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GUIDANCE       We are home today, the domestic scenes of a husband, a woman who takes care, and a child. We have a story about a woman who manages her wild man – or her impulsive uninhibited passionate husband and his maverick kid. We have a story of a woman who supports her man, or her man and his child. A lady can do well for herself if her man leaves because she has money of her own. Another lady made Boy Toy her husband, and yet another’s guy is too young to be her husband.


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Sun – Queen of Pentacles – King of Wands




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: She Manages for the Guy (Sun and Queen of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: A Man to Enjoy (Sun and King of Wands)

Tarot Readings: The Wife and the Husband (Queen of Pentacles and King of Wands)


Tarot Readings: She Manages for the Guy (Sun and Queen of Pentacles)

A man is thrilled that she manages his money.

She manages the business to free Husband up.

Her playboy son is now a married man.

She supports Husband’s son.

She enjoys supporting her husband.

Her guy is too young to be her husband.

Now that she is free of Husband, she has money of her own.

.. …….….       .. …..

Tarot Readings: A Man to Enjoy (Sun and King of Wands)

Husband leaves the house with the kid so she can handle things there.

If Husband leaves her, she has her own money to run things.

She has a playful passionate man all to herself.

She went and made Boy Toy her husband.

She can manage a hot-blooded irritable fun fellow.

She gets out of the house on vacation with her husband.

Enjoy the company of a passionate man: You can do it, Girl.

.. …….……        …..

Tarot Readings: The Wife and the Husband (Queen of Pentacles and King of Wands)

He is the husband of a caring woman, and he has a son too.

She takes care of her husband and child.

She and her husband skilfully bring up a happy boy-child.

She and Husband make one another happy.

She and Husband are on a trip with their child.

He gets mad and stomps out of that possessive woman’s house.

When he is irritated, he gets out from under the wife who manages him so well.

Her man is one of those impulsive boyish guys, and she can do it.

He isn’t bound by his wife’s house rules.

Kid leaves mama’s place to be with daddy.

She is the wife of a wild man and the mother of a wild son.

The maverick is with a woman who can handle him, and has a kid too.

Her man is a working man and she is happy.


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Sun – Queen of Pentacles – King of Wands





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..…………, It’s easy to see Queen of Pentacles, the woman who manages her husband’s affairs and cares for him and the family, taking care of Sun, a boy-child, and taking care of the wild passionate edgy workingman, King of Wands. So our stories are about a family. That’s all we’ve got here, with these three Rider Waite Tarot cards.

… ….. Sun and King of Wands are two fellows with similar personalities: uninhibited, impulsive, funloving, and reckless.

Sun and King of Wands, since Sun can be a boy, are a natural father-son pair, with kid a chip off the old block. Sun and King of Wands say a happy (Sun) husband – hence, a happily married man. These two cards also say ‘happy with this man as a husband or as her man’ when you add a woman card – especially Queen of Cups or Queen of Pentacles, both of whom are attached to ‘her man.’ And with that ‘woman’ card, these two say ‘gets married and has a kid.’ She is also happy with a fun guy, and/or married to a fun guy, since Sun is funloving and so is King of Wands, who is the husband card.

Sun is getting out of the house, even going on vacation, and King of Wands is a husband and a funloving man, so this pair of cards can tell a story about going on vacation or getting out with Husband or ‘her man’ for some fun or for vacation.

Sun brings out the bratty (childish) side of King of Wands, who is renowned as: uninhibited, impulsive, reckless, funloving, touchy or edgy, frustrated, irritated, ill-tempered, passionate, frisky, a party boy. So you have phrases like: Husband, the playboy; a childish guy; impulsive party boy; married to the playboy; a cranky workingman.

Sun is about being free of restrictions, cutting loose, being reckless, breaking the house rules, getting out from under, and just getting out. So we have phrases like: Isn’t bound by her house rules; impulsive fellow cuts loose; uninhibited in his juvenile temper; free to express my snarly side; and even ‘gets free of the (cranky?) husband.’

Sun also means ‘young’ or ‘boyish.’ So we have: too young to be a husband; that little guy she is married to; young boys are for fun; made Boy-toy a husband.

.. ………… ….. Sun and Queen of Pentacles    Here we have the responsible woman who supports (with money and with nurturing), who cares, who handles and who is in charge, and the boy-child, son, young fellow, or playboy-type man. We have her making him happy. We also have the idea of leaving her house, since Sun is leaving a house. And we have his woman enjoying him/his company, since Sun means ‘to enjoy’ and Queen of Pentacles can be possessive both in the language sense of ‘possessive’ and in the psychological sense of ‘possessive.’

With these meanings relating to one another, Sun and Queen of Pentacles make the following phrases: She cares for the child or the kid; she makes the child happy; her and (her) child; she is with the children; she can handle the wild child; she enjoys and cares for (her man and) the child; she enjoys his company; she gives him something that makes him happy; she enjoys his company; she is a happy woman. These two can be about the possessive, overprotective mama.

Queen of Pentacles is associated with money, and with supporting family members or a cause she is fond of. Queen of Pentacles is the generous woman – keep that in mind. This gives Sun and Queen of Pentacles phrases like: she supports her husband; she supports her husband’s child or son; she gives him money; he is happy (Sun) to have her handle the money.

Sun means to leave a house, since the boy is leaving (yeah, sneaking out – but leaving nevertheless) his home. So Sun and Queen of Pentacles make stories like: take the child out of the house while she handles; child leaves mama’s place; he is leaving her home; she gets out of the house for a break, or for some fun – or even to party if there is a nearby card that brings out the ‘party’ side of Sun.

… ….. Queen of Pentacles and King of Wands put together ‘the woman who takes care of her man,’ who handles the money, who backs her man including in his business, and the husband, the edgy irritable workingman. These two pair up as well as Queen of Wands and King of Wands, which are the traditional ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ cards. Queen of Pentacles specifically is the matriarch of the family or even of the clan, so she is even more strongly ‘the mama’ than Queen of Wands. Queen of Wands is looking at the kids to make them behave, and Queen of Pentacles is the nurturing, even possessive, mother. Both of these woman are competent managers in business as well.

Queen of Pentacles and King of Wands, since they are this domestic pair, own quite a few such phrases, some of which are: He is the husband of a caring woman; She takes care of her husband; she and her husband skilfully; she and Husband; He gets mad at the possessive woman; He is irritated by the wife who handles him so well; she can handle one of those impulsive guys; his wife’s house rules; mama’s place and daddy; She is the wife of a wild man; the maverick is with a woman who can handle him; her man is a working man. There are plenty more of these. I think you can take it from here!






Sun      What we have here is a little brat who sneaks out of the house without any clothes on to play on a surly pony bareback and free-handed at midday. ‘Tis true he is having the time of his little (short) life, but this is reckless behavior. (This card itself does not presage or suggest any consequences upcoming.)

So Sun belongs to phrases about (1) being a kid, (2) being reckless and impulsive; (3) being happy, frolicking, even being on vacation, (4) leaving the house or ducking out or escaping – including escaping the rules or restrictions.

Actual phrases for these are typically: (1) boy; boy-child; son; young; boyish; too young to be; Boy-toy; playboy; (2) reckless; reckless man; brat; uninhibited; impulsive; (3) happy; enjoy; fun; funloving; a break or a vacation; (4) leaving the house; getting out; sneaking out; ducking the rules; escaping restrictions.

Queen of Pentacles    Queen of Pentacles supports generously and is capable and able. ‘She can.’ She has money or handles money, she is running a place (business or farm or estate or enterprise). This savvy woman is a solid member of a family or even the matriarch of a clan. She is fiercely loyal: Her values are their values and she stands up for whatever she was born to. and she can baby her man or her boy to the point of being possessive as well. She is pictured here in Rider Waite Tarot outdoors on solid ground (no water on her throne!) surrounded by a bunny for fertility, and by verdant growth. Here, she is the wife and the mother, and is part of a mutually devoted couple.

But Queen of Pentacles is associated with money, management, and being skilled, as well as investing and contributing. She is generous to causes she believes in. She may support her husband and/or family – even relatives.

King of Wands    King of Wands is not one to restrain himself. Uninhibited, impulsive, unpretentious. He is famous for his temper. He is the main husband and ‘married man’ card in Tarot Verbatim™ as Queen of Wands is the main wife card. King of Wands also translates ‘husband material’ and ‘the fellow she married.’

Our King of Wands’ job is probably hands-on. He keeps his world the size he can be sure of, so he is usually self-confident and capable. He has that edgy, uncultivated, irritated – maybe frustrated and maybe hostile – grumpy and cranky dude aspect. Probably a sports fan, maybe a good-ole-boy. Although the ‘average man’ sort of person, he can be the stockbroker or inhabit corporate America, or run for office. He is an us-versus-them believer.

Think Merle Haggard’s country songs. Think Archie Bunker. Think shades of Harry Truman.






Remember Peter Pan and Wendy? He was the reckless feckless adventurer, always off on some tangent, and she was taking care of him, nurturing him, mothering him. He disregarded but depended upon her. We have that story, and ones similar to it today, in some snapshots of domestic scenes and domestic arrangements.





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