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GUIDANCE         Looking at the transition period between ordinary intelligence and spiritual intelligence, here. Both perspectives make a world of sense (worlds, really) in their own established way. It’s getting started … it’s that shift … that’s the big hump for just about everyone. You run into the same wall when you try to tell a citizen of the real world about the out-there reality. Need a Rosetta Stone here!


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Six of Swords – Justice – Hanged Man


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Tarot Readings: I Am No Longer Rational (Six of Swords and Justice)

Tarot Readings: A Feeling About Leaving (Six of Swords and Hanged Man)

Tarot Readings: I See Things Are as They Should Be (Justice and Hanged Man)


Tarot Readings: I Am No Longer Rational (Six of Swords and Justice)

Subconscious is sending me away from what’s normal.

I am crossing from rational to intuitive mindsets.

It strikes me I’m not as sane as I was.

I see I have taken leave of my good sense.

It occurs to me I am no longer rational.

Inspiration leave common sense behind.

….. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: A Feeling About Leaving (Six of Swords and Hanged Man)

Get the idea I should leave here.

You’re right – you got it! – time to go.

When you feel it’s over, you’re right.

Realize I left at just the right time.

Feel myself withdraw from the straight and narrow.

Am inspired to go to a normal country instead.

I was sober when I left: I remember that.

….. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: I See Things Are as They Should Be (Justice and Hanged Man)

You should realize you are already on your way.

Feeling in my gut that I am entitled to a better life.

When you feel that intensely, you are headed in the right direction.

A feeling I deserve the better times that are ahead.

An insight that I am recovering and will be all right.

Enlightenment puts you on the right course.

I see a better life ahead as a sober person.

Lawyer’s inspired idea to get you out of it.

I see things are getting to be the way they should be.



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Six of Swords – Justice – Hanged Man




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..          Justice is right. Justice is straight. Justice is sane. Justice is normal. And Justice is enforced.

Hanged Man is an intuitive antenna. Receptive. Hanged Man senses the air currents and sees telltale patterns that escape rational perception – patterns that foreshadow the future. This is you when you orient to subconscious realities and ‘just knew that was true’ or ‘just know that’s going to happen.’ This is you when you are thinking with your spiritual side.

So we have the rational and we have the inspired notions. Bridging the gulf between them is Six of Swords, who is going from one to the other … going to the better place. That is its main meaning.

Our spread today is about the actual process of your spiritual journey – is specifically about the first few steps and stages. The stepping-stone to the first day of the rest of your (spiritual and eternal) life.

You should know that Rider Waite Tarot is the bridge between your rational and your intuitive thought – bridge that carries perception-traffic between your ordinary mindset and your subconscious data bank. Why? Why is Rider Waite Tarot the Rosetta Stone between worlds? Because language is the filing system of your normal mentality, and image or pictures is the filing system for at least part of your non-physical mind. And because Rider Waite Tarot uses images of everyday real-life scenes you recognize in your real-world mind to translate what your subconscious mind has to say … what your subconscious mind has to say about whatever you are presenting as the Question. The translation is word-for-word – verbatim – and it uses the language you used in your question. THAT is why an exact question is important in Tarot Verbatim.

Now re-read that paragraph and note how often it says ‘you’ and ‘your.’ This isn’t about generalities: This is what works for you, here, now.





Six of Swords         A mother and child escape whatever is behind, escape with nothing but what they wear, paddled away from there by a (traditionally) kind friend whose boat it is. It is dusk or twilight: times of change.

We have a special emphasis on Six of Swords today: It is crossing the water; and the water is consciousness. Six of Swords’ core meaning is: going from one thing to another, and it is going to the better place from the lesser. Today that is departing the rational logical literal and physical mindset to the openminded perception associated with subconscious mentality, and associated with spiritual realities.

Justice         Have you noticed that in Rider Waite, bright red clothing is associated with spirituality and goodness, good behavior? Justice is one of those guys: Its robe is red; it sits bolt upright. It holds a broadsword flat side toward us: enforcement!

Justice frequently translates ‘should’ and ‘ought’ as Hierophant does. Justice embraces the whole legal industry and all the people involved in the justice and legal system – top to bottom. Of course it also means the law itself. Furthermore, Justice is straight, sane, right, correct, normal, sober, deserve and entitled.

Hanged Man         This illustration doesn’t reveal much of Hanged Man’s function or meaning. Many myths have the protagonist (hero or subject of the story) hanging himself on a tree and sacrificing a body part for ‘wisdom.’ The wisdom referred to is actually spiritual power. Hanged Man is about that acquisition of high-level insight.

You see the energy halo around his head. The first phase of spiritual power is heady; you feel input into your mind and psyche that you cannot access some of yet. Your brain is afire, just like the picture. You are disoriented to your usual reality … feeling upside down, just like the picture.

Hanged Man represents awareness and understanding that is beyond the normal. It embraces all the extrasensory perceptions: psychic insight, visions, deja vu and eureka, gut feelings, instinctual impulses – any altered state of consciousness, even a brainstorm, that is useful.

Hanged Man is about perception and feeling. It isn’t about divine or infernal activity; isn’t about channeling spirits. It is about understanding … ‘getting it’ … waking up.





Comes a time you, in your very own perspective, receive enlightenment and inspiration in real time from ‘out there.’ You stand right now at the intersection of your daily ordinary mindset and eternal reality. You are getting it … getting your share and your version of otherworldly existence, otherworldly abilities, otherworldly powers.




bright orange wild roses

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  1. Julie

    This is my day: just a little off my rocker…may this end soon.

  2. Woo-hoo! Good one! This aligning and knowing is coming to me more, right down to trusting my gut today in every situation and hearing a message about not having a beer or glass of wine or whatever after work the past couple of days. Kind of annoying, to be honest. But I am listening. Times of windborne clarity. Times of cooperative flow. And as always, wonderful descriptions and education from you.

    • I love your missives. ‘Windborne clarity’ – good one!
      Unique perspective here on the ‘annoying’ side of the transition. I filter that out – don’t acknowledge it. Going back to my beginnings of mystical awareness, it was beyond maddening.
      And tomorrow’s, which I have just finished and am about to post, is ALL about that flow of which you speak.

  3. Tina

    I had to think a little bit on this tarot spread but the conclusion statement makes sense for me after all. I am seeing synchronicities on a daily basis. I think when we look at situations in our life and how to change them for the better (this is me personally) you get validations from all different ways. You just need to know how to see them. That is the take-away for me today.

    • That’s it. It takes some getting used to, to see the ‘coincidences’ that are the signature of living your whole reality, that you are conditioned to ignore part of.

      The message was unexpected as I decoded it, too. Those two cards do mean exactly that – and I never saw it until they were joined by the other one, with no other cards. Tarot is like that.

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