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GUIDANCE      Being mindful of ‘the rules’ – of the road signs and the unspoken understandings of what is considered proper – so as to deliberately, consciously either follow or excuse ourselves from them … either adhere to them get out of them. We are looking at where we, personally, place that marker between the extremes of conventional and wild. Of course, our decisions and our determinations are not as to all the rules all the time, but on a case-by-case basis. ‘Some things are negotiable, and some are not’ in our personal life philosophies, and it’s best to hang out most of the time with people whose marker is approximately where you have your own parked.


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Hierophant – Knight of Pentacles – Six of Wands




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Tarot Readings: I’m Sure I’m Okay (Hierophant and Knight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: They Way They Are, and the Way They Seem (Hierophant and Six of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Conforming to the Program (Hierophant and Six of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Got to Play the Role (Knight of Pentacles and Six of Wands)


Tarot Readings: I’m Sure I’m Okay (Hierophant and Knight of Pentacles)

In a crooked world, I am real for sure.

I am sure I am okay in spite of some games being played.

You can be sure that even the safest course has unintended consequences.

Make sure you look respectable.

I usually act sure of myself.

Be mindful of your physical appearance.

A plain man is ambitious in the real physical world.

I see how I make commitments to people who take advantage.

.. .. …….…   … .. …..

Tarot Readings: They Way They Are, and the Way They Seem (Hierophant and Six of Wands)

I think about the way things are, and the way they seem to be.

His perspective is that he was tricked into committing.

I see the routines, the rituals, sucking me in.

Looking at it, this only seems to be a good place.

Pretending to be sober: I know that one!

Focus: You are being distracted from the facts.

.. .. …….…   … .. …..

Tarot Readings: Conforming to the Program (Hierophant and Six of Wands)

I aim to go along with this program for my own good.

It takes willpower to conform, to go along with a program.

I will pass this program any way I can.

A dogma has programmed this person’s mindset.

When it’s your agenda, you think it’s clean.

To be a crook, you have to look honest.

I know when I’m conforming and when I’m faking it.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, behaving myself is my priority.

.. .. …….…… .   . …..

Tarot Readings: Got to Play the Role (Knight of Pentacles and Six of Wands)

I put all my energy into seeming to be okay.

Looking to sleaze out and still look good.

You’ve got to play the role when you’re in church.

Watching them pretend to be straight.

He knows how to bend the rules.

A traditional belief that is counterproductive.


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Hierophant – Knight of Pentacles – Six of Wands





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. .. …….…… .. …..………, This is an interesting spread. To the left is Hierophant the Pope, the well-behaved by-the-book straight arrow conventional person. To the right is the opposite type of people: the crook, the schemer, the con artist, the white-collar criminal and sleazeball who did you wrong, who honors no ethics and no rules. The sociopath.

And what do we have in the middle? – deciding, taking a good look, being very mindful … and self-interest. So Knight of Pentacles can apply to putting one’s whole energy into doing right and being decent (the influence of Hierophant), or can apply to actively taking foul advantage of one’s fellows (the influence of Six of Wands). And here we have both, and we have only that: We have stories.

                                                             Hierophant and Knight of Pentacles      Hierophant and Knight of Pentacles express a focus on physical, ordinary, real-world, established means to an end. These two Rider Waite Tarot cards also describe a plain man who is ambitious in the real physical ordinary world.

…….…..………………………. Hierophant and Six of Wands Hierophant and Six of Wands are the heart of our message. These are the two cards that contrast the crooked, Six of Wands, and the straight, Hierophant. (There are two categories in the one-sentence Tarot Readings that cover this; you can go up there and read all of them.] Six of Wands and Hierophant say the con artist is so respectable. They say ‘Playing it straight in a crooked world.’ They state the routine, the rituals, suck us in. People pretending to be straight. It’s so real when you are fooling yourself. Your own sneaky agenda seems clean to you. Here is the clash.

…….…..………………………. Knight of Pentacles and Six of Wands      Knight of Pentacles is focusing on one thing, is self-interest, is putting energy on one thing, is looking or watching, and is believing. These things apply to the many meanings of Six of Wands – things like pretending, playing a role, sleazing out, taking foul advantage. Six of Wands is the crook, the con artist, the sociopath, a deliberate doer of great harm who sets up a trap. Bernie Madof, for instance, would qualify. But this pair can also simply say ‘putting my energy into playing my role.’






Hierophant      Hierophant is the pope, and he is doing what he usually and routinely does. Hierophant means being decent, behaving, conforming, the official story, committing, the usual, the ordinary, normal and okay. This Rider Waite Tarot card is in bad company today: Six of Wands is pretending to be all the things Hierophant is. Hierophant is harmless; Six of Wands is pretending to be harmless. Hierophant means the official appearance, the face of things, and Six of Wands is putting on a false face. And on down the line: the actual physical real and real-world thing versus the fake.

Knight of Pentacles    Here is this sturdy muscled fellow on his sturdy muscled horse. The horse is stopped, and the man stares intensely at what he holds, which is money (Pentacles are coins.) The main point of Knight of Pentacles is the focus, the concentration. The energy. The determination: These too. A common phrase for Knight of Pentacles is ‘one thing on his mind.’ Today, though, strung between the real thing, Hierophant, and the appearance of it, Six of Wands, our Knight of Pentacles is mainly knowing the difference. This idea is phrased in quite a few ways, but it all boils down to the same thing.

Six of Wands      In our illustration here, King Richard III of England is being lured to chase some Arabs and win a battle against them … and get kidnapped and held for life so the next in line to the throne can be king. (The same kidnapping scene happened to Joan of Arc.) So Six of Wands in Tarot Verbatim™ is about a pretense designed to harm, is about scheming, a plot, a double-cross, pulling off some caper. It is about the con artist, even on a Bernie Madof scale. Six of Wands is all about intrigue, betrayal, pretense, false friends and people who have a use for you. Games People Play.

Six of Wands applies from the perspective of the victim as well, bringing on a fresh set of meanings about us falling for that seal of approval, that label, that dogma, buying into the facade believing ‘something’s in it for me.’  (Note those Hierophant meanings there.) We join a campaign, we work for a company, we take up with a person … that we think ‘is on our side,’ and it turns out we’ve been had.





What seems to be, and what’s real. Being for real versus playing the role. We contrast ‘I see the routines, the rituals, sucking me in’ with ‘I aim to go along with this program for my own good,’ making the point that playing a role isn’t, per se, a bad thing.


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