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GUIDANCE       Everything is okay. Things go the way they ought to. All the news is fit to announce. You are getting your good health back. Things are going back to normal and you get what you’re entitled to. That is all.


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Hierophant – Eight of Wands – Judgment




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Saying the Right Things (Hierophant and Eight of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Conforming to the Rules (Hierophant and Eight of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Goes Back to Normal (Hierophant and Judgment)

Tarot Readings: All These New Things (Eight of Wands and Judgment)


Tarot Readings: Saying the Right Things (Hierophant and Eight of Wands)

You say all the right things.

I’m telling you: Everything is okay.

Talking about going back to church.

When you have something good to say, speak up.

Speaking up for your beliefs and values.

They say you are entitled to a promotion.

All the news that’s fit to announce.

.. …….…..  . …..

Tarot Readings: Conforming to the Rules (Hierophant and Eight of Wands)

A whole new perspective on conforming to the rules.

Surprised at how I’m becoming more and more conservative.

He talks about commitment as the next thing.

The judgment says you are entitled.

Official legal documents.

.. …….….  .. …..

Tarot Readings: Goes Back to Normal (Hierophant and Judgment)

Situation quickly reverts to normal.

A quick recovery – and you’re in good shape.

I usually bounce back quickly.

Back to more and more traditional ways.

Suddenly things go the way they ought to.

You get your good health back quickly.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: All These New Things (Eight of Wands and Judgment)

Getting some new ideas about religion.

A lot of physical changes.

A lot of good things all of a sudden.

Honks off that (he) is entitled to all these things.


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Hierophant – Eight of Wands – Judgment





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ………, We are limited. Eight of Wands and Judgment each mean quickly, to repeat, and are part of the speak/say/tell theme. And Eight of Wands makes plurals. Then, Hierophant means the usual old ways, accepted thought, or normal status, and Judgment means sudden (often radical) change. So we have the way it should be, Hierophant; a change, Judgment; and talk about it, a lot of it, or quickly.

So the main story is things are changing back to the way they should be … maybe quickly, maybe there’s talk of it. Hierophant means committing, so there’s talk of committing.

.. …….        Hierophant and Eight of Wands combine the concepts of speaking or language (Eight of Wands) and proper (Hierophant), so together they say things like: clean language, proper English, told to behave. Eight of Wands also means increasingly, so these two make phrases like more and more proper and more and more acceptable. Hierophant is good things, so we have a lot of good things with Eight of Wands present. As a matter of fact, Eight of Wands just adds plurals to any card it attaches to.

.. …….        Hierophant as the pope stands in for church and things churchy – religion. Judgment is a revelation or discovery, a change (change your life) and also a return. So we have a religious revelation or discovery, religion changing one’s life, and also a return to religion.

This pair of Tarot cards also says ‘say the right words,’ ‘what you say is so right-on,’ and ‘return to normal.

With Hierophant meaning an official paper or certificate, when you add Judgment, you have a document that officially says something – a legal document, especially a decree, judgment or even verdict.

.…… …..        Judgment and Eight of Wands      Judgment and Eight of Wands both are ‘another.’ Judgment is one repeat and Eight of Wands is several. It’s the difference between ‘again,’ Judgment, and ‘over and over,’ Eight of Wands. Judgment means ‘again,’ to rejuvenate, revitalize or redo. Eight of Pentacles means repetitively doing or working on (anything). Eight of Wands means ‘one after the other’ and many times.

Eight of Wands is talk, and Judgment is a loud noise, so talking loudly, or ‘honking off.’





Hierophant        Hierophant, pictured here doing his usual routine, is the pope, the chief and official rule maker for a large religious organization. Hierophant means ‘religion’ and also ‘the usual routine.’ This is, of course, one of those cards added to what is now the Rider Waite deck in the Middle Ages to cleanse the reputation of Tarot. 

The pope is ‘the official story,’ the way things look, the way things are supposed to be, the rules, being respectable.

Hierophant refers to a decent, harmless, normal person. It is about the usual routine, the daily protocols. It often translates: normal, usual, okay, approved, accepted, ordinary, respectable, decent and mainstream, good, and good behavior.

As ‘official,’ it is about documents and certificates and ‘papers.’ Hierophant also means ‘entitled’ as part of its ‘rightful’ meanings. It translates ‘should’ and ‘ought’ often.

These are the meanings we are using today.

Eight of Wands        Eight of Wands shows those sticks flying in the air like a volley of arrows, which gives us the meanings about ‘more and more’ and ‘one after another’ and ‘fast.’ Eight of Wands also means many, many times, repetitive, over and over, and each and every. This theme expands to Eight of Wands making nearby cards plural, either by adding suffixes or by donating plural words and phrases like ‘several’ and ‘a lot of.’

For no particular reason, Eight of Wands means verbal communication as well as written. This is the card for texting, for documents, for reading even. You could say the illustration does look like lines on paper. But Eight of Wands is one of the talk-theme cards too. (So is Judgment.) It means what is said, and it means a list too.

Here are the words and phrases Eight of Wands contributes to today’s one-sentence readings: all; everything; they say; more and more; talks about; says; documents; quickly; quick; more and more; things; a lot of.

Judgment        Judgment has a lot of meanings, and they are more unrelated than most cards’ meanings are. Elements of the picture cause this. You see an angel with a horn waking the dead with a big announcement, whose coffins are floating on a sea. They have returned to life again (and ‘again’ is a common translate for this Judgment card), have an awakening, a vision, a new perspective and/or new consciousness, are changed, are surprised and alarmed, are hearing a musical instrument and a loud sound, and are having a revelation. The body of water represents mass consciousness.

So Judgment is about beneficial change, about a new life or new phase, a fantastic result, a whole new situation. It can be about a new you. It is about enlightenment, recovery, revitalization, and about returning to a former and preferable state.

Judgment is one of the ‘spiritual new life’ cards about a new perspective, a new consciousness, a changed life, about waking up. The angel on Judgment Day awakens the dead with his horn, and Judgment picks up all the implications of that scene.

Judgment is the second time, is a repeat of anything, a sudden event or sudden realization, a recovery, change (usually for the better).

The angel is announcing with his horn, which brings up all the news, notice, publicity, speak, say, tell words, as well as words that mean realize. Judgment, with it’s ‘realize’ meaning plus the angel, is compatible with vision and enlightenment themes, and with a new awareness.

Here are today’s phrases and words for Judgment: say, telling you, talking, speak up, promotion, announce, new perspective, surprised, the next thing, judgment, legal, reverts, recovery, bounce back, back to, suddenly, get it back, new idea, change, all of a sudden, honks off.






Good news: Things are back to normal. That’s our message: inspirational but not thrilling. Funny how, when you write about it, it seems a little boring, a little flat. No drama. But I like it like that, don’t I?





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