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GUIDANCE      Here you are looking down the track, and a train with what is due you is speeding toward you with its freight of money, recognition, and justice. It’s all good.


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Knight of Wands – Three of Wands – Six of Pentacles




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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Be Paid Quickly (Knight of Wands and Three of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Travel for Money (Knight of Wands and Six of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Getting What’s Due (Three of Wands and Six of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Be Paid Quickly (Knight of Wands and Three of Wands)

You will be making some fast cash.

Getting ahead in the right way keeps paying off.

You make more money in a hurry.

Yes, you will be paid quickly.

Pursue keeping some cash coming in.

Money comes in for you to pay a bill quickly.

…….……    ..

Tarot Readings: Travel for Money (Knight of Wands and Six of Pentacles)

Relocating is going to bring you more income.

Over-the-road travel will pay off for you.

I’m always chasing the next dollar.

You will afford the trip.

You will be paid to travel.

Leave town to make steady money.

If he keeps speeding, he will be paying a fine.

Someone who shows you attention now will be pursuing you.

I hurry up to earn my money and then I wait to get paid.

Put your energy into future income.

.. …….……    …..

Tarot Readings: Getting What’s Due (Three of Wands and Six of Pentacles)

I’m going to treat them the way they deserve, and move on.

You are getting ahead in the right way.

Hurry up and wait: That’s the way they treat you.

You get the respect that is due you: It’s coming.

Money comes in and we pay it out just as fast.

Recognition is coming your way pretty quickly.

He gets what’s coming to him and leaves town.

Going to chase them until they pay.


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Knight of Wands – Three of Wands – Six of Pentacles





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ………, Here we have three Rider Waite Tarot cards all of whom have few basic meanings. This makes fewer sentences possible, and less variety in their words.

Three of Wands is money and good things coming your way. Six of Pentacles is getting your due, and giving them their due, is receiving or paying money, and receiving or paying respect or attention.

With two out of three cards meaning getting paid or paying, or money coming in, you have a too-rich theme. It’s difficult to find a variety of interpretations. You fall back on Three of Wands meaning ‘continuing’ and making the sentence future, and Six of Pentacles meaning paying a fine, getting what is deserved, getting credit for something, and getting attention.

The third card too has few branches to its tree. Knight of Wands is in a hurry or rushing or speeding, is leaving or fleeing, and also means to pursue. It is about putting a lot of energy into something too, about being gung-ho about something.

So just about every one-sentence reading is about money exchanges.

..…… ….. Three of Wands and Six of Pentacles are both about money coming in. Six of Pentacles also means to pay, to give and to receive respect and/or attention, and fairness or a fair exchange – business. Three of Wands also simply means the future, and to wait, that something good is just around the bend. These two cards mean many of the same things: They overlap. In a larger spread, appearing in separate sentences, they firmly establish a money theme. In a three-card spread, with the middle card simply meaning to be in a rush, and to either leave or pursue … well the theme is richly all over the place, and we have nothing much else to say.





Knight of Wands      You see a fellow with a panic look as his mount rears. He carries his weapon, a board, down. Hurry, rush, speeding: This is the main thought for Knight of Wands. Like Knight of Swords, it means both pursuing and fleeing, coming and leaving. Knight of Wands is putting all his energy into something – chasing his dream or his girl. He is on the road and in a hurry, which brings up speeding. He is leaving town … getting out of Dodge, going AWOL, or has the police on his tail, or is relocating, moving to a different town. You often find Knight of Wands, as today, next to ‘money coming’ cards, so that he is chasing money.

Three of Wands      Three of Wands has as few meanings as Knight of Wands does. You see a well-dressed fellow patiently waiting for ships in the harbor to dock. Story is, they bear his profit. Three of Wands is ‘Your ship is coming in’ or ‘The check really is in the mail.’ Three of Wands is mostly about money, or other good things, coming in. It also means waiting, means ‘looking forward to,’ and it is a big ‘future’ card, putting nearby Tarot neighbors into future tense and supplying words that mean ‘future.’

Six of Pentacles      In the scene on the card, an employer pays wages by weighing the gold coins on a scale, to pay scrupulously the actual value of the coins rather than the face value. Fairness, a fair exchange, paying labor, and workers getting a paycheck are featured in the illustration, but the application includes giving a person his or her due, getting credit for your accomplishments, getting what you deserve, getting and giving attention, getting and giving recognition or respect. Six of Pentacles can be about an exchange, a sale, a delivery.

The scales, added to its fairness theme, draw Six of Pentacles into being one of the minor legal cards. It means a legal proceeding, and can be about paying fines or about being served (with papers). It can be a settlement in which you either pay or get paid, and Three of Pentacles is the main settlement card.



We remark today that being recognized and respected, and getting the attention you are due is a similar feeling and a similar situation to getting paid, and that fairness is a factor in both of these exchanges.



Pensive Pooch


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  1. Lori

    I could use some pursuit.

  2. Kelly

    There could be a promotion in the works for me.
    I am also getting attention from a new friend. It’s a sweet time.

  3. Tina Gagnon

    The following quote would be my main focus right now and hopefully this will happen with my friend.

    “Someone who shows you attention now will be pursuing you.”

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