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GUIDANCE      We consider how … who your friends are, and who you associate with … influence the direction of your life. A person coming in, or a person exiting, changes your story, potentially anyway. While associations – even lovers – aren’t always voluntary, and may be only partially welcome, we do have a steering wheel here in our hands, and we do have at least some foresight and insight as to our route. Implied is ‘Keep my eyes on the road.’


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Lovers – Three of Cups – Eight of Cups


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Tarot Readings: Enjoy Love and Life (Lovers and Three of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Ends and Beginnings of Togetherness (Lovers and Eight of Cups)

Tarot Readings: Make a Change in Who I’m With (Three of Cups and Eight of Cups)


.. …….….  .. …..

Tarot Readings: Enjoy Love and Life (Lovers and Three of Cups)

Got a partner in love – not out partying anymore.

Social life takes a sudden turn: You and someone team up as partners.

You make a connection with higher power, change the direction of your life, and are thrilled with the rewards.

Suddenly I am happy and am sharing that with someone

Suddenly clicking in a mutually profitable way one-on-one.

Lovers are out on a date until the wee hours.

Someone up there is looking out for me, and good times are right around the corner.

*Someone you are close to already* teams up with you unexpectedly.

Time off to enjoy life and love.

Having a fun time with a lover I’m about to leave.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: Ends and Beginnings of Togetherness (Lovers and Eight of Cups)

People who are in love abandon socializing with their friends.

People you associate with, and people you don’t associate with.

All of a sudden we get together: YAY!

Partying disrupts love life.

A friend goes out of his/her way to include you in the circle.

Bonds of friendship are a shortcut to the inner circle.

Suddenly you are in love with one of the girls at the party.

Glad I escape from having a love life!

Dodging being in love while I date.

So glad my partner left.

Loved me and left me, and am I ever glad!

Another love, and it’s an upbeat one this time.

Avoid hooking up with that party person.

It was fun while it lasted, and we aren’t together anymore.

.. …….…..  . …..

Tarot Readings: Make a Change in Who I’m With (Three of Cups and Eight of Cups)

The two of us – not the three of us – are together.

I go out of my way to connect with upbeat people.

Fair-weather friends, they love you and leave you.

You make a change that leads to having a love partner you enjoy life with.

A delightful turn of events worth celebrating for you two.

A person bursts into your life and brings prosperity to both of you.

Avoid dating – you’re in love now.

A fun time just happens when you are with someone.

Go out of your way to date around, to fall in love.

Life isn’t fun anymore in this love relationship.


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Lovers – Three of Cups – Eight of Cups





                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ………, Lovers is two things or people connecting; Three of Cups is a team of people connecting for a mutual purpose, in an upbeat way, and sharing. Lovers can refer to a friend or partner connection, or to lovers literally. Three of Cups refers to mutual connecting of a group of people (often three) for a purpose, joint venture.

Each of these two, Lovers and Three of Cups, is togetherness. Lovers, once again, involves two parties – pairing up, being partners, being on the same side. Three of Cups is a team, is people who are together in a mutual cause or endeavor. Put these two concepts together, and your friend (Lovers) brings you into his or her circle of friends … or you leave the team to be partners in some endeavor. Since Three of Cups is to celebrate, you and your partner or lover have something to celebrate, or you are enjoying your association together.

Since Lovers – with the angel overseeing the human couple – also applies to humans connecting to God, it can refer to spiritual life that is divinely inspired – and, with Three of Cups, shared with others and feels good.

So we reek of togetherness in this three-card spread: That is what we are all about.

Add Eight of Cups, which is an exit or abrupt entrance – is mainly a switch in direction, and also means ‘unexpected’ – and you have stories about associations of people shifting. You also have a change in life as spiritual connection brings very good feeling to celebrate. These three cards together express what people call ‘the Jesus moment,’ which refers to a sudden shift toward siding with what your people are together on, and changing yourself to join in with them wholeheartedly.





Lovers      Here you see Adam with the tree of life, and Eve with the snake tree, a funky angel overseeing them, a volcano … and no garden elements. This illustration gives rise to a lot of unrelated meanings, which you can find by typing ‘Lovers Tarot Verbatim’ into Google.

Lovers mainly is two people or things connecting in any way at all, is lovers literally, and also applies to connection to higher power that is beneficial and positive … as in someone up there is looking out for you (or us), which can be anything from the ‘higher ups’ in workplace or family or any other place, and could be God or angelic being(s). The distinction would be in the question, or in the rest of the Tarot story.

Lovers hath many branches to its meaning tree. Today we have association, connection, bonds of friendship, partners or ‘the two of us,’ together, get together, love life and being in love, someone you are close to already, and relationship. Somehow, we miss ‘contact,’ which is a very common word for Lovers, but use ‘connect’ a lot, which often means the same thing.

Three of Cups      Here we have three people who share a drink to celebrate their mutual and joint success in a farm for pumpkins. They are splitting the proceeds as friends. Three of Cups features sharing, enjoying friends, joint endeavors, teamwork, happiness, prosperity and fun … not to mention having a party. Here are like-minded people doing something they enjoy together. Of course, Three of Cups doesn’t always refer to three people, nor does it always refer to women’s enterprises.

Eight of Cups      Eight of Cups is a change of direction, interruption or disruption or derailment, and means a sudden shift or turn from one thing to another. Eight of Cups is happening out of the blue … like that car that suddenly brakes without signaling to turn at the last minute. The idea is expressed here by a pedestrian on a pilgrimage who has to detour off his course because of the terrain (river and mountain). Our illustration implies he will resume course at first opportunity, by the way.

Eight of Cups is the lead card for incompletion – run off the road, over with before it begins, abort, drop out (or AWOL), quit abruptly, missing person, avoid, not anymore or no longer.

Eight of Cups is part of the ‘switch from one to another’ theme, which Knight of Swords also is a citizen of, and Two of Pentacles to a lesser extent.





There are people you associate with, and there are people you avoid associating with, but you don’t always get to choose … sometimes they’re just there, and sometimes, they’re just gone. There’s the route you choose for your life, and it doesn’t always turn out that way … which can be a good thing when all is said and done. Changes happen because of who’s in and who’s out of the events of your days. Implicit in these stories is: Exercise the choice you do have, based on the foresight you do have.




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  1. Tina

    Enjoying Love and Life – I think that is the meaning this weekend’s spread is telling me. Although not in a relationship with the man I am in love with or dating for that matter; it still resonates how I should feel regardless.


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