end makes you happy.

We renew a defunct (dead) relationship.

.. …….……  …..

Tarot Readings: Wake the Dead (Judgment and Eight of Swords)

This party is loud enough to wake the dead.

I enjoy saying things that rattle people’s cages.


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Three of Cups – Judgment – Eight of Swords





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ………, Eight of Swords is all about being stuck in a bad place. It means all those words and phrases about being held back: stymied, helpless, blocked, can’t, unable, disabled, shut-in, locked up, contained, damper, stalled, suffocating effect, limited, impossible, stifling … and even dead. Well, next to all that is the release from it; next to death is resurrection or afterlife – in Judgment. Next to being locked in or locked up is being released, being free. If you could choose a card to put next to Eight of Swords, Judgment would be your first choice.

Looking to the remaining card, it too could not be a better choice: Three of Cups is celebrating, enjoying, sharing, being together, and friends.

So our strongest story is being very happy to get out of someplace you were stuck – you or someone else, of course.

It’s interesting that the Tarot cards on either side of Judgment are really elements of its meaning: Three of Cups is the happy rejoicing people; Eight of Wands is the death state.





Three of Cups      The story in this picture is that three women (and the card doesn’t always refer to women partners) are toasting the success of their joint venture, a pumpkin patch. They have shared in the effort, and they are sharing in the reward, and they are still fast friends after splitting the proceeds as partners or joint venturers in the project.

So Three of Cups is about celebrating, sharing, sharing profit, shareholders, a team or team members, being friends, enjoying life together, friends getting together, getting along together, agreeing and being agreeable together, the consensus, partying, being happy, feeling good, a business or enterprise that makes a profit, and a meeting of three people. [Yes, like Three of Pentacles, this card will volunteer that three people are involved or are present.]

Getting together for drinks, too. The camaraderie, good feeling, of Three of Cups makes it girls’ night out, dating, a party, party girls or debutantes or socialites or ‘the girl gang.’ Watch for this card to mean lesbian friends too, because one of the women in the picture has her arm around another – but usually that subject will be brought up by the question.

About the consensus: Three of Cups belongs to the consensus theme, like Ten of Cups and, to a little lesser extent, Three of Pentacles. Three of Cups also fits in with the ‘agree’ and ‘agreeable’ theme, like Lovers, Temperance, Ace of Cups, Knight of Cups and Six of Cups.

Judgment       The illustration here puts many trunks and branches to Judgment’s meaning tree. You see the angel sounding the alarm that wakes the dead on Judgment Day. You see people come to life after death. You see their coffins floating on a sea (consciousness, mass consciousness); you see the equal-sided cross on the angel’s flag, which stands for the meeting or intersection of the spiritual level with the physical level. You see happy people, and people who are glad to be free (of death of course). And you see the word ‘judgment,’ a legal word.

Judgment is the moment of new birth, of resurrection from a past life form, new life, new phase – the butterfly coming out of the confinement of the cocoon, getting free of the limitations or the box (literally, here in the picture!) you were in; that life-changing eureka epiphany; enlightenment and salvation and inspired life-changing moments; realization, discovery (including ‘discovery’ in the legal sense of investigating and including something coming to light in some investigation); ‘getting it’; that magic moment we drop out of our profile and into a new self, the awakening to new awareness, an outbreak of something, or ‘popping up.’ Judgment is leaving death behind for something new, untried, and we hope better. Judgment emphasizes the moment of realization, the waking up from sleep.

Judgment is a wake-up call … obviously; an alarm; a loud noise. It is also the playing of a musical instrument, especially a horn.

Judgment belongs to the ‘return’ or ‘come back’ theme … reverting to a former condition, state, or place, as the people revert back to being living creatures.

So some of the very frequent and more mundane meanings for Judgment are: again, suddenly, change, sudden change, news, publicity, go back or come back, and any of the words and phrases that mean to announce, say or tell.

As a legal card – which simply grows out of the title of this Tarot card – Judgment is being put on notice; a verdict or decree, or a ruling, including a final ruling. It can be testimony – a statement, what someone said even in a deposition.

Here are the words Judgment contributes to today’s one-sentence readings: recovering; I change … going to be; epiphany; revives; discovered; I am out of; eureka; turned that around; afterlife; now he realizes, what I am about to say; there’s talk; like I used to, anymore; and they said; telling; do that again; says; you told me; life after death; I am out again; gets out; out of my … life again; happen again; getting free; not anymore; being promoted; renew; loud enough to; saying things.

Eight of Swords       We have an uninjured woman, surrounded by heavy swords barely stuck in wet ground, loosely blindfolded and loosely tied, standing alone, far from the nearest building, in daylight. Sometimes we feel stuck when we haven’t tested the binding … and sometimes the binding is self-imposed.

Eight of Swords shares with Devil the idea that our attachments that limit us are voluntary: The chains are loose around the Adam and the Eve figure in Devil, and the bindings of Eight of Swords are loose too, and no one’s around.

The most general meaning of Eight of Swords is limitations, and a frequent word for that is ‘can’t.’ Eight of Swords can be that ‘I can’t’ or the ‘You can’t’ that vetoes action. It expresses the ‘I can’t’ that really means ‘I don’t want to and am not going to.’

Eight of Swords is trapped, frozen in place and paralyzed into inaction. She is in a fix, and the distant dwelling above on the steep hill can be a hint that the fix is social or family life. But the artist put it almost out of the picture because Eight of Swords is meant to be very general: any kind of limitation at all. It often translates ‘what holds you back.’ Even procrastination fits this Eight of Swords profile: preventing yourself from action. Eight of Swords can be ‘hands are tied’ or ‘tied up in a meeting.’

This card’s helpless feeling makes it the primary card for death. Naturally, its death meaning is infrequent – but real. Eight of Swords can translate ‘fatal’ next to a danger or disease card.

Arising out of its ‘limitations’ set of meanings, and along the lines of its ‘unable to’ meanings, Eight of Swords is about handicaps and disabilities as well as death. Paralysis of any sort (literal or figurative), limitation of movement, being in a cast – especially a full-body cast.

Besides its social meanings, Eight of Swords has some mechanical ones. Eight of Swords also means a container, literally, to be in a container (common for lost-article questions) and to be shut in, and ‘locked,’ including a safe, or a person locked up. Watch for it being advice to lock something up. In this vein, once in a while, Eight of Swords refers to a pen, an enclosure for animals.

So generally, Eight of Swords can mean: stuck, stymied, stifled, impossible, cramped, contained, prevented from, shut down, frozen, dead to, suffocated, ineffective, boxed in, void, defunct, and any such word or phrase.




We tell ourselves we can’t. We tell others we can’t. We don’t always mean it. ‘I can’t do that,’ whether said inwardly or outwardly, means things like ‘I don’t choose to’ and ‘I don’t want to deal with what happens if I do it,’ which includes having failed to do whatever it is. So we are thinking whenever we find ourselves using language that says we are limited, that we specify to ourselves what kind of limitation, and where it comes from.




Ginger, a Mountain Cur Pup at Home on My Stairs


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