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GUIDANCE       Suddenly you encounter an updraft of good luck: Coincidence delivers ‘what I have been waiting for all my life.’ You have both continuing deliveries and one-of-a-kind deliveries. They represent a whole new level of your life, of your consciousness, and they are a surprise. Today is your lucky day and is a turning point too.


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Three of Wands – Judgment – Wheel of Fortune




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Tarot Readings: Here Comes a Change (Three of Wands and Judgment)

Tarot Readings: Lucky Breaks Ahead (Three of Wands and Wheel of Fortune)

Tarot Readings: Your Miracle Surprises You (Judgment and Wheel of Fortune)


Tarot Readings: Here Comes a Change (Three of Wands and Judgment)

Good news: The best is yet to come

The winner will be announced.

Waiting for my big chance to come up.

A future payoff will change everything.

I am coming to realize everything is wonderful here.

What you have been waiting for happens suddenly.

A shift of consciousness is in the process of happening.

Here comes a change for the best.

Your luck is about to change.

Making a public statement that I’m going to change my ways.

Good things come to those who wait for their good fortune.

.. …….….   .. …..

Tarot Readings: Lucky Breaks Ahead (Three of Wands and Wheel of Fortune)

An opportunity for money pops up.

An upcoming event changes my consciousness.

Things are going to happen fast.

A chance you take now will pay off big.

A profitable breakthrough in your gambling.

An opportunity for income that will make things happen.

An opportunity for a whole new level of income.

.. …….…..   . …..

Tarot Readings: Your Miracle Surprises You (Judgment and Wheel of Fortune)

A miraculous new phase of your life is about to spring up.

You are going to have a miraculous recovery.

Recovery will be optimal.

A sudden change is coming, a fortunate one.

You will get your lucky-streak back.

Big news: Your ship is coming in, and it’s carrying your windfall.

Telling all about the good luck that’s going to happen.

Waiting for the miracle to come, and here it is.

Your chance is coming, and it’s going to happen.

Your luck regarding money is changing: It’s coming!

The second time around, you get the money.

Unexpected money from gambling.


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Three of Wands – Judgment – Wheel of Fortune





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..…………, “Good things are coming” says Three of Wands. “Immediately, suddenly, unexpectedly” says Judgment, and indicates change. “Wonderful, a miracle” says Wheel of Fortune. So we have three cards that all announce the best is yet to come. Three of Wands is a continuing process, and Judgment and Wheel of Fortune are both immediate change for the better. So we have both a continuum of good luck, and a windfall or jackpot.

.. ……       Three of Wands and Judgment Here we have the second coming of money and the future being good again. It is also news of the coming of prosperity or profit. Since Judgment is a change in consciousness (enlightenment, a new birth, even), Three of Wands and Judgment say a new level of awareness is on its way.

.. …….       Three of Wands and Wheel of Fortune say things like ‘Your lucky day is coming’ and ‘income opportunity’ and ‘the best thing will happen.’ This pair also shows waiting for the miracle to come, as well as the miracle you are waiting for; they also say the miracle is truly on its way, just wait.

.…… …..      Judgment and Wheel of Fortune are the sudden happening. Three of Wands meant waiting, or ‘it’s coming’ – the future tense regarding the delivery of the windfall. So here we are with FedEx at the door with your winnings. No more waiting.

Judgment is recovery, so here’s a miraculous optimal recovery.

Judgment means ‘to come back’ or to return, so your lucky streak is back, or going back there is where a wonderful thing happens.

Judgment is announcement or telling, so ‘telling all about the upcoming good fortune.’

Judgment can mean ‘the second time around,’ so it’s the second time that you get whatever the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is.

Judgment is unexpected, so you unexpectedly win at gambling, or the event is unexpected.

We also say, with Judgment and Wheel of Fortune, ‘You get your big chance’ and ‘The miracle is here: surprise!’





Three of Wands      Three of Wands is arguably the simplest card in the Rider Waite system because it has the most direct connection between the illustration and the meanings. So this is the card to look at first when it appears in your spread; it is an anchor card (my term). You see a person waiting for ships; he is looking at them. So you have ‘coming to’; you have waiting; you have income or something good on the way (The check is in the mail.); and you are looking ahead. ‘When my ship comes in’ is a common saying.

Looking ahead, in Three of Wands, often puts future tense, or future words, onto the surrounding cards. Can’t tell you how often Three of Wands just says ‘will’ or will be.’ It says ‘going to’ – all such phrases.

This is one of the financial cards too: It refers strongly to income, profit, and to financial future (as Two of Wands directly does also). It says ‘going to be profitable’ and it indicates that, yes, you WILL collect the money if that is the question. Sometimes it indicates you can afford something. (It is only a support card for future payments, though.)

Three of Wands also owns: continuing, continuously, continues to, etc. ‘In the process’ belongs to Three of Wands, meaning happening continuously over time.

Judgment      Judgment shows an angel waking the dead, who stand in coffins floating on a sea. (Large bodies of water in Tarot represent consciousness and mass consciousness.)

The resurrection story has several elements which are the core meanings of the Rider Waite Judgment card. A sudden change, a shift of consciousness, recovery or revitalization (‘re-‘ anything), a new life or new phase, a return to a former condition, and suddenly. A sudden dramatic surprise is Judgment’s application most of the time. (Waking the dead is, yes, a dramatic surprise.)

We are leaving out some meanings that do not apply here, like the noise of the horn.

Here are some more of Judgment’s meanings we use today: recover, to come back or return to a place; announcement or telling, the second time; unexpected; it’s here or comes up or it pops up; realize; in a big way; good news.

Wheel of Fortune      Wheel of Fortune is, as its name implies, good luck. It is about the role of coincidence, chance, destiny, karma, or fate in what happens. The meaning of its complex illustration is that spiritual influences, good ones and bad ones, affect events in what we call ‘the real world.’

Some of the mythical creatures are bad spirits, and the ones with books probably refer to the record of our lives that we hear about in various religions.

In the center of the wheel that reminds me of roulette (chance), interspersed, are the four Hebrew letters of the divine name which Jews won’t pronounce out of reverence, and the four letters of what, in more than one myth, means ‘wheel of fortune.’ That word is ‘rota,’ and it means wheel, and it’s the root word of ‘rotate.’ One of those myths is about Apollo, and the ‘rota’ is associated with the end of the earth in that myth. The end of the earth is where the dragons (bad spirits) live. You see that pictured in Moon too: the towers there are in the myth of which I speak.

Here are the words and phrases which Wheel of Fortune contributes to today’s one-sentence readings: the best; the winner; my big chance; payoff; wonderful; happens; is happening; a change for the best; luck; change my ways; good fortune; opportunity; event; a chance you take; gambling; make things happen; miraculous; optimal; fortunate; lucky streak; windfall; good luck; miracle; you get.






If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all,’ we sometimes soulfully say. Well, today you have plumb run out of bad luck, and your miracle is in the mail. Today is the day to take that chance because good luck too comes in streaks, and you are beginning one.




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  1. Tina Gagnon

    This will help me understand that life is not as bad or cruel as it may seem. I look forward to my ‘surprise’ especially if lit comes from my friend. Thank you!

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