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GUIDANCE          It’s all good, and it’s delivered into your hands, today. We have steady income, we have easy payments, we have the love – the real, unconditional love – you deserve. It’s all coming right up to you. This is an updraft of good news about now and about the future.


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Ace of Cups – Three of Wands – Six of Pentacles


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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Love Comes Your Way (Ace of Cups and Three of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Easy Come or Easy Go (Ace of Cups and Six of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Money Coming Your Way (Three of Wands and Six of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Love Comes Your Way (Ace of Cups and Three of Wands)

Love you deserve is coming your way.

I will always show you affection.

I love him/her and I am going to show that I do.

Doing a lasting love relationship right.

A true love is coming – one you deserve.

I will accept whatever love I am given.

Going to be so good in the way (he) treats you.

You’re going to love the attention you are getting.

….. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Easy Come or Easy Go (Ace of Cups and Six of Pentacles)

We are getting enough money to meet payroll easily.

I give money to people I love.

When you have a steady income, love comes with that.

It’s continuing to make money that’s easy!

Easy payments are are the way to go.

When things are going right, the benefit lasts.

So easy to spend money when you have in coming in.

Innocent, when you pay the lawyer.

Just go with the flow, and it will pay off.

Health comes with this treatment.

Something you take makes you feel good.

….. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Money Coming Your Way (Three of Wands and Six of Pentacles)

They love you – they pay you – they keep paying you.

The transaction will be approved.

Will agree to pay you what’s fair.

The business you put your whole heart into makes money.

As long as I can pay my bills, things are fine.

The cash flow is steady.

….. …….…… …..


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Ace of Cups – Three of Wands – Six of Pentacles




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..         Ace of Cups, it’s all good … and it’s easy. Three of Wands, good things are coming, and it’s steady. Six of Pentacles it’s dropped into your waiting hands. When the individual cards echo one another like this, your sentences too echo one another. Our message is that once you get things going smoothly, the benefit lasts.




Ace of Cups        Ace of Cups is all good. Good feeling, love, good health, peace, things going smoothly, your heart is in it. Ace of Cups is love, cooperation, a steady flow, being accepted, being approved, innocence, and Ace of Cups is easy and relaxed.

The flow is part of the illustration, and the body of water with water lilies is obviously peaceful and relaxing. The illustration is Roman Catholic. You see the dove (Holy Spirit) with the wafer (of the holy communion ritual) in its beak going into the fountain from which five streams (five senses, or five body fluids) flow into the large body of water (mass consciousness). It’s about a godly person’s influence spreading into mass consciousness with the help of God’s spirit.

So that is how Ace of Cups comes to mean all those good things … and mainly mean ‘good’ and ‘love.’

Three of Wands       He has done the work – put the merchandise on the ship – and is waiting for the ship that brings him the money. The ship is almost there. This is one of the cards that is about the future and makes future tense in your sentence. Three of Wands is money coming in – any kind of money coming in. So it is a paycheck (and so is Six of Pentacles); it is profit or proceeds of any kind. Catch it being ‘waiting’ once in a while.

Six of Pentacles        Six of Pentacles is about transactions and exchanges. Money and attention are the main types of transactions and exchanges. Six of Pentacles is a fair deal – the employer is weighing the coins with which he pays the help. So Six of Pentacles is strongly about income, profit, money being paid, spending money, a fair price, making payments, etc. It covers both giving and accepting.

That fairness theme brings in paying or receiving what is deserved, and brings in ‘expressing’ or ‘showing’ or ‘treating’ as a variant of ‘paying attention.’ The ‘treating’ part usually is about treating right. Six of Pentacles brings up the word ‘right,’ as a justice card, saying things like ‘things are going right. The scales introduce the fairness, right, and legal themes. We use the legal theme once here, as ‘lawyer.’ (Put Six of Pentacles in certain Tarot company, and it’s all about court proceedings.)

Six of Pentacles, we have said here, meant to treat people right, and it shows coins being dispensed. This draws in being given or taking medicines or other pills, and ‘treatment’ as in medical or other healing treatment. We say ‘I’m taking something for my ailment.’

Here you can see how language oriented Tarot Verbatim™ is.

Here are Six of Pentacles’ words and phrases from today’s readings: deserve; show you; show that; doing _ right; one you deserve; what I am given; the way (he) treats you; attention you are getting; we are getting; I give money; when you have an income; make money; payments; when things are going right; spend money; things are going right; pay the lawyer; pay off; treatment; something you take; they pay you; transaction; to pay you what’s fair;the business; pay my bills; cash _.




Smooth sailing happens. Things go off without a hitch, and that just slips by us – we may not notice it. Are you one of those solution-oriented people? We tend to skip over things that present no difficulties as if they were barren, unimportant. Well, they’re not barren; they’re blessed! Now let me go say ‘thank you’ to a time like this.


Beginnings of a garden,

leeks already grownups.

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  1. Lori

    This is a nice way to start my Thursday!

    • Happy Thursday, and many happy returns!
      Am beginning tomorrow’s, and it may be in the vein of yesterday’s, about extrasensory perception.

  2. Tina

    Woke up real early because I have ‘him’ on my mind. Love the spread for today. Will have to remember this when I go to work in a few hours and when I interact with him. The first heading is what I gravitate to. and would fit for me. I am just ready already and what it now. 😉

    • When you like a spread this much, you can copy it, cut it out, and keep it in your wallet. This is an updraft.

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