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GUIDANCE           The foresight to prevent situations that haven’t yet caused harm: That’s the tool for security – whatever kind of security you’re talking about. We contrast *seeing it coming and controlling it overtly (hands-on)* with *the agenda to get control under cover of darkness*. So foresight and the ability (and the nerve) to defend your position overcome some scheme. It usually does, you know.


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Six of Wands – Two of Wands – Strength




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Tarot Readings: Stabilizing a Subversive Influence (Six of Wands and Two of Wands)

Tarot Readings: On Top of My Game (Six of Wands and Strength)

Tarot Readings: Will Prevent Harm (Two of Wands and Strength)


Tarot Readings: Stabilizing a Subversive Influence (Six of Wands and Two of Wands)

To seduce a woman of character, look like a solid citizen.

We have things under control when it doesn’t look like we do: All is well.

You will have money to handle the underlying cause of a problem.

Success is getting your foes to finance your cause.

Stabilizing influence versus subversive influence.

It looks like a problem, but there will be funding to solve it.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: On Top of My Game (Six of Wands and Strength)

It’s b.s., and you are in direct hands-on control of it.

He plans to trick her into making him behave.

Staying on top of a dirty game.

A stabilizing influence on people who have vices.

You are going to take care of some things that are festering beneath the surface.

Prevent some financial problem that doesn’t show yet.

I will get the best of my own sneaky side.

No one sabotages THIS plan.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Will Prevent Harm (Two of Wands and Strength)

Yes, I will defend myself against false friends.

A really slick person keeps a bank from harming him or her.

You are about to get rough on someone who misrepresents (him)self.

An assertive lady can handle the loan officer’s shtick.

Spiritual strength indirectly gives you a solid future.

Plan ahead in order to prevent your own dark side from influencing you.

You’ve got a grip on your rather deceptive money situation.

Foresight allows you to nip a brewing problem in the bud.


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Six of Wands – Two of Wands – Strength





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.. …….…… …..…………, Both Two of Wands and Strength, things are under control; they both involve foresight, too. Two of Wands has control of money (and real estate), has an overview of his situation, and has a plan for its future – a sure thing. Strength has the insight and foresight to see impending problems and prevent them before they raise their roaring heads. Her influence puts a damper on whatever threats are out there. Both these cards describe (and belong to) a very stable situation.

So what is the other card? The saboteur, the destabilizing factor or influence, the false friend or the false flag. It’s not what it seems with Six of Wands. Win the battle and lose the war.

Six of Wands and Two of Wands also are both about self-interest. Two of Wands is a legitimate self-interest, a respectable and legal profit (whether fair or not). Six of Wands is the shyster, the shady deal, the pretense of the con who is taking advantage or the bullshitter.

Six of Wands and Strength are the destabilizing factor or influence (Six of Wands) and the stabilizing influence (Strength). Strength is preventing Six of Wands’ mischief. Six of Wands is what only seems to be a victory; Strength is victory without struggle.





Six of Wands      Betrayal and sabotage are common themes of Six of Wands. King Richard has won a battle against some Arabs but the fellow next in line for the throne of England has arranged for the Arabs to kidnap or capture him, and never let him go. A hollow or Pyrrhic victory, winning the battle and losing the war, someone who is a frenemy or an impostor. In application, Six of Wands is the mooches, game players, cheaters, con artists, energy vampires, pretenders and deceivers of your existence. The sneaky self-interested ones who are entitled to operate on someone else’s resources, who trick someone into serving their interests or sucker you into supporting their cause. Pretense and misrepresentation are very much part of Six of Wands. Propaganda, blarney, and b.s.

Six of Wands also belongs to a habit, a vice, or a substance that has control of you, not just another person. It can be self-delusion, not just being misled by someone else. It can represent your own dark side, vice or susceptibility (including susceptibility to ailments). Your demons.

But Six of Wands can also be a good strategy to get the best of, or outsmart, the opposition. It can be an agenda that isn’t bad, given the right Tarot neighbors. It can mean compromise (in either sense of the word). Six of Wands can even be simply playing the role, fitting in, going along with the program, none of which is sneaky. (Hierophant often shows up when Six of Wands is in this groove.)

Two of Wands      He owns the town, you know, solid citizen that he is. He has the world in his hands. Here he stands upon his elegant roof patio, pondering what to do next to get even more profit, even more money, out of the real estate below. Foresight: Up there on the roof, he has a view of the whole picture. That is the place to be … up, looking out … to be in control of your fate.

Two of Wands is you in control of your fate, feeling secure because you are secure, the world in your hands, looking out, planning, the future, planning the future, finances and financial security and long-term financial matters. Two of Wands is stability and financial stability, security and financial security. It is about owning real estate, and about bankers, too – and investments and loans, of course.

Most often, you see it making ‘will’ or another verb that is future tense. It will put another card’s meaning into the future too: ‘He loves you’ may become ‘He will love you.’ And Two of Wands translates ‘the future’ too. And it can mean long term or a long time, or permanent.

Strength      The illustration of Strength is the white robed woman wearing garlands. An infinity sign is over her head like a halo, indicating she is spiritually powerful. The lion wanted to attack her, but she has charmed him so much she has her hands holding his mouth shut and makes him purr while she strokes him.  Her influence is that powerful. So Strength is about winning without the battle, getting the opposition to go along with your program – about handling or finessing a situation. In fact ‘She can handle’ is a frequent translate for Strength.

The battle Strength wins is about handling and overcoming both internal and external challenges, be they enemies, opposition, personal issues, personal demons, habits and addictions … anything at all. Strength can even be about overcoming sickness. The battle can be spiritual combat, spiritual warfare too.

Strength is having such a strong presence that trouble avoids you, you nip opposition in the bud.  An ounce of prevention.  The concept applies to everything:  Muggers avoid people who can handle a fight; bad spirits avoid spiritual adepts; you don’t challenge the stronger candidate – and so on.  Strength can handle it.  Strength overcomes both internal and external threats.






An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we say, and today we have a story about someone who sees an opposition forming and acts preemptively to prevent it – someone who can charm the potential frenemy before the clash happens. We also have the story from the would-be opponent’s perspective of losing the battle before it begins and not even knowing it. Sometimes being friendly at just the right time in just the right way saves the fray.


Peafowl have a house to the left, of their own,

and a large pen to roam with friends.


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