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GUIDANCE       Purposeful change is our focus today. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, we see some result, some different scenery on the road of our daily driving. We make changes in course to get to a different spot than we were headed for. That place we are headed for is some goal – it can be love; it can be health; it can be God we seek. Whatever it is, we are making a turn heading out.


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Three of Cups – Nine of Wands – Knight of Cups




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Eight of Cups:                         Ace of Cups:                                           Hermit

1 pilgrim                                  God                                                       religious

2 change of direction                 love and cooperation                                sincere seeker on a path

3 quit                                      health                                                   doctor, healing

4,5 All of sudden                       I’m in love                                              at my age.

4,5 Suddenly                            the one I love                                         I am devoted to.

6 Instantly                               in love                                                   at first sight.

7 Putting behind                        my love life                                             to be celibate

8 Detour                                  safety                                                    road trip

9 it stops                                 leak                                                       looking for



On a mission: seeking God.

I leave here as a pilgrim to seek divine healing.

.. .. …….….       .. .. …..


Have changed course, and am on a spiritual-religious path.

From now on, I am looking for ways to be an influence for good.

Looking for new ways to make peace.

A changed man sincerely seeks to love you and to cooperate.

Am looking for ways I can change for the better.

.. .. …….…        … .. …..


Drop everything, and find a way to good health.

Switch doctors to be well.

Quit going to the doctor, to be healthy.

.. .. …….…..   . ..      …..


All of a sudden, this old man is in love.

Being in love when yo are older is life-altering.

Suddenly devoted to the one I love.

Sincere love changes your/his ways.

.. .. …….……         .. …..


Love at first sight is over before it begins.

Fall in love before you even know it.

Love happens so unexpectedly, you see it in hindsight.

.. .. …….….      .. .. …..


I’m done with love – color me a monk!

Looking back: this is he last love affair for me.

With the untimely exit of the one I love, I am celibate.

Looking for love in the wrong place, I get off that road.

.. .. …….……       .. …..


You will make a detour on your trip for safety.

Canceling a trip out of town turns out to have been a good thing.


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Eight of Cups – Ace of Cups – Hermit



                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. .. …….…… ..       …..…..The theme here is about changing course because Eight of Cups is doing exactly that on a road, and Hermit is on the road as a guide. In the middle is Ace of Cups whose many meanings fit into this in different ways, as you can see. Ace of Cups is a very religious-spiritual card – the most. Ace of Cups’ core meaning is a flow of benefit, putting it succinctly, but ‘benefit’ is many things, all good. The benefits include health, good living, God, peace, love, safety, cooperation (going with the flow). That flow of water pictured here can be taken literally, often as a leak, including leaking internal organs.

What is pictured here, stylized, in Ace of Cups is Holy Spirit (the dove) flowing through a person and communicating (the wafer) through that person’s five senses (the five flows) with human mass consciousness (the large body of water with the water lilies)…...,







Eight of Cups and Hermit are on the road. Hermit is looking and Eight of Cups is changing course. Together, they describe either getting onto or off of The Path or any thoroughfare. With Ace of Cups (God. Love. Peace.) between them, the change Eight of Cups refers to is getting onto The Path, or the better, safer, road.

Ace of Cups and Hermit are also both about God, and are both about health. Ace of Cups and Hermit classically say ‘seeking God’ and describe devotion to God. Together, they also translate ‘godly path’ and ‘godly man.’ Hermit is a monk who is seeking (seeking people to help, to be a guide for them).

Ace of Cups and Hermit speak of seeking good health, and they speak of a doctor who heals. Hermit is the doctor of course. Hermit is an old man too, so Ace of Cups and Hermit are a healthy old man. These two cards also say ‘knowing about health.’


Eight of Cups and Ace of Cups cover the whole spectrum of Ace of Cups’ many applications. To those applications (meanings), Eight of Cups adds any of the following: a change of course; suddenly; getting onto or off of a physical road of any sort; departing life; leaving behind (leaving anything behind for something else, a meaning shared with Six of Swords). You can see all the baby-phrases papa Eight of Cups makes with mama Ace of Cups.





When you are more experienced (have a few miles on you) – or when you are older and wiser – you look where you are going. When you look where you are going, you naturally plot a course to where you want to end up. Having plotted the course, you naturally change that course because you are looking where you are going. We remind ourselves of this today.






Turkey my Soul Sister



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  1. Kelly

    Changed course in my love life. Made a better choice I think.
    This reading suits the situation.

  2. I bet it will. He’s really ‘ex’ now.
    And you are on your way.

  3. Lori

    The Ex is getting remarried today. Maybe this will be a good thing for me 🙂

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