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GUIDANCE             What’s right. Defending what’s right. Feeling you have to justify your position – defend yourself that you’re right. Feeling you’re responsible to make life fair. Being so hard on yourself about what you should have done. Even feeling you have to be the one to fix the situation, to enforce the spiritual laws. All this pressure you put yourself under amounts to a free-floating guilt that nags you. Earth to you: Just make friends with your weak or dark side where all this pressure is actually coming from.


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Nine of Wands – Justice – Strength


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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Stand Up For What’s Right (Nine of Wands and Justice)

Tarot Readings: Feel Like It’s Up to Me to Fix It (Nine of Wands and Strength)

Tarot Readings: Spiritual Law Enforcement (Justice and Strength)


Tarot Readings: Stand Up For What’s Right (Nine of Wands and Justice)

To stand up for your rights, you have to put them down.

After you forcefully correct a situation, you are embarrassed.

Put (them) under pressure to do the right thing.

Spiritual law enforcement: Now, that’s scary.

Doing the right thing costs you dearly: Do it preemptively.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Feel Like It’s Up to Me to Fix It (Nine of Wands and Strength)

You feel so defensive about it being up to you to make life fair.

To be sane, I must fix this free-floating nagging guilt.

You beat yourself up over what you should have done, and defend yourself against it too!

Inner conflict about whether you are right to make an issue of something.

A nagging feeling that I should be assertive.

I balance my own internal conflicts: It’s not easy.

Suppressing that uneasy ‘I’ve got to be right’ feeling.

So hard on yourself about what you should have done.

You should make friends with your dark side, no matter how much you’re pressured.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Spiritual Law Enforcement (Justice and Strength)

Got a feeling the situation’s not quite right and I need to put a stop to it.

Something’s up, and it’s up to me to straighten it out.

Justify your position against all interference.

I defend what is fair against all comers.

Hang in there: You can make it all balance out.

Putting yourself under such pressure to do the right things.

She makes the rules and enforces them: You are the accused.

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Nine of Wands – Justice – Strength




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. Nine of Wands is on the receiving end of pressure regarding defending his position. (He is a wounded border guard who is back on duty with a head wound.)

Strength is applying pressure to prevent intrusion, harm, attack, opposition. (She has tamed the beast who intended to attack – made him purr when she pets him.) Strength has such spiritual insight that she is empowered to clear the future of whatever would get in its way. (Strength is the ability to see opposition or intrusion or harm coming and fix it before it gets there.) So we have the pressure being applied, and we have the receiver of that pressure.

And who’s the remaining Rider Waite Tarot card? – Justice. How appropriate – because strength is spiritually overcoming evil – evil within, or evil without. And because Nine of Wands is under pressure to defend his position. Justice is about it being right, doing it right, and making it right.

Strength and Justice describe the enforcement of spiritual law. That’s because Strength is spiritual ability that repels the evil entities and influences, and Justice is … well, justice.

So our story is about standing your ground for your rights, or for what is right, and being assertive about it. Our story is also about feeling too responsible for ‘the way things are.’ Our story is also about doing my part in spiritual law enforcement.


Nine of Wands and Justice   Nine of Wands and Justice combine angst with fairness, entitlement and (doing) the right thing. Tension about the way things are as contrasted to the way they ought to be: Sound familiar? When what you know is right conflicts with what you feel in your gut is right, you have this Nine of Wands feeling we have been talking about. Hanging in there (Nine of Wands) because it is the right thing (Justice). Holding your ground (Nine of Wands) because you are right (but it’s not popular). Under fire (Nine of Wands) for being right … ‘No good deed goes unpunished’?

Justice and Strength both are about influence that straightens things out. They set things straight. They enforce the law: Justice, the ‘real world’ law, and Strength the spiritual law.




Nine of Wands           Nine of Wands The story here is the soldier who was wounded in an attack on the position he defends. You can see he is back on duty still wounded, feeling vulnerable and still defending what he stands for. Nine of Wands is when you are hanging in there when it’s not the place you want to be. It’s about manning the Alamo – manning the fort when there’s no glory or no reward in taking the right position. So Nine of Wands also represents the price of taking the right stance or position … or side. Nine of Wands illustrates both standing your ground or standing up for what is right, and feeling guilty or being accused – being put under pressure about something.

Watch for this: Sometimes Nine of Wands is saying “Hang in there” to the person in your story. Which could be you.

Justice           Justice “What’s right is RIGHT,” people say who have that bare-bones simplicity as their perspective. Gotta love those black-and-white movies. Justice is when things are right, are the way they are supposed to be … from a particular person’s perspective. Justice (along with Hierophant) translates and ‘should’ and ‘ought’ frequently.

Justice is rights as well as right. What you are entitled to, or entitlement itself. Fairness. The scales give Justice the ‘balance’ meaning.

[If you are looking for the legal meanings of Justice, we aren’t using them in this spread. Type ‘Justice Tarot Verbatim’ into Google, and you will find plenty of them from the archives of this site.]

Strength             Strength is about the ability a spiritually mature person has to (1) repel trouble and problems by just being yourself, (2) nip upcoming opposition, intrusion, and even attack in the bud through insight. An example of Strength in action is what I call the ‘mama look.’ You know how experienced kindergarten teachers, or experienced mothers, have that look? – that look that makes you straighten up and behave … no further questions asked? That’s Strength.

Strength is when you have PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and your craving for chocolate takes you to the all-night store in a bad neighborhood. You walk in, and all the practiced punks flatten themselves against the wall, hands spread out, until you buy your Hershey bars and leave? Strength is the fact that if you are capable of handling some problem, the problem avoids you.

The predator lion came to roar and at least threaten the lady in the white robe with the flowers. She put her hands on him, and he likes it and purrs. That’s Strength.





Just because you’re right and *they were wrong to attack you like that* is no reason to make your point and set them straight forcefully. We argue for diplomacy, for deft (skilled and diplomatic) handling of predators and wannabe attackers. Hmm. We are milking the venom of the snakes to sell it for a profit, so let them be with their hissing.





Tarot Readings: Stand Up For What’s Right (Nine of Wands and Justice)

To stand up for NINE OF WANDS your rights JUSTICE, you have to put (them) down STRENGTH.

After you forcefully correct STRENGTH a situation JUSTICE, you are embarrassed NINE OF WANDS.

Put (them) under pressure NINE OF WANDS and STRENGTH to do the right thing JUSTICE.

Spiritual STRENGTH law enforcement JUSTICE: Now, that’s scary NINE OF WANDS.

Using my influence STRENGTH to intimidate them NINE OF WANDS into straightening out STRENGTH.

Doing the right thing JUSTICE costs you dearly NINE OF WANDS: Do it preemptively STRENGTH.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Feel Like It’s Up to Me to Fix It (Nine of Wands and Strength)

You feel so defensive NINE OF WANDS about it being up to you STRENGTH to make life fair JUSTICE.

To be sane JUSTICE, I must fix this STRENGTH free-floating nagging guilt NINE OF WANDS.

You beat yourself up STRENGTH over what you should have done JUSTICE, and defend yourself against it too NINE OF WANDS!

Inner conflict STRENGTH about whether you are right JUSTICE to make an issue of something NINE OF WANDS.

A nagging feeling NINE OF WANDS that I should be JUSTICE assertive STRENGTH.

I balance JUSTICE my own internal conflicts STRENGTH: It’s not easy NINE OF WANDS.

Suppressing STRENGTH that uneasy ‘I’ve got to be right JUSTICEfeeling NINE OF WANDS.

So hard on yourself STRENGTH and NINE OF WANDS about what you should have done JUSTICE.

You should JUSTICE make friends with your dark side STRENGTH, no matter how much you’re pressured NINE OF WANDS.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Spiritual Law Enforcement (Justice and Strength)

Got a feeling NINE OF WANDS the situation’s not quite right JUSTICE and I need to put a stop to it STRENGTH.

Something’s up NINE OF WANDS, and it’s up to me STRENGTH to straighten it out JUSTICE

Justify JUSTICE your position NINE OF WANDS against all interference STRENGTH.

I defend NINE OF WANDS what is fair JUSTICE against all comers STRENGTH.

Hang in there NINE OF WANDS: You can make it STRENGTH all balance out JUSTICE.

Putting yourself under STRENGTH such pressure NINE OF WANDS to do the right things JUSTICE.

She makes the rules JUSTICE and enforces them STRENGTH: You are the accused NINE OF WANDS.

.. …….…… …..



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  1. Tina

    The heading: “Feel like its me to fix it” would relate to me today or at least how I feel sometimes. It was a ‘quiet’ day for me and sometimes that is what is needed in the mix of ‘crazy’ days. Contemplation and retrospection of how things are progressing or not progressing as we would like, is good for the soul. Although I am a person that wants to ‘fix’ everything or at least make sure everyone is ‘happy’ with me.

    • Making sure everyone is happy with you is:
      (1) impossible, and
      (2) a distracting waste of time.
      (3) You get no respect. See, humans (being mammals)respect others to the extent they perceive those others can be a problem to them. ‘Tis true. So if you mind your own business, you’re not a ‘freebie,’ and they have to do for you, for you to do for them.

  2. Jennifer

    Great explanations Emily. ! I really love this one. The cards the way they connect together I am seeing it.. I will stick with it. You really pointed out the common elements in this one in details. I look forward to more posts like this ! THANK YOU EMILY 🙂 🙂 Greatly appreciated.

    • You are welcome.
      You will grow into using those connections to hear what Tarot is saying to you. (Tarot is speaking to you in your own perspective a lot of the time.) As you make the connection consciously, the subconscious is also accommodating to it. That builds up. That is what makes the ‘bridge’ between conscious and subconscious. The bridge builds itself as you make more connections.
      At a certain point, due to the subconscious, don’t be concerned if you see some cards in 3-D, or see some movement in them. The 3-D effect is usually telling you that is a key card, to pay more attention to it.
      Occasionally you may see the spread as a movie, even – see all the cards in a flash as they relate to each other.

  3. Kelly

    All the sentences under “Feel like it’s up to me to fix it”.
    Crazy accurate and rather specific for me today.

    • That’s interesting – and thank you for letting us know.
      Visitors who are new to the site have an ‘aha!’ moment when they read what you have said here. So thank you.

  4. Lori

    Hang in there: You can make it all balance out.
    Putting yourself under such pressure to do the right things.

    Sometimes you need to give yourself (and everybody else) a break.

    • Yeah, many of us are so rude to ourselves, so demanding. Maybe I owe myself an apology?
      … and DO hang in there.

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