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GUIDANCE          All about treating the ones you love right: That’s where we are right now. Past loves, even first loves, are often the reason we treat our current love partner or love interest right. Being romantic when you are in love is, well, correct form! And having a love child is so rewarding.


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Six of Pentacles – Six of Cups – Lovers




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Tarot Readings: Treat One Another Right and Lovingly (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Lovers Pay Up (Six of Pentacles and Lovers)

Tarot Readings: Lovers in Love (Six of Cups and Lovers)


Tarot Readings: Treat One Another Right and Lovingly (Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups)

Paying for our little house together.

We treat one another lovingly because we love one another.

Together in juvenile court.

They are innocent in a court of law.

Having children is right for us.

Children get attention from us.

Let’s do romantic love right.

Giving: the warm part of my love life.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Lovers Pay Up (Six of Pentacles and Lovers)

We jointly pay the expenses of the old house.

Giving money to someone I loved back then.

Hey, give romantic gifts to anyone you love.

I give presents to people I am in contact with.

Give me life the way we used to be!

Together, you buy a cozy quaint old house.

Loves you as much as he/she used to when it’s time to pay up.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Lovers in Love (Six of Cups and Lovers)

In court now about a lover you have a child with.

My lover treats me like a child.

It’s our baby; we pay for it.

Give your lover a birthday present.

We chip in together to purchase a fine old home.

You get something from a childhood sweetheart.

Having a love child is so rewarding.

A love gift you deserve.

We are still there with the old-fashioned right way of life.

Being with you on your birthday is my gift.



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Six of Pentacles – Six of Cups – Lovers





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..…………, Look at the pictures: Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups show giving and receiving – show an exchange. Six of Pentacles emphasizes ‘right’ and means to pay attention, and to pay money. Six of Cups emphasizes sweetness, loving, romance, the past, and children.

And what is the other card?, we ask ourselves. Lovers. Lovers is ‘us’ and ‘we’ and ‘together’ and it means to be partners, to contact and to connect. Obviously, it means lovers too.

So Six of Cups and Lovers both mean being in love. Six of Cups emphasizes sweetness, romance, tenderness, innocence, the past (old friends, old lovers, childhood sweethearts).

So our point in today’s message is that past loves are the reason we can be sweet and romantic and generous to our current love partner or love interest. Our childhood sweethearts contribute to our present connection with love.

.. …….…  .Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups says both ‘juvenile court’ and ‘child support’ because Six of Pentacles is court proceedings, and Six of Cups is about children. These two in Tarot Verbatim™ also say things like: romantic exchanges; loving attention; to live with someone you love is worth it; pays his girl’s share; treating you right and loving you; paying for a baby; the expenses of the old house; household bills.

Six of Pentacles emphasizes the fair and proper aspect of an exchange; Six of Cups emphasizes giving freely from real affection, and giving as a gift rather than a commercial exchange. It is, of course, a romance card, so the gift is often a love gift. This card shows up for birthday presents, Valentine’s Day gifts.

…… …..Six of Pentacles and Lovers are a similar pair to Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups because both Six of Cups and Lovers are about love and romantic love. Six of Pentacles and Lovers, you drop the stuff about the past, about children, about the house. But the gift part is still there because Six of Pentacles shows giving.

What Six of Pentacles and Lovers has that Six of Pentacles and Six of Cups doesn’t have is the connection, the contact, the partner meanings, the ‘joint’ phrases, protection and insurance, higher-ups, surveillance, that angel, mutual, one-on-one, united, and phrases like ‘on the same side’ and ‘side-by-side.’ Most of those are lesser meanings of Lovers.

…… …..Six of Cups and Lovers Here we have ‘lovers in love.’ Six of Cups includes the idea of giving and receiving, and Lovers makes that a love gift. These two cards mean things like: a lover you have a child with; our baby; birthday present for someone you love; living together; get something from your sweetheart; birthday present to your lover; love gift; love child; old-fashioned couple; romantic love; the way we used to be; our cozy old house.




Six of Pentacles            Six of Pentacles shows gold coins carefully weighed on a scale (because their value is their weight, not the face amount) and paid to workers who have earned them. We see here a fair exchange: being paid what is your due, and paying what is deserved. Six of Pentacles’ exchange includes (but is not limited to) money, attention, respect, fair treatment, legal processes, a fair share, getting what you deserve (in either sense of that). It covers doing what is right and appropriate between or among the involved parties in any situation.

Six of Pentacles is often this money exchange: paying the bills; afford to; worth the price; pay dues; pay expenses; good-paying; to pay up; to pay one’s share.

But it can even be an exchange of germs: I caught it from …. Six of Pentacles can also refer to a ‘rewarding’ experience.

The scales, and the fairness theme, make Six of Pentacles one of the justice theme cards. Here, it refers to legal proceedings and hearings, legal process, court itself (so with Six of Cups you have ‘juvenile court’), paying fines or collecting damages via court action, papers being served, lawsuits, police and regulatory matters.

Six of Cups            I mentally label this card ‘Little Boy Gives Little Girl Flowers.’ It is the warmest fuzziest card in the Rider Waite Tarot deck. You see old buildings, well-dressed and well-cared for children; a gift, sweet love, innocence, a romantic exchange, home and home place, being a kid.

Less obvious (from the illustration) meanings for Six of Cups are: childhood, being a kid, old-fashioned values and ‘the good old days,’ childhood memories, nostalgia, old-fashioned, the past, juvenile, the way things have always been; a loved one; a wonderful love affair ‘way back when, or first love, or childhood sweetheart; a lover from your past; to live with someone you love; cozy home; safe neighborhood or good neighborhood for children; having children; sharing.

Watch for Six of Cups to represent a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift.

Lovers           Many elements to Lovers’ illustration here. Seldom does a spread use a good portion of Lovers’ meanings. Today, accompanying Six of Cups, which is also romantic love and a couple, Lovers is about, well, lovers. Very common translates for Lovers is connect and connection; contact(and direct contact, or ‘one-on-one’); two people who are together (even standing next to one another); the word ‘together’; a couple.

Just type ‘Lovers Tarot Verbatim’ into Google to get a comprehensive list of all its meanings that are not covered here.






How well we remember the times things go right. We remember past love even if we file it under ‘could have been.’ We appreciate past good friends, having been treated fairly, our favorite houses we lived in, the places we were well-paid, tender romantic moments, gifts given and received, birthdays maybe even Valentine’s Day. The good old days, and home sweet home, stay with us.

scene of my ranch



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