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GUIDANCE      It’s a good idea to consciously choose what you put first, what your first love is as far as what you are accomplishing and what you aim to achieve. Otherwise you could end up with random settings you aren’t that aware of, and you will feel a out of sync with your setting because of a ‘What Am I Doing Here?’ sort of feeling. Today we connect with what we choose, and we choose the task and the mission that we love most to put at the very top of our personal pyramid.


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Chariot – Knight of Pentacles – Ace of Cups




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: He Chooses to Do It Himself (Chariot and Knight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: His Truck Comes First (Chariot and Knight of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Being a Good Boss (Chariot and Ace of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Master of Getting Along (Chariot and Ace of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Looking at the Easy Part (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Health is Important (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

Tarot Readings: He Puts God First (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Love Gets His/Your Attention (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)


Tarot Readings: He Chooses to Do It Himself (Chariot and Knight of Pentacles)

To get it done right, do it yourself and enjoy it.

The sheer mastery of doing anything myself – I love it!

He is Type A, knows it, and loves it.

Choose the one task you really love.

He decides to get along with you because that suits his purpose.

You deliberately choose to be flexible.

It takes a thug who’s flexible to get this done.

A strong man decides to help.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: His Truck Comes First (Chariot and Knight of Pentacles)

His beloved truck is his one big interest.

He loves cars and females.

He is interested only in cars and girls.

He is so obsessed with the love of vehicles.

Check your vehicle for leaks.

Driving all by myself calms me down.

This bad-boy is a good truck driver.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Being a Good Boss (Chariot and Ace of Cups)

He is in charge because he can make things go smoothly.

A good field boss.

You are seen as a good manager.

A tough man who’s gentle is a good leader.

Looking to have a relaxed style as a boss.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Master of Getting Along (Chariot and Ace of Cups)

I aim to master being lovable.

I succeed once I decide to be calm and let it be.

My one driving ambition is to mellow out.

Goodwill is a huge factor in success.

I take sole responsibility for other people loving me.

Aim to get along to get ahead.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Looking at the Easy Part (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

He has the brawn and the brain; it’s easy for him.

Focus on the easy part this one time, and you succeed.

I want a challenge, and this one is easy.

A master makes it look easy.

You accomplish what you have in mind with ease because you know how.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Health is Important (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

It’s important to choose what’s healthful now.

When I am feeling good and healthy, I’ve got to get things done.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: He Puts God First (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

He decides to choose to be godly.

His main interest is spiritual victories.

He is into just one thing, the love of God, and he has a mission.

Determined to do it God’s way.

Determined to do it my way with God’s help.

He intends to accomplish his number one mission with God’s help.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Love Gets His/Your Attention (Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Cups)

Love gets the attention of a Type A man.

When you really love what you are doing, it’s all you think of.

I love hard-driving opinionated men.

It’s true love, it’s his choice this time for sure.

Love a man who makes something of himself by willpower.

He is successful in love because he pays attention.

I take sole responsibility for my love life.

Love that take-charge guy with the muscles.


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Chariot – Knight of Pentacles – Ace of Cups





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ……  …, Both Chariot and Knight of Pentacles are focused ambitious men. Both have a lot of willpower, a lot of drive. Both are Type A.

Chariot is a senior ranking fellow, a project manager sort of guy. His focus is success, particularly success of the project he is responsible for, because he is in charge of something.

Knight of Pentacles is a hands-on energetic stubborn macho sort. His focus is his own personal getting ahead, and his own private interest, whatever that is. He is famous for ‘one thing on his mind.’

So today is about men who accomplish a purpose.

Ace of Cups’ various applications are what makes so many sentences today. (I culled 14 of them!) You will find Ace of Cups’ many today-meanings under Ace of Cups when you get to it. A short list – it means easy, relax, enjoy, cooperate, health and God. See?

Drive – that’s what we are about today, the kind of Type A drive that gets a person ahead: ambition, strategy, focus, energy. All this male energy – all this will-to-succeed – originates with both Mr. Knight of Pentacles and Mr. Chariot coming together in the same Tarot room.

Now, for the Tarot scholars in the crowd, I am going to compare and contrast these two similar strong-men cards. I have colored the background so ‘normal people’ aren’t bored to tears. They are now excused until the gray is gone.

Chariot and Knight of Pentacles are two very similar men, or one man who combines the traits common to both these Tarot cards: self-control and keeping your priority in mind. Both these cards are about aim, both are aggressive types, both are very able, and both are thinkers. Chariot is more the brains, and Knight of Pentacles is more the physical hands-on parts. Knight of Pentacles means things like: certain, sure thing, a certainty, and one thing is for sure. Chariot accomplishes his purpose for sure no matter what, and Knight of Pentacles gives it his best shot, goes all out. Chariot’s all about strategy and using obstacles as tools; Knight of Pentacles is all determination – the ‘no matter what’ principle. Knight of Pentacles is more of a peasant, and Chariot is more of a prince, quite often. Both these strong men are indispensable when it comes to getting that one vital thing accomplished no matter what.

Chariot and Knight of Pentacles are success-bound, driven, Type A men. Knight of Pentacles has one thing on his mind and has strength; Chariot is a masterful success, is in charge of a project, and is ambitious.

So the masterful, successful Type A driven boss who gets the project done pairs up with the ‘driven’ concept in Knight of Pentacles. Knight of Pentacles can be the young Chariot, or can be the ‘before’ with Chariot the accomplished ‘after.’

Note that, in your spreads, especially when these two (Knight of Pentacles and Chariot) appear in different sentences of the Tarot Verbatim™ Celtic Cross spread, they can represent a theme, and refer to the same person. Here in our three-card spread, they are different people.

Regarding the illustrations of Knight of Pentacles and Chariot: Knight of Pentacles stares at his money. Chariot is looking out at the terrain, the scene. Knight of Pentacles focuses on himself. His aim, his ambition, centers on his getting ahead. Chariot is captain of a team. You see him minding his steeds, getting the sphinxes (who are born to turn in one direction only, forever) to go straight, using his willpower, his magic wands, to accomplish this. Charioteers were a team, and were the main strategists in the wars of their day. Chariot is about executive skills.

Knight of Pentacles is driven, determined, ambitious, focused on a main interest, obsessed. He is macho, a tough guy, a very physical guy, is strong of body. He aims to get the job done; whereas Chariot has done the job and is in control of the situation. Knight of Pentacles’ illustration in the Rider Waite system shows the tough looking dude on a tough-looking horse, staring at this one thing he has in mind. His ambition is about himself, whereas Chariot’s is about accomplishing the project. (This, of course, is a generality, and doesn’t apply every darn time.)





Chariot Chariot is one of those cluttered-up-with-meanings cards like Lovers, World, Six of Wands, Two of Cups, Seven of Cups, Judgment, Devil, Fool, and some others. Unless you know Mr. Chariot’s biography, you will not see his sprawling dictionary.

What makes Chariot mean ‘in charge of the project, and getting it done by using the factors that would sabotage it to further it instead’ is the fact he is a charioteer. Charioteers were the special forces – the storied war heroes – of olden times. Strategies of charioteers won or lost battles.

Note it’s sphinxes, and not horses, that are not hitched to his chariot, and he has a single wand to control these mythical creatures. Sphinxes go either left or right and no other way. He has the right-moving one to the left, and the left-moving one to the right, so that they end up going forward, or where he wants them to. This going forward can translate ‘getting ahead.’ Sphinxes are magical creatures (not nice ones, either), and he controls them with his magic wand. This is how he owns words and phrases that mean ‘mastery.’

Now you know why he is famous for strategy, for being responsible and in control, for being the project manager, the leader, the winner, and the guy who gets the job done – the leader in the field. Chariot means to succeed; it means victory. It means ‘to handle’ and ‘can handle’ as well as ‘can handle anything.’ Chariot is a highly skilled self-made man. Chariot is goal oriented, not self-promoting.

Chariot not only acts, he decides. He chooses. His choice. These words are all his. He owns ‘success’ and is known for his will to succeed at all costs. Could be ruthless.

The sphinxes – one predominantly white and the other predominantly black – in the illustration represent the occult idea that you need both kinds of magic skills, the black and the white, to get ahead. This idea is standard in most writing about magic.

Chariot is a vehicle, of course, so it represents any kind of vehicle at all, not just ground transportation.

Think of Chariot as you accomplishing what is most important to you, using whatever factors exist in the project to further it, whether they are favorable or not. Chariot is that kind of determination.

Knight of Pentacles      Knight of Pentacles is the stubborn physical yeoman with one idea in his head, one ambition, whether he’s single-minded or obsessive about that one thing.  He represents focus, even obsession. This is the short dark fella who is strong of body and opinionated with ideas that work for him in his environment, and you had best not rock his opinionated boat.  In the illustration, his horse is just like him:  short, sturdy, and dark. A manly man – a man’s man, even. A good man to know. A stereotype fairly often.

He often has muscles … and can even be muscle. He may be the punk, ruffian, bad-boy, especially in the company of, say, Seven of Swords and Five of Swords, and a few others.

Knight of Pentacles is healthy, has a LOT of energy, is often brawny, is outdoorsy, is macho in one way or another. More often than not, the individual Knight of Pentacles represents in your spread is short and stocky. He also seems to have dark hair – and Tarot Verbatim™ ignores hair and skin color, to represent personality.

This ‘one idea’ theme is also, of course, about priority. Number One. Knight of Pentacles is very self-centered, self-promoting, and often concerned about being Number One himself (the herd bull).

That ‘one idea’ extends to his being tenacious, persistent. He is no quitter, a bulldog. Like Chariot, he is indispensable when it comes to getting one thing done no matter what. Those two (Chariot and Knight of Pentacles) are twins when it comes to that.

The ‘one idea,’ and the fact Mr. Knight of Pentacles is sure of himself, may translate ‘certain,’ ‘certainly,’ ‘make sure,’ and one thing is sure.’

The ‘one idea,’ in romance, means he is interested in one love partner. He is a ‘one-woman man.’

Like the other cards that show a male staring intently at his pentacle, Knight of Pentacles means to keep an eye on, stare, concentrate on, look, watch, and similar phrases.

Ace of Cups      What’s a nice card like you doing in company like this? Ace of Cups’ trunk meanings are love, true love, unconditional love, being lovable, cooperate, agree, good (good anything – the word good), health, feeling good, warm-fuzzy emotions, relax, unwinding socially, easy and ease, calm, healing, permitting or letting (as in letting it be), peace, unity, innocent, spiritual, God, acceptance and being accepted, serendipity, affection and affectionate, benefit and no harm, harmless, the spiritual plane or zone or level. Probably a few more I haven’t thought to include.

How Ace of Cups means these things is found in the very Roman Catholic illustration. The idea is the presence of God channeling through a godly person into human mass consciousness (or ‘out into the world’) through Holy Communion. The dove and the wafer, of course are Holy Communion. The fountain’s five flows represent the human’s five senses or ‘bodily humors’ (Middle Ages). This part of its illustration makes Ace of Cups mean any kind of liquid flow or leak, including internal and medical ones, and even toxic leaks from a pipe. The big lake with the water lilies represents mass consciousness. You could say Ace of Cups is more spiritual than religious, in spite of its religious origin.

And here’s today’s Ace of Cups phrases and words that I promised: enjoy it; I love it!; get along with; flexible; to help; girls, females; leaks; calms down; good; go smoothly; gentle; relaxed; lovable; mellow out; goodwill; other people loving me; easy or with ease; health; godly; spiritual; the love of God; God’s way; God’s help; true love; love life.






We are driven to be lovable; we are focusing willpower and determination and all our manly energy onto being warm and fuzzy. We are ambitious to mellow out. We are forcing ourselves to be agreeable, and making ourselves cooperate. We put all our energy into relaxing. A macho man focuses on unwinding.

Elderly Lady Louise and her Younger Man, Li’l Dude


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  1. Kelly

    This guy is here. Manly, focused, happy to do.

    (Emily, I get the date of Sept. 17 when I initially go to the site)

    • Good for you. You deserve a good one.
      Keep us posted; we wish the best for both of you.

      The techs are working on it, and they told me to do something when I post … told me in tech lingo, so I have to find out what it means. I hope they are right.

  2. If anyone is curious, these are the sentences that were rejected because there were so many. I saw them as less interesting, less pithy.
    You are the guy the boss is certain is cooperating.
    Able-bodied single-minded guy who gets the job done easily.
    You are the one man who can get cooperation.
    We cooperate with a tough leader.
    A hardheaded driven boss who is approachable.
    He is fascinated with a successful woman.
    It’s your choice, and you decide to go along with something.
    You love one thing because it suits your purpose.
    Having a strategy is all you need to ease things up.
    Cooperation is all we need to get this show on the road.
    When they see you as a success, that’s all it takes for them to like you a lot.
    Focus on the factors that DO favor this mission to achieve it.
    To be a leader, it’s just as important to be warm and fuzzy as to be masterful.
    Choose one thing that’s easy for you to accomplish, and get ‘er done.

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